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A fake editor at a computer

In wiki encyclopedias some people add content. Others do 10 reverts for every real edit. Still others do 100% pure reverts—these are fake editors.

On large wiki encyclopedias, these basement dwellers blend in, cleaning up vandalism. On smaller ones with no changes, they go stir-crazy, eventually reverting every new change ever made. Perhaps they've decided that the wiki they are on is perfect and needs no changes. Thinking about their utter devotion to Wikipedia makes you lulz with joy! See also criteria for speedy deletion.

Making Fake Edits to build edit count

DerHexer, he successfully admin farmed, holding the current record of getting adminship in only two months through the use of an unauthorized bot which only reverts.

PROTIP: Hit random article, then hit edit. Find a sentence and click after a period. Press space bar and save article. Re-edit and do it again. It's best to make all sentences have two spaces after them. This kind of thing is invisible in edit changes summary, even if you're using Enhanced Recent Changes, as well as in the article itself, but it builds up your edit count. Perfect for those wikipedia sock puppets and a fun way to get banned on a small wiki for spamming recent changes as there aren't many there so that shit gets noticed.

On Wikipedia

This person is the common type of decent, normal person who Wikipedians will drive away.

If you've read about Wikipedia, you've heard how it sucks. If you've read it, you've seen how it sucks. But one can never comprehend why until they've suffered through editing it. The reason of course, is trolls.

Now you've heard Wikipedia talk big about stopping trolls and Der Jimbo even gave a whole lecture on the subject, but the fact is that Wikipedia couldn't stop a troll if the fate of the entire Galaxy depended on it. All Wikipedia manages to stop are people with legitimately opposing viewpoints who are angry (remember trolls make people angry, they do not get angry) and people who are simply comedians. Those two groups get a ban and Wikipedia considers it a victory.

Fact is, most people who stay on Wikipedia are trolls, of the unfunny variety too. Everyone else is driven off except a few mentally ill aspies who are quite often male-to-female transexuals. The trolls on Wikipedia are people who go there not to improve the site, but do nothing but revert. Nothing else. If you look at recent changes there, that's all you find. A person tries to improve the site and someone reverts them. Never do these fake editors try to refine an addition, they only revert. The only people who actually can get new content put in are Gary Weiss and his 9000 sockpuppets combined with Isarig's branch of the Zionist aliance of paid editors.

And that is why Wikipedia sucks. Amen

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