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Facebook Usernames 2009

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Saturday the 13th of June 2009 ushered in a new era on Failbook. The mods had finally given users the right to choose their own url names (, for Epic Fail Guy). Within minutes threads sprawled on /b/ with the winners and grinners of the best in first in first served name choice of 2009.


These are the professionals that set up accounts before hand and waited to take the name of their beloved memes.

Runners Up

Close but no cigar.

Not sure if want

People already with their own personal accounts wanting to be in on the action and the Cancer that is killing /b/.


Namefags that have broke rules 1 and 2, and deserve to be trolled. }}

Biggest Faggot Ever

Some douchebag named Kevin Allard stole ED's name at 12:01am, the second that usernames were established


His ID code is 1529117413. Just hack it for the lulz.

Real ED Facebook

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