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Actual /fa/ users.
Typical /fa/ thread
This guy pops up a lot on /fa/ and /sp/. He'll just...do this.

/fa/ is 4chan's Fashion board. The residents of /fa/ are collectively known as "/fa/ggots", "/fa/iries", "/fa/gs", and so forth. /fa/ is a worksafe board focusing on fashion, beauty, social interaction, and other things you will never, ever experience.

Ironically, the only career option available for /fa/ users is an FA: Flight Attendant.


Typical /fa/ thread.

Being 4chan's fashion board, /fa/ is populated by hipsters, homosexuals, cumdumpsters, and fat basement dwellers pretending to be either a hipster, homosexual, or cumdumptser.

The most common threads on /fa/ are:

  • "What are you wearing?" Prepare to be mocked if you don't dress like a thrift store hipster regardless of what you're wearing
  • "Is this classy?" (OP picture is a troll picture from /b/ posters)
  • "What jeans will go best with my new Chelsea Boots?"
  • "What are you wearing today?"
  • "How should I cut my hair? >Pic unrelated"
  • "I'm only 22, but I'm getting wrinkles! Where in NYC does cheap Botox?"
  • "Why are Asians the sexiest race?"
  • Casemods' pictures
  • "Tripskank will never be mine. Mai waifu!!"
  • Watch threads, at one point the only good threads on /fa/

Despite the hipster user base on /fa/, the general lack of braindead, moronic, fucked-up retards who think that same thing posted over and over again is the pinnacle of humor makes /fa/ a generally pleasant board to visit. Not all threads are focused on fashion, with there being decent discussion of all topics in a depth that is impossible to achieve on /b/

Sadly, this is no longer the case. Like any board, all discussion devolves into flamewars and dick waving contests.


/fa/ is a low traffic board completely devoid of janitors or mods, and as such, is a haven for all manner of tripfaggotry, shitposting, attention whoring, underage posters, flamewars and drama. /fa/'s relationship with it's ever-present roster of polarizing tripfags is a complicated one. While most notable tripfags have the power to instantly derail WAYWT threads and start endless shitstorms, orignalfags from the founding days are revered as gods by anons who think old /fa/ was once good.

The Faggot Store

The Faggot Store is a compilation of board-related infographics and instructions located at thefaggotstore.org and stickied on /fa/ Removed. Soon to be replaced by a poorly-made wiki called TUXBELL

The Cancer that is killing /fa/

  • Tinychat (proof that /fa/ is just /soc/ with more skinny jeans.)
  • Meme forcing
  • Speaking(typing?) as if you were a hood rat
  • Underage users
  • casemods

How to Troll /fa/

There is no need. /fa/, much like /b/, /v/, /soc/, and /r9k/ troll themselves. To try to do any more is like pissing in an ocean of piss. No exaggeration here; /fa/ really is that kind of board. But if you really must, try this copypasta:

gothninja exists as a subculture only because it impresses losers that grew up watching video games and jerking off to children's anime. it looks cool and edgy to them. when gothninjas post a photo on the internet, they are in control over the lighting, composition, and content of this photo. they can emulate an aesthetic seen so many times growing up in comic books/video games/movies etc. for this reason, gothninja pictures look cool and edgy to the weak, pale geeks of the world when they come to sufu, or 4chan, or stylezeitgeist, or pinterest, or thefedoralounge. when you take them outside this frame of reference, and capture someone trying to posture as "gothninja" while walking down santa monica boulevard with a slice of pizza in their hand, it becomes very obvious how pathetic their charade is. they lose control of their aesthetic in the real world and it's sad to behold. so instead they avoid being seen eating pizza, and try to slink around in the shadows smoking cigarettes, sending their mom to buy groceries so as not to be seen with luncheon meats in their hand. they avoid going to the beach because they know it's impossible to perpetuate their carefully crafted image there. it's like a symphony of spaghetti, and it makes me cringe.

Fashion Wars

Just like console wars on /v/, only with clothing. Personal investment, crippling aspergers, and a limited allowance means that every /fa/ggot is required to shit and flame all over anyone who likes different things than them.

  • Gothninja: also known as goofninja, goofnigger, gothnigger or any variation thereof. A nebulous term used to describe a cluster of long and drapey man-gowns, tights, skirts, and capes presented exclusively in black and grey. Sneaky looking. Championed by designers like Yohji Yamamoto and Dick Ovens. Popular among them weaboo kids that watch the animes. Expect to pay at least 400 of your parents dollars for a long t-shirt and 1200 for sneakers. Sneakers mandatory (ninjas need them for sneaking). The typical ninja loves to pretend to be black like their god, ASAP ROCKY, but is typically pasty white or asian and therefore says 'fuccboi' a lot to compensate. Strong artistic pretensions despite never having produced anything themselves. HIGH FASHION LOL
  • Dadcore: A term that was forced into /fa/'s lexicon through a month long spam campaign in the summer of 2012. While the term was apparently coined to mock failed menswear of the type which YOUR DAD might wear, it now denotes anything and everything that involves a shirt with buttons. Seriously. Thus, everything from #menswear, to workwear, to americana is dadcore. DON'T HATE ME CAUSE I'M NORMAL
  • #menswear: Menswear of the tumblar variety. Blazers, pocket squares, double monks with no socks, moustache wax, tortoise-shell sunglasses. The object is to look like a homosexual middle-aged Italian with gobs of money to spend on tailoring, and nothing to do but ride bicycles and smoke cigarillos. Typically a white suburban teen with aspergers, just like everyone else on /fa/. SPREZZATURA AS FUCK
  • hypebeast/swagfag: (under-aged) teens with an overabundance of heavily branded, overpriced and "exclusive" clothing from companies with big red box logos. May or may not have pretended to own a skateboard at some point. Ballcaps abound in both five panel and snapback varieties. British and teenage more often than not. ILL FACKING WREK U M8 I SWER ON ME MUM ILL POP U IN THE FACKIN GABBER
  • Raws, CDB, and OCBD: Raw jeans, Clarks Desert boots and an Oxford Cloth button-down shirt. The most basic of basic outfits. The cheap, simple and easy answer when anyone clueless asks /fa/ for fashion advice, though they will be immediately mocked if they actually wear it. Qualifies as dadcore for reasons stated above. Because the worst insult that /fa/ can think up is not trying hard enough.
  • Workwear: Also known as heritage/americana. Involves tough manly things like rugged old-fashion work boots, flannel, 40 oz raw denim jeans, and posing with woodaxes. Despite looking like a lumberjack, the typical adherent of this style is a pasty white suburban basement-dweller who has never worked a day in his life or even seen the outdoors. DO I LOOK HETEROSEXUAL YET?

Fat - Ana

Same shit, different BMI.

In the world of /fa/ there exists two types of human body. I know what you're thinking - "Male and Female, right?" WRONG! you un-cultured, filthy, common, gutter scum. The lines of male and female are crossed so frequently that no one is sure if they have blended into one hipster exclusive androgyous.

The two human body types that /fa/ggots will only take notice of are the Obese (which lurk quietly) and Anorexic (who are proud). This is due to the fact that /fa/ users are all themselves at either one extreme or the other. /fa/ has frequent Thinspriation threads, showcasing the best celebrity photos of the Olsen Twins, The Veronicas, and Holocaust victims.

The honest truth is that it is hard to imagine people who spend time on 4chan having any sort of body apart from the thin and fragile frame of a whore with HIV or being weighed down by the sweaty, fungi breeding fat rolls made famous by the likes of Oprah and Moby Dick. So therefore, everyone on /fa/ fits into either of these two categories.

So where do you think you belong?

New York City Meet-up Fiasco

Atomic.gif Warning!
Despite what faggots say, this all actually happened.
The /b/ infiltrators at the /fa/ NYC Meet.
/fa/ wounded.

Last Thursday /fa/ had a meet-up in New York City for the purpose of exchanging fashion tips and op-shopping. Little did they know that shit was going to go down, and once again at the center of it all was a bored and restless /b/.

For those that don't know, on May 9th New York /fa/ was assaulted by /b/tards.

This is a continuation of the original two threads on the subject. The description of each infiltrator is

mostly taken from the original OP's post and information gather in that thread


—Posted on /fa/ after the "attack".

But what even happened? What happened was that four or more /b/ "spies" pretended to be part of the /fa/ meet-up in NYC. All was well, and everyone was wandering aimlessly when suddenly, and without warning the /b/ spies threw flour, eggs, water, and other ingredients to Delicious Cake at the defenseless /fa/ggots.

Three /fa/gs were injured noticeably, others had minor scratches or flour all over their hair.

When some of the people at the meet up tried to beat up the /b/tards they failed because the

floor was slippery and they ran after both assaults.

/b/tards didn't get hurt, as far as we know.

This all doesn't matter, we ran back to the hostel in Brooklyn and had fun all night.


—An account from a /fa/ user.

After some serious Internet Detective work /fa/ had worked out the following about the infiltrators: (Use the above thumb image as a reference.)

  1. She was quiet, and believable and very flirtatious, no one suspected she was one of them. Her real name is Amanda, and her forum name is LittleSister.
  2. The girl with the annoyingly nasally voice. Most people did not suspect she was a spy, but a couple did due to her aspie behavior. She claimed that she originally lived in Chicago and now studies at NYU.
  3. We know he lives in Manhattan, he told us his name was Pedro. His forum name is Incognito.
  4. This is a Goth Jew man who dresses as a female. His real name is Jacob Speregen, and his forum name is either Abby or TheLaughingMan. He pretended to be #2's friend during their infiltration. He is Gaston's boyfriend. He lives in Brooklyn and is 21 years old. He is currently in court for an attack against Scientology. He goes to school at BMCC.

They mean business -

This is war on /b/, they attacked us twice,

they will go down. They are meeting on May 16th in front of the Scientology building to



—/fa/ declares war on /b/.

The interwebs battle that proceeded after all this on the /fa/ board, (/b/ was still down, due to attacks), was one that /fa/ had never witnessed. Most of the e-bullets looked something like this:

/b/ and /fa/ both fail equally



—Good advice, Anon.

What the fuck exactly are you going to do?

A few /fa/gs show up to a Scientology protest... They WILL outnumber you, they won't cry if their clothes get ruined, you'll get beat down again... You've lost. Get over it, you ginormous faggots. Revenge on /b/...funniest shit I've heard all week.


—Keyboard Warrior

And finally...

I, for one, hope someone gets shot and this ends up on the news.




But just as soon as it started, /b/ was back online, and the trolls went back to the homeland. Peace and order was restored in /fa/ as the usual moans of "Whatever", "What is she wearing?", and "Have you got coke?" were to be heard amongst the "Ray-Ban" and "Eyebrow Waxing" threads.

But the 9th of May will forever be remembered as the day that saw both /fa/ggots and /b/tards outside, in the sunlight, doing something physical.


All you Brisfags out there, take note. The Brisbane /fa/ meet-up is was planned for the 5th of June, 2009. They met at Fat Louies in town and got drunk without incident.

/v/ Raids /fa/

/v/ raids an empty /fa/.
Moar bullshit.

On the 19th May, /v/, 4chan's video game board decided to raid /fa/, proving once and for all that they really are just a collection of fat, neckbearded loners who are merely jealous of /fa/ for having friends and being invited to parties.

The raid was a complete failure, with /v/irgins just posting Pokemon, in particular, Graveler. There was also some reference to the IRL /b/ raid on the NYC /fa/ meet up.

It is obvious what sparked this raid. An unknown /v/irgin came to /fa/ only hours beforehand, asking about sneakers and was violently put down by /fa/:

ScreenHunter 01 May. 19 00.46.gif

This caused massive butthurt amongst the /v/ ranks, as they cannot stand their comfortable shoes being paid out. As a result the staplers killing /b/ used to raid /y/ was used against the 12 year olds attacking shoes eating shit. tada

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