Fuck you, I'm a dragon!

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Fuck the establishment, I'm a dragon!
...the dragons...
...will do so literally.

Abbreviated as FYIAD, this statement was immortalized when countless dragon otherkin screamed fursecution on the debate community in response to the majority of the community posters responding "LOL U GAY FURRY, NEXT Q PLZ" when Starblade decided that publicly announcing that you're functionally retarded was a good idea:

I have a belief, that I am a dragon spiritually, which essentially makes me an Otherkin. I, of course, hold that Otherkinism, the belief that one is not human spiritually, is a perfectly valid spiritual belief.


Starblade Riven Darksquall



Starblade Riven Darksquall, after being stabbed to death

Thus, FYIAD is considered to be an appropriate response to anything an otherkin says to you in an attempt to debate. Or anything an otherkin says at all, for that matter.


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