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For the modern meaning, see Fuck The Police
FTP as of 1990s. Only hackers use this.
FTP as of today. Script Kiddies use this.

FTP is File Transfer Protocol used in uploading or downloading files from the Internet in certain amount of time. Sometimes it takes longer to download than to upload, which can relate to the abstract size of the file. It is typical to remove all redundant bits from the file before downloading. In uploading it does not matter, as the person who does it does not need to download it any longer.

There are several FTP programs that act as the FTP Servers. Most known FTP applications are:

  • SFTP (or Straight FTP… but not that sftp)
  • Disgusting FTP
  • Macho FTP
  • Pro FTP+

Ftp is not used for downloading stuff today. It's useful as a protocol, which enables the user to upload things such as websites edited using wysiwyg editors.

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