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FT2, is a Britfag Wikipedia admin and former Arbitrator who practices Neuro-linguistic programming, a pseudoscience nonsense approach to psychology. He is also sympathetic to zoophilia, believing it allows increased empathy to animals. He was also a part of the secret police of Wikipedia known as the checkusers and oversighters, at least until he had his ass kicked over the Poetlister debacle. Plus he loves him some BDSM abuse of women, because he's a smooooooth operator.

Super-sleuth and super-pain Daniel Brandt claimed (Archive) that he is Paul Sinclair, a close friend of David Gerard, which explains his affinity for abusing personal information. Further research revealed that "Sinclair"'s real name is Kunwar P. Singh, and he is distantly related to the first governor of the Mumbai district, this gentleman. Yep, he's descended from Indian royalty. Puts the dogfucking in some perspective.

If you're thinking "he doesn't look English", you're right.


FT2 loves animals. A lot. In fact, he loves them to the point of fucking them, and he likes to add material to Wikipedia that normalizes bestiality. He also had accounts on bondage websites like Wikipedia and Fetishscene. Plus, his edits litter the early history of the Zoophilia article on TOW going back to 2004. The guy is a creepy freak, period.

In order to unfairly aid FT2’s 2007 ArbCom election, David Gerard oversighted two edits made by FT2 on July 11, 2004 (diffs are 4559833 and 4557792), that exposed FT2’s zoophilia. If they had not been oversighted, FT2 would ‎never have been elected to ArbCom. David Gerard banned some poor faggot called Giano II for bringing this to light. Fred Bauder confirmed that this was true here. The two edits in question were to their Zoophilia article. The edit summary for one was "Addition of section: Zoophilia as a lifestyle (draft v1)" and the edit summary for the other one was "added "dogsex" to "farmsex", being the two terms commonly used in pornography" (Entries 55 and 56).

Thatcher sez:

"At some point, an edit FT2 made to Zoophilia was oversighted. This caused it to appear that substantial changes made to the article by FT2 had been made by an IP editor. I can vouch for this as I saw the diffs before and after they were oversighted.
"Much later (summer?) I inquired of an Arbitrator (not FT2) as to who did the oversight. At the time the question was not answerable, as the oversight log was broken. I believe the log is now fixed.
"Fred Bauder has confirmed that Gerard oversighted the edits.
"It is my understanding that the oversight log shows that a revision was deleted and if a reason was given, but that once removed, the content can only be viewed by a developer. Therefore someone investigating alleged misuse of oversight can verify the fact that something was oversighted, but can not independently determine what it was. As Avruch says, this makes it difficult to have meaningful review of the oversight function. "

Other edits made by FT2 are also found to have been oversighted. Several of these were when he erased edits made by his own IP address,, because he doesn't want you to know where he lives (Entries 1029, 1030, 1170). Apparently, his business is located in Wiltshire, England, but he lives in Cardiff, Wales (there are plenty of goats and sheep in Wales).


Sinclair used to have accounts on various BDSM fora and other websites. This was found on informedconsent.co.uk in 2008, and is no longer visible there:

from his Twitter, okay?
  • Profile name: CulturedDom
  • Profile created on: 29 Jan 2007
  • Last visit: 62 days ago
  • Location: Bristol/Bath
  • Country: UK
  • Sex/gender: male
  • Email: [email protected]
  • MSN ID: [email protected]
  • Age: 42
  • Hair colour: Black
  • Eye colour: Brown
  • Weight: 12st 8lb
  • Height: 5ft 11in
  • BMI: 24.4
  • Ad title: Spend your Daytimes with a Dreamy Dom (lol)

And he's still listed on BirchPlace as "CulturedDom". [1]

"Get in contact if you genuinley want to be used and abused, within your limits." Oh, the deep and girthy lulz.....

The "Anvil email"

In 2008, FT2 and the rest of the Arbitration Committee were awash in tears caused by the PoetHorde, so FT2 set out to remove Poetlister and his hosiery once and for all by using a standard Wikipedia tactic: blackmail. At the time, Poetlister was a married civil servant, and had not yet told his wife just how good he looks in a push-up bra, nor had he told Queen Liz that he was using her IPs to sockpuppet at Wikipedia. After abusing his checkuser rights to find out that Poetlister was a transvestite civil servant, FT2 composed an email threatening to out Poetlister to his wife and employer, and to nark on him for editing from a government IP. Poetlister published this email, for lulz and graet justice. In 2010, after an Arbcom mailing list was leaked to Wikipedia Review, it was confirmed that several sitting arbs had endorsed this abuse of personal information. Remember that the next time you contribute to Wikipedia... they will wreck your life if they feel like it.

You have a deadline below, and I'll repeat everything as often as you need to hear it, and consider concerns all the way till then. One minute after that, gloves come off all the way, without any further warning, starting with [redacted wife's name]'s workplace for evidence, and the Department of Health, and probably unavoidably, ending with family or someone will inform the police. Do you actually love your family, or need them? Or are they toys too? Sacrifice your fictions, games and abuses for yourself and them. Put right the abuses you have done over the last 3 years and you may survive, or take complete responsibility for any unfortunate results of forcible removal. I don't know [redacted wife's name], but she seems tough, and people don't like being deceived. I don't know what settlement you'd get, but I bet it won't include the things in real life you care most about. Risk it if you like. Your call. And watch me not minding if it hurts you to put this all right.


—excerpt from, the Anvil email

The rest

FT2 later covered things up for people [2] after becoming an arbitrator in December 2007. Then the Anvil mess happened. Finally in 2009 a mighty stink ensued. [3] He quietly resigned from Arbcom and turned in his checkuser/oversight. [4] Plus, most of the idiotic articles he wrote about "Neurolinguistic programming" were later deleted. At one time, there were more than 60 articles in this category. Go and ask him about his special role in the formation of Wikimedia UK. [5]

Despite the abuse of private information and the sadistic and likely criminal nature of the Anvil email, FT2 retains his sysop rights at Wikipedia as of 2015. Certain Wikipedia fans continue to cover for him and deny that the photos are of the "Paul Sinclair" who is also FT2 and the original "CFO" of Wikimedia UK, until it collapsed in 2008. It's all the same guy, dammit.

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