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They care so much

FCKH8 is a for-profit t-shirt company from Michigan founded by an asshole named Luke Montgomery AKA "Sissyfag" (yes, he legally changed his name to that) who "loves" Christians [1] (and assumes that they only read and follow the Old Testament).

They are just a shitty-ass t-shirt company that only cares about money, but they like to pretend they are a charity devoted to changing the world for the better and embracing equality for everyone.

This group has single-handily duped moronic social network users and social justice activists into thinking it's a gay rights charity. In reality, they are a poorly run organization that can best be described as the PETA of LGBT rights (who they also happen to be in cohorts with). They believe in equality, but only for rich sassy white gay men and lesbians and their ass patters ("allys"). In reality they act like bigger bullies than the people who hate them!

From the way they act on their Facebook profile, you would probably think its run by lulzy teenagers who do not know graphic design or professional trolls who do not give a shit about the cause in the first place and just like taking advantage of an oppressed minority.

Things they have done for the "cause"

Asexuals need not apply
  • Steal from artists and actual gay rights groups and don't give them credit.
  • Being complete assholes to the people they stole from.[2] and never apologize.
  • Plaster their stupid logo on random screencaps.
  • Use outdated memes
  • Misquote and label people (Chaz Bono= "Cher's Fatass Trans Son", Catholics= "Child Molesters", Republicans= "Douchebags", The Bible= "That dumb book".)
  • Enforce harmful stereotypes about gays, lesbians, bisexuals, Christians, Republicans, straight people, cross-dressers, blacks and transgender people, the latter which they don't give a shit about along with asexuals or pansexuals (see below).
  • Using fictional characters like Bert and Ernie, Ken Carson, Bugs Bunny, Kirk and Spock and Batman and Robin as notable examples of famous gay individuals.
  • Exploiting children and teach them to swear
  • Use overpaid celebrities like Dan Savage and Lady Gaga for their campaigns.
  • Saying Family Guy and Cheezburger.com are funny.

All this, while charging people too much for their shitty t-shirts and other products and never shipping them or giving money to actual charities. That is showing lots of support!

FCKH8 stole my gifset/post!


—Various Tumblr users

Help! The mean asexuals and pansexuals are bullying us!

They refuse to include or make products for asexuals and pansexuals and make up lame excuses for why, even though they are "alternative lifestyles". According to them asexuals are just a bunch of emo punks who haven't found themselves yet and not bullied or hated by anyone. It's just a phase they will grow out of and all they are doing is trying to get attention.

What's a pansexual?

As for pansexuals they say it's a "new thing" and a fad and doesn't need a shirt, despite the fact it's been around longer than they have. They have also said that Tumblr made up, last thursday,[3]

Recently, they "apologized" for the comments about the two groups and said that they were were made sometime last summer, it happened in the past so it's not important anymore, but they will still not recognize these two "sexual identities" and continue to deny their existence. It's okay for FCKH8 to hate them, because they are (slightly) different than them. They would later issue an "apology", but it was only a marketing ploy to try to get money out of these people.

Olympic Coloring Books

Their most recent drama generating technique is that they are planning to ship Olympic themed coloring books featuring a story about a kid and his two lesbian moms overcoming oppression in Russia during the 2014 winter games while featuring graphic depictions of hate crimes and police brutality (you know, for kids) to random families with small children. It is known that everyone in Russia is a homophobe and the government has already confiscated and banned FCKH8's overpriced cumrags and shit. They think this plan will be foolproof and not go detected by anyone in the country. The book is in English with very small Russian subtitles, which makes it look like they do not care about the Russian language or culture and that it is just Patriotic Americunt propaganda, which they probably also gets confiscated. Almost everybody has been telling them this a bad idea and they will get tons of innocent people, mostly children arrested and murdered, but do they listen?

Hey White People!

Shortly after the legalization of marriage in 2015, FCKH8 found a new outlet to try to sell their shit t-shirts and stay relevant because folks were beginning to figure out they weren't really a charity and do nothing to actually help people. They found a new cause to make money off, the drama and lulz in Ferguson. It's the same tactics only you replace gays with black people. [4]

Tuck Frump

Never a company to avoid profiteering from the latest leftist outrage, FCKH8 has created a subsidiary in the form of ArchiveToday-favicon.pngTuck Frump. Aside from the gloriously original name, it contains other such patently new techniques, such as having women, minorities, and children shout obscenities at a camera. While FCKH8 is no stranger to forcing 6 year old girls to scream "FUCK" repeatedly, they wouldn't dare include such filth in the title of a sales campaign. That's just bad for business.


This video incites gay bashing. Now go kill you a faggot.
FCKH8 - Good Message Bad Company!
Nice apartment, you fugly cunt.


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