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A rant from her journal that was caused by no one liking her artwork.

Everyonesfangirl, aka CyphonRose, is yet another classic case of an original artist found on the infamous deviantART. Her portfolio mainly consists of yaois, furries, ponies, and anime redesigns.

Though she attempts to pass them off as otherwise, her unoriginal comic ideas are basically cheap rip-offs of video game story lines that copy other people's character designs.

She has no imagination at all, and considers her pre-school grade drawings to be professional art. Most, if not all, of her stories contain slash (yaoi, aka guy on guy) pairings. She obsesses over sexually-themed roleplays and claims that roleplaying is what keeps her mental health in check. What's lulzy about that statement is the fact that she's a fat whiny ranter on the internet, and she is therefore actually blaming her roleplaying for this pitiful behavior.

She goes by a number of nicknames, but her most notorious nickname is Efi, and it actually suits her quite well: Emotionally Fucked-up Individual.

The Nightmare's dream

One of many arguments that took place in her rant journal.

Everyonesfangirl has high hopes of making a name for herself by expecting her pornographic scribbles to get her somewhere in life. Her daily routine consists of nothing but conversing with her cats, playing with herself, and drawing shitty porn that she deems to be artistic.

She also has a penchant for whining and pissing her pants over the fact of how badly her life sucks. She's got a unique way of luring people to her fantasy world, sucking them in, pretending to be their friends, and then shitting them right back out, but not before biting their heads off.

Being an emotional wreck, she also lacks any kind of self-control, and relentlessly trolls trolls for trolling her. She summons an anti-trolling squad and gangs up on them, but her 'squad' is really only multiple accounts she created to additionally express emotions as if they're coming from supportive outside sources.

She has no real friends because she has no idea how to treat people with decency. She believes she's the nicest person in the world, but is clearly delusional. She enjoys making things up or over-exaggerating during arguments to make the spat benefit her in the end.

Virgin Trilogy

Her pride and joy.

Her proudest piece of shit was a Legend of Zelda fan comic about gay dragon mpreg porn called "The Virgin Trilogy." There was plenty of drama involved, because let's face it, who in their right mind would want to read, let alone look at, such an atrocious comic?

Her aspie fans immediately began bailing on her left and right, and this caused even more drama from what was left of her dwindling failbase. Everyonesfangirl relentlessly ranted about how worthless all of her fans were, and how lazy they were, all because they didn't want to draw crappy fan art of "Virgins" or take part in the lame activities she planned out in the deviantART group made for the comic.

The one thing that finally made her snap, resulting in her bat-shit crazy rant journal, was the fact that no one cared to remember her comic's birthday, which she had to celebrate all alone like she's done with every IRL birthday she's had since her accidental birth.

Everyonesfangirl became so obsessed with her fantasy story that she began to turn every failed character of hers into virgins. She incorporated her "Dragos" into everything. She even began to believe she herself was a drago, or had aspects of a drago.

This bitch is currently in desperate need of a shrink and heavy medication. A treadmill and a ban from the internet couldn't hurt, either. What's left of her miniscule fanbase is only sticking around anymore to see how soon it takes her to shoot up her school, microwave her cats, or torture a child from her neighborhood.


OKAY! I've made a deal in order to get myself out of an extremely stressful situation! If I can make near to 100$ in commissions over the next 3 days, I can change my schedule and remove myself from a severely hostile work environment.

The bonus to this is that I will have more time to draw and I won't be as tired or angsty anymore! Yay!

The problem is, changing my schedule would leave me with only 2 working days in the week, and in order to allow me to do that, I've got to prove that I can still make enough money to pay bills each month!

It doesn't have to be much, every little commission helps me along. If you can't commission me, perhaps you could spread the word for me? I will be opening a multitude of other micro commissions such as pixel icons Which can be found in my gallery. As well as my larger Commissions listed Here.

Every little bit helps! Please help me out?





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