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There's more to this then meets the eye.

Evana, real name Eva-Solveigh Þrastardóttir, born on February 3rd, 1985, and lives in Reykjavik, Iceland, is a female furfag who draws and animates furry cartoons. She first started out with the internet name Natasha Cat then moved to Evana (Love) and now Evana (Kisa) on her Facebook account. This furry will throw a bitch fit at anyone and anybody who draws white felines with markings and blue eyes in a shitty Lion King style. Because, as we all know, not only does she own rights to the colors white and blue, but she also owns the rights to triangular markings. She will sic her brainwashed fans on them to flame anyone who believes otherwise.

The Drama

Round 1

Our first victim is an artist known as Deviantart-favicon.png IMCheetah, who owned a company called 'Iceland Animations'.

Evana hates this guy About missing Pics

This all started when our precious furry uploaded an art piece to deviantART showing her fursona flipping the bird off to anyone who viewed while laughing safely behind her computer screen. People started asking why, and she told them that IMCheetah was being a prick about the animations she did for his company and because she felt that she deserved more money for her crappy work. Soon after this was shared, her rabid fans went after him, flaming him to hell because he didn't give in to the egotistical furfag's demands.


Of course, when her fucktarded fan base went after him, he explained that she was just another furfag begging for money and that she didn't deserve asspatting from anyone. When faced with this news, they retorted and called him an asshole for giving his side of the story (read: 'the truth'). So in the end, both Evana and her clit-sucking friend Deviantart-favicon.png domi-chan took off with a fuck-ton of the company's cash and thousands of dollars in art tools.

Rounds 2 and 3

Our next two victims were attacked in 2005 when Deviantart-favicon.png Evana noticed two other very popular furfag artists had drawn white felines with blue eyes and markings beneath them. It is unknown who actually made this discovery. What is known, however, is that Evana is a raging cunt; she threw a bitch-fit at them both of them and sent her massive wave of sheep to attack.

Enter Deviantart-favicon.png nanook123 and Deviantart-favicon.png balaa.

Y U no leik competition About missing Pics

Of course, these two popular furfags didn't back down and instead shot back at her with a big old "STFU BITCH", and then told her to calm her tits. Shit hit the fan and the flame war got even more lulzy, as Evana never spoke against them directly about the art and instead bitched about it in the private journals that only her ass-kissing friends had access to.

Funnily enough, not even three months go by after her war over upside down eye triangles and Evana goes and draws a furry with a pair of stripes below its eyes; a design similar to that of Deviantart-favicon.png nanook123's character. If nanook knew about this, she understandably never bothered to throw a shit storm as she knew it would be pointless. Thus once again proving that Evana is much more of a massive shit-head than those she claims ripped her off.

Evana has a big problem with people 'stealing' her unoriginal pieces of shit but has no problem doing the exact same thing to anyone else.

Round 4

The journal that pissed off the furfags and the picture that Lobby had to delete.

During the summer of 2007, Evana attacked yet another popular furfag, Deviantart-favicon.png LobbyReal, because she felt 'uncomfortable with the shading gradient and celtic markings' that Lobby used. When her friend Dolphy heard the news, she posted a journal expressing how angry she was that Evana believed they owned the rights to things that had already been done by Walt Disney.

Y U no like Atlantis About missing Pics

When Deviantart-favicon.png lobbyreal deleted the picture, her fans and friends became even more infuriated with Evana. Apparently, both Evana and Deviantart-favicon.png domi-chan were uncomfortable with the piece because they 'felt it hit too close too home'. When domi-chan caught wind of this evil journal she quickly jumped to the pussy's defense.

She never wanted you to delete the art. Bullshit!


SparkleDogs and upside down penises are her speciality.

Once upon a time, Evana was known as Natasha Cat. This was the username she came up with when she initially set foot into the furry fandom. During that time she portrayed herself as single mother who lived in England and worked in the porn industry. Not long after, she got into furry porn and made a site of her own to sell her yiff for others to fap to. She was also big on stealing thousands of dollars from users and anyone else who she could possibly scam. In the spring of 2003, it was revealed to fans of her site and the people of FurBid that she was full of shit, and they were outraged. Naturally, she deniedeverything.

Strangely enough, even after all of the shit Evana's caused over the years, she still manages to have kept a whiteknight around. How is this possible? Some might argue that this is even suspicious.

Ttly 2 different people About missing Pics


Long before she got into furry smut, Evana was into ripping off other artists. Mainly Disney and it's most well-known knock off of Kimba the White Lion, the Lion King. Gargoyles was a particular love of hers as well. Back in 2001, she even had her own website, but just like everything else of hers, it went down the shitter.


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