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Typical ethical hacker. Note the white hat.

Ethical hackers, also known as white hackers, are essentially script kiddies who have shoved themselves up their own assholes. These moronic losers are some of the most annoying and retarded people on the Internet, and believe that everything they do is righteous and justified.

Although obnoxious, they often can be one of the funniest phenomena in the trolling community. Ethical Hackers consider themselves akin to "White Wizards", with the similar goal of using their powers only for good. They are also called White Hat Hackers, a name which may come from old cowboy movies where the villain always wears a black hat, and the hero a white. They are frequently called upon by those who find their ED article.

Let's say a burglar breaks into your house at night and instead of stealing anything, he informs you that your house has a poor security system and suggests that you improve it. Then he goes around preaching about it and calling all the other burglars n00bs for using guns. This is the equivalent of what ethical hackers do. The only difference is that on the Internet there's no risk of getting your fucking head blown off for acting like such a major faggot. They all use Lunix and masturbate themselves raw to pictures of Kevin Mitnick.

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