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Erik Rhodes, goatse fan.

Erik Rhodes (real name James Elliott Naughtin) was what happens when you give a homosexual some GHB, LSD, HGH, HIV, and every other acronym under the sun. The resulting creation resembled a cross between Frankenstein's monster and the Hulk with a ridiculous Jersey Shore spray tan. When not getting assfucked on camera for money, Erik took to the needle to escape his life as the guy everyone stares at, then he got on Tumblr to express his deep depression and creative thoughts. Erik's life centered around not going to the gym but shooting enough roids to make Jeremy Jackson cringe, and doing more drugs in a day than Amy Winehouse did after her career began to tank. Erik relishes his hatemail, and has accepted his role as life's lulzcow.

Tumblr activity

What Erik did during hurricane Irene.
Erik Rhodes, guido.

Erik's favorite pastime in the whole wide world was to write about how much he hated his life and wanted to end it. His second favorite pastime was injecting himself with jenkem, among other things. He made a hobby of discussing his suicide, and had even supported others who decide to venture down an heroic path. Here are a few samples of posts from Erik's Tumblr. Beware: shitty hipster music is on autoplay if you go to the site.

Basically all i had to do was supply my blood. He would cook us both up a shot and he’d administer mine first, but right before giving me a shot big enough to stop my heart, he pull the needle out after filling it up with my blood… then he would inject it into himself… I guess if my eyes weren’t rolling in the back of my head, i would possibly think it was too over the top. But it seemed very normal…



Yeah, why not capitalize on (my suicide) for my familys benefit… its already crossed my mind. That or either do it during one of my Live Shows… Wouldn’t that just blow your fucking mind? I wonder if the people would ask for their money back? Or would they look at it as something that they could say they were there for, forever?



ANON: Hello James, first of all just let me say this is a genuine question. I've followed your blog for some time now because just like you i have severe depression and i can relate to alot of the stuff you say. Ok now to cut to the chase... i saw on a comment from awhile back that your favourite type of music is sad music. Well i've finally had enough of my life and have made my mind up about it but i'm just too gutless to just do it right here, right now. I'm not changing my mind on this so can you please tell me some really good depressing music to help me work up the courage to do it? And when i say depressing i mean really depressing... say something like REM's Everybody Hurts where just the melody and the singer's voice and lyrics really get to you. If you could please help me out with this then believe me - you will be doing me a favour and i will be grateful for it.

ERIK RHODES: (Lists sad songs so anon can go become an hero)



ANON: Do you realize that in 5 years or so, your looks will be fading, your liver spent, and you will be nothing but a vapid, aging queen in need of incontinence surgery? I guess you hope everybody believes that there's something awesome about your life that keeps bringing you back to the same old shit, when the reality is you're just a scared twit who discovered steroids and gets enough mind-altering substances (prescribed and otherwise) to keep you from putting a pistol to the roof of your mouth for another few weeks. Your life is the sum of your own decisions. Nobody did any of this shit but you. The narcissistic manner in which you seek attention is tiresome and borne of mental illness. You aren't special.




this is how people end up and die alone.



it seems like i’m only trying to make money so that when i eventually kill myself, accidental or on purpose, that my family get a little money that i’ll leave behind. Besides that, i just don’t know.



Yes, of course my BF is mad, i came home sick as fuck. I have never experienced a crash as bad as i did this time. I guess because i forced enough drugs to kill a small army into my veins in such a short time, 4 days with no sleep, excuse me, the only sleep i had is one night, i think it was night, when i dropped myself with to much G… when i woke up, refreshed, i grabbed a pipe as quick as the next crackhead and brought myself back to life… all this mixed in with no real food for 4 days… it was like a bad trip… when i came home i tried to fight it off for 2 days but ultimately ended up having to send myself to the emergency room and was treated for dehydration amongst other things.



ANON: Have you ever been to Slovenia?

ERIK RHODES: I have seen Hostel…So no thanks. Don’t the americans bring in better money? Yeah fuck that… i was scared enough in Prague.



Personal life

Erik Rhodes, mega slut.

Rhodes used to get fucked by fashion designer Marc Jacobs, you know, the guy whose shit you have to buy for your girlfriend to get her to put out. Rhodes denied involvement. The rest of Rhodes' personal life was rather forgettable, but consisted of blacking out and getting arrested for roid-raging, nearly overdosing on the daily, making gay porn, and writing about it on Tumblr.


On June 14, 2012, Rhodes died of a heart attack caused by complications of steroid use and super AIDS.

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