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Equality Profile Pictures are the latest hipster Facebook profile picture trend sweeping America, that originates from a single photo post made on March 25, 2013 by Fb-favicon.png 'Human Rights Campaign' a gay rights group. This radical attempt to sway conservatives' viewpoints has been successful only in the following demographics:

And dramatically failing with these:

Of course, it goes with out saying that the motive behind changing a profile pic to try and change the world (instead of actually doing something,) is a similar motive to the one used in 2011 to support sitting in a park for three months to protest the failing economy due to their lovely demographic of welfare collectors.

Rise to power

The profile pictures consist of a pink equal sign on a red background, and represent the desire for equality of LGBT couples who want to marry and be normal people. It has been attributed to anarchism, democratic socialism, and AIDS. Regardless of the homosexuals' peaceful representation in the media, they, along with their comrades, are quite violent creatures. Known for their Jim Crow-esque lynchings of all who disagree, the homosexuals and their cohorts seek to destroy any and all sources of discontent for the homosexual agenda by means of brutal torture, rape, scat smearing, and shaming. However, the 'peaceful' side of the homosexual agenda is also seen. This group of deviants partake in their political gains by slowly, forcibly, but surely shoving their ideologies up the proverbial rectum of the people, this is how the homosexuals have made most of their political gains.

Proposed Fag Reich

Ancient prophecies speak of a complete and total homosexual uprise, which will reign for a fairly short period of time under a cunning leader, who garners a large follower base. The current date set for this rise of power is approximately 2033, beginning small, yet expanding exponentially by each succeeding year.

How to troll equality fags

Change your profile picture to this
  • Link everyone who uses the sign to this page
  • Don't change your profile picture to the red equal sign
  • Do change your picture, yet complain about gay marriage
  • Post a complaint to LGBT and say the symbol is impeding your rights
  • Unfriend anyone who uses it
  • Mock anyone who uses the image
  • Refer to those who follow the trend as hipsters or followers
  • Point out that Human Rights Campaign's largest donors are military weapons manufacturers
  • Say that gay identity is a Euro-American social construction
  • Refer to Obama as Black Jesus
  • Delete your Facebook
  • Post a complaint on Facebook regarding the plague of faggots and their abso-fucking-lutely retarded and poorly designed logos of faggotry.
  • Promote said post using oodles of money granted from approved bank loans and NORPS who use the money they earned to support just causes

How to troll inequality fags

  • Change your profile picture to the red equal sign
  • Complain about gay marriage not being legal yet
  • Complain that Black Jesus can't have a third term, also, ask if it's because he's black
  • Register Democrat
  • Don't vote, complain about Conservatives in office
  • Like and support LGBT gains and utter failures
  • Mock anyone who doesn't use the image
  • Refer to everyone who doesn't use the image as rednecks, racists, and cis-scum...alternatively just call them Conservative assholes
  • Threaten to unfriend anyone who doesn't change their profile picture to the image
  • Post gay pornography videos on your wall and call anyone who complains an ignorant bigot
  • Put pro-gay stickers on your prius
  • Rant all arguments no matter how false they are
  • Complain to the local news for getting fired for wearing non-uniform clothing to work
  • Go to LGBT rallies, post and brag away you glorious faggot!


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