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Smilin' Bob, whose visage hides a deep, dark secret.
The man behind the mask.
Seriously, guys believed that shit?

Enzyte is an herbal supplement that Smilin' Bob says gave him a bigger penis. Its creator, Steven Warshak, got his whole family involved in a scheme to rob lonely virgins with small penises of their parents' money by charging their credit cards over and over again and never letting them cancel a monthly subscription for that shit, which is made of win. After racking in 500 million they sadly all got caught by the FBI and in 2006 he was told to give up his ill-gotten gains and got 25 years: The original article is gone, but you get the picture here.

Kind of looks like the Trololo guy amirite?

Rule 34 with Bob

(None, as of now) (You dumb ass, there are no exeptions)

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