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For instructions please see Vandal/How-to.

Real (suspected) wiki vandals unmasked
IRL vandalism.
Another example of IRL vandalism. In real life, it's not as easy as clicking a revert button to fix it.

Vandalism is the hilarious act of pwning someone else's property, especially their internet pages. It is only acceptable on ED if done for the lulz, but vandaliNIGGER JEW NIGGER JEW NIGGER JEW NIGGER JEW NIGGER JEW NIGGER JEW NIGGER JEW NIGGER JEW NIGGER JEW NIGGER JEW NIGGER CHEW NIGGER LOU NIGGER FAGGOT DICKHEAD DOUCHEBAG BITCH FUCK CUNT SHIT NAZI NAZI NAZI also ballz


How to become a wiki vandal

Grawp, in the flesh

In recent weeks, Wikipedia and other wikis have descended into a glorious orgy of vandalism, with vandals spontaneously ganging up on pages. However this has lead to a decline in IRL vandalism as kids don't get out enough nowadays and just fuck around on computers instead. To get into the world of wiki vandalism, follow the following protips. This time next week you could be the new Willy on Wheels!Also get Seven Proxies! IT HELPS!

How to mess with insane site administrators (variations on Grawp technique)

If you want to troll insane admins, you should post something random that is normal or not harmful like "diesel is the best drink" or "diesel - one gallon a day keeps the doctor away". Then go to a wiki and just repeat it over and over. People did that at the German Wikipedia and now saying anything about diesel results in a permaban.

Even better, find a wiki with really crazy administrators. For instance, , will falsely call any talk page comments by an IP address or new user as vandalism no matter what. See deleted and the Mass Effect wiki where they will even go so far as to tell you exactly why they think iPhones aren't related to the pages you just vandalized. Just go somewhere on these sites and mention that X Star Trek or Mass Effect technology resembles iPhones until iPhones becomes a word for permaban. For best measure, see the contributions by this user and copy and paste what they wrote around to different articles. Use Alt+173 in the middle of text that is blocked by any new wordfilters they put up to bypass them. They will usually freak and protect Special:Allpages for hours so nobody can edit but sysops and when you make them do that, you win! The Memory Alpha admin "Shran" is most likely to freak at the first bout of vandalism and he is unemployed and is on the site 16 hours a day, but when he's not there the admins are lazy so calling in help from friends so they see lots of different IP ranges will make them go ape. It is best to vandalize templates because their site has caching problems and so the vandalism will often get stuck in pages after it has been reverted.

The thing is, the already crazy admins go even crazier as this happens day after day and they see they can do nothing to stop it. For example, Grawp made Wikipedia fall to its knees.

How various wikis deal with vandalism


Minor vandalism never lasts long on TOW, as their aspies have spent countless hours building bots to prevent it. However, when someone starts getting clever and finds some new way to waste TOW admin time, that's when the shit hits the fan. For instance, Grawp's edit summary vandalism was a pretty big deal back in the day, until MediaWiki stepped up to solve the problem. Basically, this cycle repeats with every major vandal on the site.

Any given Wikia wiki

Fanboys freak out when "omg we blocked their IP but they found a way to change it or something". Eventually, Wikia staff blacklists a few more Last Measure mirrors and calls it a day.


GreenReaper sends an angry email to said vandal's ISP and then makes sure that they know how much of a no-good dirty troll they are. The other users proceed to leave tl;dr comments on his talk page about it (seeing as nothing else ever happens on WikiFur).

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