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Azns (Asians) are a stark race of souless materialistic robots with little to no culture. Asians are the racial equivalent of women and have serious problems reproducing due to wide-spread nu-malery and homosexuality, but they still stay ahead of everyone else in population. Asians in fact have higher average iqs than Europeans but are such conformist, un-creative pussies that they never accomplished a single thing. A good metaphor for their culture is to look at their art and compare it to European art, this gives you a glimpse into their psychology. It is absolutely minimalist, bare and only having absolutely necessary details. It has no soul, no heart or no love. Asians are a souless, loveless, heartless race. This philosophy is reflected in the cheap shitty garbage they sell to the west. Asians are stereotyped for their strong discipline on their children,in general they have a total lack of empathy when dealing with any type of social outlier leading to extraordinarily high suicide rates. It would truly be the ultimate hell to live amongst this antithesis of humanity. Due to these factors Asians and the proliferation of their influence is a bigger existential threat to the posterity of humanity than even Blacks or Muslims. An Asian dominated world would be an absolute nightmare, this zombie horde must be stopped.


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