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Bob "Moviebob" Chipman (a.k.a Movieblob or basement Bob or MSTmario) from The Escapist is another, fat uneducated self-styled "journalist" who can't get laid. He has an obsession with Mario rivaling that of Chris-chan's obsession with Sonic the Hedgehog. Bob is made famous only by virtue of the internet and his willingness to pander to SJW feminists who don't actually watch these movies or play these games beyond what is necessary for them to call them sexist. All of this because there is no way this fat blob would ever be able to go to a job interview.

His reviews are filled with his unsolicited opinions about movies and video games which he acquired in all the free time he has leftover from never having sex, in between dreaming about one day being a director while being too fat and lazy to do anything about it. His video reviews have a hypnotic quality created by his third chin popping in-and-out from underneath his hilarious beard that was grown in a desperate attempt to conceal it.


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