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Drumpf vs Putin 4dchess.jpg

The_Donald is a Donald Trump forum, and former subreddit, that is designed to have discussions about Trump and, quite possibly, to boost trumps ego high into the sky. The Forum is well known to be the biggest circlejerk, political or otherwise, on the entirety of the internets. It was first created as r/the_donald on Reddit, where it was the perfect place for Conservative Retards to sperg out and praise Trump as the man who would Make America Great Again. Unfortunately, the Libtards of reddit didn't appreciate being out-sperged by a bunch of Conservatards, and quickly put the banhammer on r/the_donald. However, this didn't stop those from r/the_donald, who quickly decided to do an exodus to a new site. Thedonald.win would be this new site.

(( >".WIN" ))

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