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It's 2021 and you're browsing Encyclopedia Dramatica. But somehow, that deliciously lulzy article or image from the old ED website is missing. Blame our incompetent lineage of ex-sysops for not keeping regular backups, or for being too paranoid/busy doing drugs to provide backups of the site. As it stands now, a fuckton of the old images are missing or broke as shit, mostly cause the stupid things weren't included in the images backup we sourced the newest version of Encyclopedia Dramatica (.online) from. Pretty gay amirite? Articles past late 2015 may be MIA war victims as well, and many, many, many of them are gone too.

But, there is still hope, and that's where your sorry ass comes in.


What have I missed?
Joe Biden
2 days ago
Trolling IRL
4 days ago
6 days ago