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The Human Centipede


Perhaps the lulziest documentary ever, and 100% medically accurate, The Human Centipede redefines the phrases ass to mouth and intelligent design. This is perhaps the most blogged about B-Movie since Snakes on a Plane. The movie is so fucked-up, the name and poster alone don't prepare you for the shite in this movie. It's like the movie equivalent of the offended page, and if you STILL think you should watch it, it makes Saw look like a child's comedy in comparison. People have gone in to watch it and its sequel hoping to fap to the potential guro and torture porn as they are acquainted to from films in the same genre like Saw and Hostel, and come out disturbed and asking themselves "what in the holy mother of fuck did I just watch?". And if even encyclopedia dramatica, home of pain series and other unspeakable horrors is disgusted by it, you should know that this is one to leave well alone.

Making money by generating controversy, the movie industry outdo themselves once again. It is unknown if the critics claiming to hate this movie are actually that stupid when telling their audience to completely avoid the movie, or if they're part of a larger scheme, turning controversy generation into an exact science. Still, it's not as bad as say, Guinea Pig: Flower of flesh and blood or August Underground's Mordum. But still, avoid like the plague.

This sure-to-be Oscar winning documentary comes to us via the husband and wife team of sick fucks Tom and Ilona Six who had been doing so much anal and coprophagia with each other that they one day said "Hey, don't we know a dude who likes to stitch people ass to mouth so that they'd be forced to do coprophagia whether they liked it or not? " They did. Tom Six stated that the inspiration for the film came from a joke about punishing people who were nasty or annoying, or a child molester by stitching their mouths to the anus of an overweight truck driver. From here came what he saw as the concept for a great horror movie.


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