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Valentine's Day Massacre


On the 14th of February, 2016, 4:00pm EST, a couple of anons from /b/, /pol/ and various other 4chan and 8chan boards went together to attack the unholy bastion of evil known as Tumblr and wreak havoc for teh lulz. However it didn't actually start on the 14th, Operation Valentine had a bit of prep-work behind it to ensure that newfags wouldn't fuck it up. A few anons from the start decided to team up (including people from a few former operations, with varying successes behind them) and proceeded to recruit plethoras of users from 4chan in order to build up a personal army.

Somewhere along the line a tumblr spy (Yes they have those for some reason?) infiltrated and never did anything else other then reveal the raid, but failed miserably (like the faggot he was) at everything past that, only getting 10 reblogs several days before the raid.

Until the 13th it was all recruiting, but then the planning stage came, and, with at the very least 100 anons, they finally set their decision into stone and decided to mix up a timebomb raid with normal posting. Everybody would follow each other and reblog each other just to artificially inflate the number of posts, even though nobody ever came anywhere close to reblogging every post, the supposed amount of posts should have amounted up to 500,000 (it didn't) and it was very clearly visible everywhere on the most visited tags and a few fandoms.


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