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Ethan Ralph (also known as The Ralph or TheRalphRetort) used to be an SJW until they discarded him for being too fat (5' 1" and 247 pounds), after which he created a pro-GamerGate "website" called "TheRalphRetard" and quickly descended into lunacy.

He often brags about being a journalist because he runs a clickbait Gaymergate drama "news site" (despite him not being able to spell to save his life, repeatedly publishing fake news stories and violating even the most basic standards of journalistic ethics upheld even by the journos he constantly badmouths) but in reality he's nothing but a barely recognizable blogger, appealing to a niche audience, the majority of which has either quit the cause or he has already personally alienated. The only reason he bothers to continue writing is to try and convert what remains of GamerGate into a neo-nazi group he believes he can command by gathering a group of ED trolls he doesn't realize are just fucking with him and "ordering" them to dox anyone in GG who's center-left or dares make fun of him. All of this just to satisfy his addiction to E-fame.


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