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Her razor would go to better use on her eyebrows
Encouraging Emo Kids To Cut Since '04

Around November 8th of 2008, photographs of an unknown girl, most likely of German heritage and appearing to be in her early twenties, started circling around the tubes, starting with some shitty site no one cares about and ending up on Something Awful. Judging from the content of the photos, said girl just may be the most hardcore cutter in existence. Many of the pictures show her having cut so deep that bone and major arteries are visible. Some show her collecting blood in syringes or other containers (one shows a blood clot the size of a Jew's wallet) while others show her home covered in so much blood it looks like she had OJ Simpson over for dinner.

I've seen pretty much everything there is to see (Goatse, Tubgirl, 2girls1cup, Swap.avi, Gory Videos etc.) so I'm not fazed by much, but dear God this is by far the worst. I couldn't even look at all of them.



The Pictures

The Girl

Best Myspace Default Photo Evar
She never cuts near the rat. It's too important

Upon seeing these photos, many people wanted to get help for our mystery cutter. But the OP who brought these photos to light, who also happened to be an admin on said shitty site (and known pedophile, judging from the photographs in his gallery) would not give up any information. Not even the original file names of the cutting pictures. This didn't stop the Goons though. After a couple of days and some 1337 detective work, some posts from Emo Cutter Girl were found on a German speaking forum, impressive considering how many tubes away the forum was, and in German to boot. After extensive translating of the German forum, the girl's name was found. She is 23 and from Regensburg, Germany. She claims to have Borderline Personality Disorder and wants help. The Goons made some phone calls and got her some treatment and then continued to spend the rest of the thread stroking their E-peens.

Emo Cutter Girl gets about as close as is possible to the brachial artery without becoming an hero. You can even see it right alongside the biceps brachii muscle. From the scars, you can see she's been at it for years, getting deeper as time goes by. She avoids dying by frequenting the hospital. Because she never tells them that she is suicidal, they cannot legally admit her for psych treatment without her consent. They just sew her up, give her antibiotics and some painkillers, slap her on the ass and send her home to carve herself up like a Christmas goose all over again.


Letting the blood ooze out makes my pain real


—Anon. cutter

Somewhere there is a goon softly smiling in the warm glow of a monitor; he has just realized that gut-fucking may be a reality... all he needs is a razor and address.


—Nick at Nite man

As a mental health professional who has worked directly with this type of population I'm going to say it again, this is some very real abuse. Be it self inflicted or otherwise, it is beyond mere "pleasure seeking" in it's nature, intensity, and duration. This isn't some girl who is in an extreme body mod phase, this is someone with very real mental health needs.


—Some Goon, Claiming To Be An E-Doctor

I sit down and cut. And cut and cut. I lose sight of time, but that doesn't matter, because I only do "it" at night. And nights are long...

But it seems my judgment tends to slip during the "action". I can see that I am cutting on muscles, bones, nerves, tendons, that the muscles and blood vessels are tearing, but that's exactly the point: my concentration is focused on the details. At times, perhaps that may have saved me from much worse, but it is really strange, to stand up when you're done and see (sometimes shockingly) a wound or a "massacre". Was that really me...? Clearly. I know it was.


—Emo Cutter Girl, http://www.rattenforum.de

id slip it in her arm.


—kamikaZi_blitz http://www.flamehaus.com/

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