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fuck me in the butt


—Emma Sulkowicz

Taking attention whoring to the next level.

Emma Sulkowicz, who should be better known as Emo Sulkybitch, is yet another in the long line of fine, upstanding young women who claimed to have been raped at college. After filing a complaint against her assailant and being ignored, Sulkowicz decided to instead use her "crippling trauma" to get an easy A in her liberal arts class and started walking everywhere on campus carrying around a mattress, prompting various media appearances and an online protest where college sex bloggers posted their nudes online in what they thought was feminist solidarity but will most likely just be used as blackmail material by future coworkers and spurned love interests. The mattress shtick was described as "performance art" and was dubbed "Carry that Weight" in what was meant to symbolize the burden of being a rape victim, but instead now symbolizes the fact that Emma is ready to go any place, any time.

Yes, in a (not so) shocking twist it turned out that, like 98.5% of all rape accusations, it was false. Her alleged abuser is now suing the school, its board of trustees, and her art teacher, but perplexingly not her. Still, the court documents have revealed some interesting things about Emma, like her having herpes, her contacting her "rapist" the day after the "rape" to ask him for more dick, and the fact that the reason she claimed she was raped by him was because he broke up with her after he realized that she's an obsessive stalker that wouldn't stop texting him and literally begging him to fuck her in the ass.

For all this and more, Emma was affectionately dubbed "Mattress Girl".

Her Story

Even Google knows

It all began in the summer of 2012. Emma Sulkowicz was a student at Columbia University, where she met a nice boy named Paul Nungesser. Apropos of a young college couple, the two engaged in sexual intercourse, and as is growing evermore common, the girl afterwards regretted it and claimed rape.

After Emma became obsessed with Paul and wouldn't leave him alone, he ended up telling her to fuck off. As revenge, Sulkowicz went crying to the school claiming she was raped. An investigation was launched, and Nungesser was cleared of any guilt because of an obvious lack of evidence including but not limited to: Emma having no bruises on her body despite saying it was a violent rape, her not going to the police, and the fact she changed her story a million times about who she told about it (ranging from "everyone including the police right away" to "no one for months"). Normally, it'd end there, but the appropriately-named Sulkowicz wasn't done with him yet, and started a public campaign about the crisis of campus rape culture. Sulkowicz drew attention to herself by carrying around the dirty, cum soaked mattress from her dorm room in an attempt to both shame her ex boyfriend out of the school, lie big and repeatedly enough that people believe her so she wouldn't have to admit she made the rape up, and get an easy A on her art class.

Her story went viral, as the feminists on social media and their SJW allies in the press quickly elevated Sulkowicz onto a pedestal, making her a national hero, with the fact that the accused man was cleared being only a pesky, minor detail. U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) invited her to attend the State of the Union with her, along with many other media engagements. Again, keep in mind that this was all well after Nungesser had been cleared due to an overwhelming lack of evidence.

TL;DR: Vindictively deluded student buttslut cries rape after her bf tells her to GTFO, bf is cleared; aforementioned slut attention whores it up successfully by literally carrying a mattress around campus and blabbing about her fake ordeal to any and everyone who will listen.

Emma convinced her friends to file false reports too

As fake as Emma's story was, there was one thing that lended it some credibility: three other victims.
But there was one thing that all three victims had in common besides being allegedly raped by Paul: They were all part of Emma's sorority.
A close examination of the claims finds flaws in the stories of all 4 accusers.


  • At one point in spring 2014 Sulkowicz wrote that she lived in daily terror of encountering her rapist on campus—while another statement she made around the same time shows that she knew he was spending a semester in Europe.
  • Prior to her claim that she spoke to a friend the morning after the alleged rape, Sulkowicz had sometimes asserted that she didn’t tell anyone for several months, sometimes that she told a few friends.
  • Last fall, Sulkowicz told the Times’ Ariel Kaminer that after filing a police report, she had elected not to pursue criminal charges because the process would be “lengthy” and “too draining.” Now, she tells Bazelon that she stopped talking to investigators because “the police were visiting her apartment unexpectedly.”
  • The multiple charges in this instance do not make for a stronger case because they are demonstrably linked to each other;
  • What’s more, there is evidence backing Nungesser’s claim that he was targeted for a vendetta based on the belief that he had raped Sulkowicz.

Leaked facebook PMs


  • Nungesser’s freshman-year girlfriend filed a complaint after talking to Sulkowicz and (in Sulkowicz’s words) delving into their “shared trauma”.
  • Her complaint was dismissed for lack of evidence.
  • She quickly stopped cooperating with investigators.
  • Nungesser’s lawsuit says she claimed she felt obligated to have sex with him, which isn't rape.
  • Natalie herself told the Columbia campus magazine that he would often forcefully pin her arms back during sex and that she often cried when they were in bed. She didn't mention that struggled with major depression during their relationship which would explain why she was always crying like a crazy cunt.

"Josie” (outed as Sylvie Krekow)

  • The accuser who authored the piece for Jezebel admits that she filed her complaint at the behest of a “friend” who told her that Nungesser had been accused of raping another woman.
  • That friend was an officer in the Alpha Delta Phi coed fraternity to which Nungesser, Sulkowicz, and Josie all belonged.
  • At the time that person was trying to get Nungesser ejected from the ADP residence because of Sulkowicz’s charges (Josie also lived at the house; Sulkowicz did not).
  • Josie’s charge is the only one on which Nungesser was initially found culpable; that finding was later reversed on appeal.
  • A second hearing exonerated Nungesser after Josie declined to participate.
  • Josie has given somewhat contradictory accounts of her decision to withdraw from the process, surprise-surprise.
  • Among other things, she has repeatedly stressed that she had graduated from Columbia by then, without mentioning that the first hearing also took place months after her graduation in May 2013.
  • Even if Josie’s story is true, her complaint hardly corroborates Sulkowicz’s accusation. Sulkowicz is alleging a brutal rape; Josie is alleging a drunken pass frat party. She says that Nungesser followed her upstairs after offering to help restock the bar, then tried to kiss her and pulled her toward him despite her protestations, until she pushed him off and left.
  • Josie herself says she did not think of it as “sexual assault” until she heard about the alleged attack on Sulkowicz.

"Adam" (outed as Marcus Hunter)

  • According to a leaked internal report by Columbia Title IX investigators, Adam is a highly unreliable complainant.
  • Social media records contradicted his version of his interactions with Nungesser and backed Nungesser’s.
  • Adam also made bizarrely paranoid claims that Nungesser “retaliated” for his complaint before the complaint was filed by sitting too close to him and his friends in class and complimenting a point he had made in a class discussion.
  • The document also reveals that Adam first made his allegations to Josie's friend while she was collecting accusations of sexual misconduct against Nungesser in the wake of Sulkowicz’s charge.
  • Without explicitly confirming the existence of a vendetta, it notes that “at the time of the Complainant’s initial disclosure, at least several of his close friends … were [seeking] to evict the Respondent from the fraternity house”.
  • Adam was a close friend of Natalie’s; Nungesser’s lawsuit also alleges he is a close friend of Sulkowicz’s.
  • There is nothing indicating Paul is gay. Pity.


Emma's claims were unreliable so she and a friend of her's who was trying to kick Paul out of the sorority house convinced two chicks and some dude to lie about him raping them. But since their lies were as unconvincing as those made by Sulkowicz herself, all charges were dropped. The participants were an angry ex with psychological problems, some ho who he hit on at a party, and a crazy, sjw white knight faggot that hilariously joined in (despite having nothing to do with any of this) and accused Paul or precognition.

Twitter-favicon.png #TheresNoPerfectVictim


When many people didn't believe Emma's lies and cited the evidence proving she's making the whole thing up, officers of the "Columbia University Allies for Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention" made up their own support hashtag #TheresNoPerfectVictim where they posted nude photos in solidarity, including: Anna Ho MBA 2016, Stephanie Schreiber MBA 2016, Melissa Szobota, Zoe Yang MBA 2016 (pictured), and Marci Zimmerman.

The hashtag was hardly used and was mostly lurked by people looking for something to fap to.

File:TheresNoPerfectVictim 01.png
Because apparently there's no perfect way to respond to theft, mutilation or murder.
File:TheresNoPerfectVictim 02.png
That "previous intimacy" invalidated she was coerced into sex.
File:File:TheresNoPerfectVictim 03.png
Did they seriously threaten you, or do you just have shitty taste in men?
File:TheresNoPerfectVictim 04.png
Especially if that happens in a stage or a moving picture
File:TheresNoPerfectVictim 05.png
And depriving them of agency and being condescending to them apparently not
File:TheresNoPerfectVictim 06.png
Otherwise they will believe what you said, oh wait...
File:TheresNoPerfectVictim 07.png
Why do you speak in her behalf? Check your survivor privilege!
File:TheresNoPerfectVictim 08.png
So, given that the narrator is unreliable because of trauma...
We must believe EVERYTHING she said?'
File:TheresNoPerfectVictim 09.png
Nope, Police relied in a weird kind of sorcery called "Criminal Investigation",
Media on the other hand...'
File:TheresNoPerfectVictim Vs Gamergate.png
Julie and Wagatwe Wanjuki began a Twitter hashtag about sexual assault survivors, which took off.


—"Curator" Andrea Vargas on Why they're not real campus rape victims to fit our narrative?

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Paul Nungesser Speaks Out

During the media feeding frenzy, Nungesser initially laid low, the man believing in his youthful naïveté that the media would eventually dig a little deeper on the skank's story. However, after seeing his lying accuser become a nationally celebrated figure, Nungesser finally had enough, and decided it was time to give her a metaphorical raping.

Nungesser went to the media and released many e-mails between Sulkowicz and him. The e-mails, sent after the alleged rape had occured, showed that despite Sulkowicz's claim to have "suffered in silence" and to have been "shattered", that "silence" apparently didn't apply to the man who had supposedly did the deed.

On Sept. 9, on a morning before an ADP meeting, it was Sulkowicz who initiated the Facebook contact, asking Nungesser if he wanted to “hang out a little bit” before or after the meeting and concluding with:

whatever I want to see yoyououoyou

respond—I’ll get the message on ma phone

On Oct. 3, Sulkowicz’s birthday, Nungesser sent her an effusive greeting; she responded the next morning with, “I love you Paul. Where are you?!?!?!?!”


—A clearly heartbroken Sulkowicz works up the courage to contact the man who raped her.

Sulkowicz told The Daily Beast that she would provide them with annotations explaining the context of these messages, but never did.

Nungesser unsuccessfully tried to get his reputation back, with it now being abundantly clear that this woman lied about the assault. But that’s not a compelling story for SJWs, and it remains doubtful anyone will be inviting Nungesser to the next big shindig in D.C. As a result, Nungesser filed a lawsuit against Columbia for failing to stop her campaign of harassment of him, and indeed, actively participating in it. Included in the filing were numerous Facebook private messages between the two, and among these was this memorable phrase, which caused extreme butthurt in the social justice crowd which had been supporting her:

Nungesser Sues Columbia

They're both psychiatrists, Sandra Leong MD and Kerry Sulkowicz MD have no idea how they produced a lying, sociopathic whore like Emma. Perhaps a clue can be found in that Emma (and Olivia) were conceived through in-the-butt insemination

On April 23, 2015, news broke that Paul Nungesser is suing Columbia University, for essentially sponsoring Sulkowicz's mattress disinformation campaign. Nungesser, a German citizen, claims his reputation and job prospects have been ruined by the cunting mongrel liar. In July 2017, Nungesser received an undisclosed sum from Columbia.

The complaint, filed against Columbia University, Jon Kessler, Lee Bollinger, board of trustees for "sponsorship" of Sulkowicz's rape allegations and performance art piece, in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, can be viewed here. The complaint contains numerous lulz at halfbreed whore Sulkowicz's expense:

On the second occasion that they had sexual intercourse that spring, Emma Sulkowicz asked Paul to engage in anal sex with her. Paul stated that he had no experience with it. Emma Sulkowicz said she had enjoyed it in the past with other men and wanted him to proceed. The two engaged in anal sex as part of their foreplay. They then progressed to vaginal intercourse.


lolsuit complaint, para 18

In response to Emma telling Paul about her having a sexually transmitted disease...


lolsuit complaint, para 21, revealing that Emma Sulkowicz is a diseased whore.

While they were still freshmen and before any physical relationship had begun, Emma Sulkowicz broached the topic of anal sex with Paul by private Facebook messenger as follows:

Emma Sulkowicz: fuck me in the butt


—paragraph 16

Graduation Day is a bummer for liar Emma Sulkowicz

Emma Sulkowicz: never NOT falsely crying 'RAPE!'.

On May 19, 2015, Emma's graduation day, she tried to go on stage with her mattress still in hand and was greeted with a series of LULZy consequences...

College President Refuses to Fuck Emma Sulkowicz In The Ass

As Ms. Sulkowicz and her friends ascended the stage, Mr. Bollinger, who had been shaking the students’ hands, turned his back and leaned down as though to pick something up from his seat. Ms. Sulkowicz leaned over the mattress, trying to catch his eye, then straightened up and kept walking, shrugging with her free hand.


—Columbia President, Not wanting to catch Emma Sulkowicz's scorching herpes.

"I even tried to smile at him or look him in the eye, and he completely turned away," she said later. "So that was surprising, because I thought he was supposed to shake all of our hands."


—Emma, on how she got PTSD.

Emma Sulkowicz posters splattered across campus (MOAR in Gallery)

But being snubbed by the school's administration wasn't where the fun ended. On the same day, the streets around town were flooded with posters of her and Lena Dunham.

Justice at last!

A twitter account called Twitter-favicon.png FakeRape took responsibility and has been flooding twitter with pictures of his/her handiwork, as well as futile effort by white knights to tear the posters down (there are too many). When accused of harassing Emma by doing this and the people taking down the signs by taking pictures, FakeRape responded exactly the way Emma did when she was accused of lying and harassing people, saying it was "an art project".

In a hilarious turn of events, Lena found out about this and came to Emma's... rescue (?)
She voiced her support of Sulkowicz, but that just means Emma now has the support of an incestuous child molester.

Emma goes crazy, makes rape porn sex tape

Do that again


—Emma Sulkowicz, Begging for another slap

Mocked and humiliated and no longer getting attention, Emma, in a Britney Spears meltdown, decided to make an art project sex tape. (If video does not load, you can rape your eyes here.) The website address is a reference to Michel Foucault, which not only means Emma is crazy, but a pretentious art student in need of a falcon punch as well as a bitchslap.

The video is preceded by a wall of text explaining that it isn't a reenactment of the fake rape (probably for legal reasons since it clearly is, including a faked timestamp of the day of the non-rape), you should not watch it for "the wrong reasons", and if you do, then you are literally raping Emma. This was done in a pathetic attempt to mask the fact she's just a crazy slut who likes it when people look at her naked and is getting off to the thought of people jerking it to the tape was the only real reason she made it.

In the actual video you get to watch Emma with her blue hair, flat ass, nonexistent tits, boney frame and unshaved vagina as she gets fucked by some pale, fat dude that has a tiny dick who was the only one willing to touch her ugly ass. Emma sucks his dick (if it was rape, why would she do that?) and soon after gets choked and slapped by him, a few times, because she was actually begging for it as she mounts a feeble attempt at resistance, indicating she's actually enjoying it. He then sticks it in her pooper and eventually busts his load after less than 4 minutes. The guy then leaves, Emma pretends to cry, then gets up and spends the next 4 minutes making her bed without putting her clothes on so you can watch her some more (she wraps herself in a towel but then immediately regrets it because she wants you to watch).

On June 5, her site blurred the timestamp on their copy of her sex tape, possibly to avoid a lawsuit. The mirror at Slutload still has the uncensored version, with the August 27, 2012 timestamp... the date of her alleged assault.

Since we can't put the entire video here, we made some gifs for your enjoyment. You shouldn't feel guilty about fapping to them because Emma the nympho exhibitionist is probably doing the same thing. Only feel guilty that you're wanking it to a chick that looks like a dude.

Mommy Psychiatrist(!) Sandra Susan Leong praises Emma's porno, enables daughter's Histrionic/Borderline Personality Disorder

You'd think, at this point, the 'rents Drs. Kerry J. Sulkowicz and Sandra Susan Leong might be backing away from their earlier libel of Paul Nungesser and Columbia University. You might think they'd be calling for an intervention for Emma's raging Histrionic and/or Borderline Personality Disorder.

Well, you'd be wrong.

Instead, Dr. Sandra Leong, MD, proved she's as much a fucked-up asian attention whore as her lying skank daughter, taking to Facebook to praise Emma's pornographic meltdown:


BTW, Sandra Leong's New York State Medical License number is 60-170276, in case you want to, you know, investigate further or maybe file a complaint.

Emma Sulkowicz shits on newspaper, calls it art

Negroes pretend to 'appreciate' Emma Sulkowicz's shitart. Other whores exhibiting their shit included Janine Antoni (envy), Yvonne Roeb (pride), Sylvie Macias Diaz (sloth), Raquel Schwartz (gluttony), Kathryn Garcia (lust), and Genevieve White (greed).
Borderline personalities try to make sense of Emma's psychotic bullshit

Desperate to remain relevant after her porn-tape selfpwn, attention whore Emma pooped on some newspapers and scammed Brooklyn's Kunstraum LLC to exhibit that shit as art for their "7 Cunts, 7 Sins" exhibit in August 2015.

Emma demonstrates her bold love for white cocks like Daddy's in her Kunstraum LLC lolart exhibit (Brooklyn, August 2015)

Needless to say, reviews of Emma's shitshow were somewhat mixed...

December 2015: Newsweek FINALLY reports that Emma Sulkowicz is a lying whore; Emma threatens LOLSUIT

In December 2015, the dumbass media finally realized the truth: they'd been scammed by a sociopathic lying attention whore. Newsweek finally had the balls to interview Emma's victim, Paul Nungesser, and report how he'd been smeared by a slut for simply deciding not to continue fucking her up the butt:

One name that doesn’t appear on the list of defendants is Sulkowicz’s. “Ms. Sulkowicz believes what she believes, and she’s created this story for herself,” Nungesser's lawyer says. “The greater distress is at Columbia for allowing her to have on-campus rallies, allowing her to base her thesis on this, allowing her to essentially legitimize her story.... At this point, she’s sort of a footnote.”

Sulkowicz declined to speak with Newsweek


As soon as her lies were exposed, Emma threatened a lolsuit.

I support Emma suing Newsweek. Society can ensure rape victims are not silenced by silencing those accused of committing rape #EmmaSulkowicz


Emma's Mattress


Emma Sulkowicz, an 18-year-old human-identifying persyn of ambiguous race, gender, and sexual orientation, had bravely decided to pursue her education as a doctoral candidate in quantum fluid mechanics despite generations of systemic oppression by the patriarchal white male capitalist supremacist society.

She studies 19 hours a day while working 3 jobs to support herself because of the exploitative university framework that allows straight white males to attend college for free

Emma's continued progress despite all of the obstacles placed in her way by the fiendish administration (run exclusively by old white men) catches the attention of Paul 'Cunt Crusher of Cologne' Nungesser, renowned Germanic neo-Nazi and top agent of the Kyriarchy, who had been assigned to Columbia University straight from Germany to ensure that no brave strong competent progressive world citizens could dispel the carefully-maintained illusion of white male supremacy.

Right before Emma's final exams, Paul 'Womb Wrecker of Westphalia' Nungesser batters down the door of her dorm room, the wood splintering under the assault of his 7 foot, 400 pound frame of pure Aryan rape muscles.

Terrified, Emma stammers out, "who are youyouyouyouyou?", her eyes glued open by this perfectly-developed result of 10,000 years of female-oppressing evolution standing before her the arrogant übermensch barks out laughter, the glint of misogynistic sadism shining visibly in his cruel, penetrating blue eyes, and replies in his thick nazi accent that he "ist heer für die hang out", his hands moving to unfasten his gleaming eagle swastika belt buckle.

Despite her encyclopedic knowledge of feminist theory, Emma finds her body betraying her; seduced by his shining platinum-blond hair and chiseled arrogant countenance, her eyes move unwilling downwards as he prepares to institutionalize his misogyny inside of her vulnerable yielding form.

the high-ranking SS officer hangs out his biological rape weapon over 18 inches in length and thicker around than a coke can, with fist-sized grenades of weaponized male privilege dangling ominously inside his patriarchy pouch.

Emma tries to resist, but she is caught in the same paralyzing magnetic field of sexual desire that has kept womyn of all colors subservient to the white male kyriarchy since time immemorial. Emma's body betrays her as Paul 'Hymen Hammerer of Hamburg' Nungesser stalks towards her, polished jackboots clacking harshly on the cold tile floor, his meaty oppresschlong already slick and glistening with the tears of the 517 WOCs he had violated before breakfast.

Her quivering womanhood, confused and reacting unconsciously to generations of societal indoctrination falsely claiming that PIV intercourse isn't rape, begins to soak her panties with pre-rape juice, preparing her for this thunderous Teutonic invader intent on wrecking her even harder than her father's native Poland three generations ago

his rough hands seize her hips, and tears flow freely from Emma's diverse brown eyes as Paul 'Slut Slammer of Stuttgart' Nungesser flips her effortlessly over onto her stomach, shredding the underclothes from her body like Adolf Hitler shredded the Treaty of Versailles.

An extremely-problematic sensation of arousal vibrates through Emma's slim, nubile form, the dusky-skinned womyn shuddering beneath this blond brute as she feels his massive patriarcock, now as rigid and firm as the strict gender norms imposed by white male supremacist America, pulsing with wicked sexual intent against the tantalizing tanned curve of her tightly-clenched tuckus as he presses his turgid dongminator against the delicate petals of her defenseless feminine flower, it's the searing heat that finally awakens the strong independent womyn that resides within all survivors of the patriarchy that empowers her to cry out, "we n-need to have a c-chill sesh, maybe during the..."

The heartless future camp commandant, enraged by this small but infinitely significant act of heroic defiance in the face of his overpowering intersectional privilege, decides not to ravish her quivering ciswoman genitalia and impregnate her with a future beneficiary of societal privilege, instead aiming his malevolent man-ram at the tight virginal pucker hidden between her satiny-soft cheeks.

Without any warning or preparation, Paul 'Booty Batterer of Berlin' Nungesser bashes his bulbous biospear against her bared butthole in a brutal blitzkrieg unseen since the Battle of the Bulge. Emma screeches as her sphincter is smashed to smithereens by the Sturmbannführer's swollen staff of sexual enslavement, her slender shape shuddering with spasms of servile sensual submission, screaming, "...SUMMMMERRRR!!!

He hammers her hole for 40 straight hours, reaming her abused ass without mercy as Emma's body tries to cope with the trauma of her total violation by falsely interpreting the experience as enjoyable, cranking out orgasm after orgasm as she surrenders herself to his Aryan aggression.

After what seems like an eternity, Paul 'Ferocious Fuckmachine of Frankfurt' Nungesser reaches rapegasm, flooding Emma's bulldozed bowels with 15 gallons of his steaming-hot subjugation sauce, he leaves her there, broken and barely-conscious, his privilege pudding leaking out of her and leaving a permanent stain on her mattress in a startlingly-accurate reproduction of seven and a half pages of Mein Kampf.

As he prepares to leave, Paul 'Muff Mauler of Munich' Nungesser warns Emma to keep silent like the good Republican bitch he had just made of her, mocking the brave survivor of his brutal sexual assault by asking a "lying gook buttslut" [sic] like her if she understood that her purpose in life was to serve as "the White Man's cumdumpster"

completely overwhelmed and exhausted by her trauma, the courageous victim of the patriarchy whispered in a soft, shuddering voice...

"lol yusss"

thankfully, due to the efforts of our progressive and visionary leader President Barack Hussein Obama in establishing and funding the Intercollegiate Service for Institutionalized Sexism (ISIS), Emma Sulkowicz's ordeal was discovered by ISIS Field Director Judith S. Rosenblatt, who assisted Emma in recalling the details of her sexual trauma 12 months after it had happened.

Ms. Rosenblatt also advised her to take up her mattress as a sign of public protest against the ubiquitous rape culture on American campuses, where women are statistically more likely to be raped than they would be in a lawless Central African war zone which has been wracked by unceasing political violence and suffering from a complete collapse of governmental authority for the past 20 years in response to the recent article published by the Daily Beast expressing skepticism about Ms. Sulkowicz's allegations, Ms. Rosenblatt reportedly exclaimed, "Oy vey, the boyim know! Never forget the one in four!"



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