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Egg Girl

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Egg Girl is the name taken by a girl who occasionally posts her egg artwork on 4chan's /b/ board. Most of the time she is greeted with positive, almost courteous reviews and a lot of adulation from the normally rabid and angsty /b/ crowd. Other times she is ridiculed by the teeming masses as a trap or a troll, when in reality all she really is is just a girl with a high protein content in her diet.

Correct Nomenclature

Shoe in mouth naow.
Hard work on eggs...just look at the detail

You need to post tits to be a chan, you fucking newfag. Oh yeah, and GTFO


—Anon sets the record straight.

While many /b/tards call her "Egg-Chan", This cannot be a true name for Egg Girl. She has not posted nudes, nor has she attempted to troll /b/ by alluding that she ever will post her girly parts. On several occasions, and in at least one picture, she has stated that she is "Egg Girl". While it is not customary to name yourself on /b/, it is also not customary to post original content on the board as well.

People who call her Egg-Chan are:

People who call her Egg Girl are:

People who scream "TRAP" when she appears are:

The Phenomena

We're all stalkers for Egg Girl. White knights are just pretending they don't have Egg Girl folders.


—Anon, several thousand times.

In typical fashion, /b/tards are divided right down the center when it concerns Egg Girl. Half of them want to stalk and rape her, while the other half of them think she is fugly and has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Because of this status, Egg Girl ranks along with Boxxy as a epic troll cunt. One must only post a single image of her to light /b/ on fire with a blaze of internet savagery. White Knights will appear out of nowhere to defend her...and haters will attempt to defame her and troll her every post. While this is happening, EVERYBODY will be looking for dox on her in an attempt to find more about this elusive internet persona. As of this writing, nothing further than her copious egg art, some normal cam shots, and a handful of replies can be found.

i hate egg girl, im never on when she is :(


—Anon again.


OH SHIT this is hot.
Contrary to popular belief, she eats more than eggs.

i don't eat store bought eggs. i get em from my mom's friend whos got chickens. they happen to lay brown eggs most of the time. on a rare occasion they are slightly blue. we'll see.


—Egg Girl's chosen medium.

One must speculate that Egg Girl's diet, consisting of a lot of hard-boiled eggs, must cause her to have terrible gas. Imagine if you will, being locked in a large prison cell with approximately 40 grown men who have been fed a scrambled egg breakfast and then a baked bean lunch. Now imagine that it is nine o'clock that night...and you are locked in the cell with them, unable to escape. Now that you have that image firmly in your mind's eye, think about a young girl, eating hard-boiled eggs in large quantities and locked away in her mother's basement with only Sharpie brand markers to keep her company.


No eggs here.

I don't care how many times she posts her fucking eggs, until i see a penis or a lack of penis, she's a goddamn trap.


—Anon, summing up the discussion at hand.

Because no nudes have been posted and also due to her reclusive nature, butthurt posters have speculated rather loudly that Egg Girl may be a trap. Egg Girl herself aided these rumors by posting several images where she had sketched out a goatee on her own face. Coupling the false beard with a hat to tuck her hair under, she became another internet persona, who was as full of the vigorous angst only a pubescent /b/tard could be. While in this persona, her egg artwork takes on a more dark, acrimonious style. Because of this new set of violent characteristics, the threads are full of lulz; garnering hilarity from both camps in the Egg Girl war.

To be fair, Egg Chan does have very funky looking hands, fingers kind of look more like toes.


The "Art" in question.

ok #1, simply because i make simple drawings on my eggs doesn't mean i have no artistic talent. I just save it for an audience better then 4chan. i mean do u really think i would put alot of time and effort into a doodle on my breakfast? no.


—Egg Girl, on what she does.

Egg Girl professes to work in other media besides eggs and to have some talent. She has posted at least one picture to back up her claims. However, after viewing the picture, many agree that she should stick to eggs and leave art to the professionals. She also claims to have more artwork that she only shares with a select few. Nothing further at this time has been posted or revealed.


One of the images that led many idiots to believe she was a he.
I don't care what you say, that's a goddamn mustache.

Every time an Egg Girl thread starts on 4chan, the following quotes will be seen:

If you loud-mouthed faggots scared off egg girl, I will kill you all! Tell me where you live and see if I fukken don't. She grabbed our attention, proved herself, and still...well this *is* /b/. Better luck next time egg girl.


—Anon White Knight copy pasta.

I bet egg girl's farts smell so rotten...I'd like her to fart right in my face bare ass then I'd lick her asshole


—Anon's typical response.

WOW!!! you losers should get a life. This girl is about a 5.5 and she is a crossdressing faggot and don't try to use "her eggs are so cute" as an excuse for demanding moar.


—Somebody who has never had sex.

This whore needs to shove things in that pussy with pics or leave, or we will be forced to rape and so on


—As if it needed to be stated.

Gallery of Egg Art

Info non-talk.png Egg Girl and her very intriguing artwork are just in time for EASTER!

Within this gallery, you will find most of the egg art posted by Egg Girl on the 4chan /b/ board. In most cases, she poses along with her eggs in some sort of attempt at being cute, further fueling /b/'s 13-year old boy's lust for this camwhore.

Egg Art Gallery About missing Pics

Camwhore Gallery

While it can be argued that because she does not post nudes of herself, she is not by definition, a camwhore. It can also be argued that anybody who posts pictures of herself this many times is in fact "whoring for the camera".

Egg girl 211.jpg
Camwhore Gallery About missing Pics


On the night of September 17, 2009, Egg Girl appeared on tinychat. A handful of video caps have been posted on

While not related, this video is highly relevant to the article.

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Unhappy Egg Girl is unhappy.

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