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Edit, the One Editor to rule them all.

Edit, also known as EDIT.COM, is the coolest text editor in the whole world. If you love IRCing on the internets and have no friends IRL, it's more than likely that you'll end up hearing lunix zealots politely debating when trying to reach a reasoning about which is the best text editor in the world: vim or Emacs. What they don't know is that none of them is right, since Edit is more flexible, scalable and feature-rich than Emacs, more powerful and faster than vim and more user-friendly than nano.

EDIT IS EDITED *caps lock*

It is rumored that when the greatness of Edit is acknowledged through the whole world, Irish Catholics and Protestants, Israelis, Palestinians, Republicans, Democrats, Goons, Furries, Grammar Nazis, AOLers, Queers and Texans will all hold hands and sing kumbayah in a big, hippy circle of joy and peace.

MOW, Edit includes advanced graphic editing features.

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