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Old media catches on

The cult/meme of Ebola-chan (エボラちゃん / エボラたん) was created on 4chan in August (2014), surprisingly in /a/, the idea was cool and /pol/ got it for a massive troll campaign. The Ebola-chan cult "believes" the theory that blames Western countries for creating the deadly virus of Ebola, which has killed at least 2,400 "people" in West Africa this year, and is being spread among Nigerians and Ebaumsworld.

The beginning


Once /pol/ took Ebola-chan, they created a troll cult to piss off niggers and SJWs, first they spread it around on the cancer-hole known as /b/, and from there it spread onwards to some other faggot websites such as Reddit and 9Fag. The first threads were actually original content, but soon Ebola-chan was repeated until death in /pol/ and /b/. You had to post "I LOVE YOU EBOLA-CHAN" to not contract the virus; the original writer of this article did it, so now they are not writing this article from a hospital.

Many people from 4chan soon began better elaborating the cult movement based on a conspiracy hoax that Ebola was “invented by white people,” hoping it would catch on in the internet forums in regions where the local population have been heavily affected by the virus, such as Sierra Leone or Nigeria.

Twitter was also flooded by Ebola-chan tweets, mostly all trolls that were laughing at the situation.

African and SJW butthurt

'sup black personz?
Its Africa!!!

In the middle of September, the fandomization of Ebola-Chan on chan communities had reached the Nigerian discussion forum Nairaland, where one user wrote a post claiming that Europe and America "hate Africans and worship an Ebola demoness who they call 'Ebola-Chan'. They perform magical rituals in order to spread the disease and kill people. They target the area they want to infect next using blood sacrifices, Apparently even some Ebola doctors are part of the cult and instead of treating the disease are deliberately spreading it.". Some /pol/ users got in replies such as: "A disease can easily gain powers if these white people in Europe are actually doing blood sacrifice. May God help us fight this CIA created demon.". A massive flamewar started and all criticized targets were CIA, doctors, Western Countries, the Ebola-Chan cult, Organ traffic...

SJWs who were defending Mike Brown and the OpFerguson campaign quickly jumped into this and expressed all their hate to 4chan racists via twitter and Tumblr. The liberal media has also targeted this cult and has started talking about it on the news, most reports are being done by jew feminist reporters. They have even invented a meme:

“MODS!” one user posted. “Ebola-chan threads are not allowed. Pls remove.”

And also a new terminology to call 4chan users: a crowd of ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ lolz-seekers along with sincere racists, misogynists and homophobes.

How to Ebola-chan cult

Meepsheep's tribute to Ebola-chan

You will always need to say I LOVE YOU EBOLA-CHAN or GOOD LUCK EBOLA-CHAN in all Ebola-chan threads or sites you´ll find on the net. Another great way to help Ebola-chan is to do what /b/ cultists believe: You must sacrifap every night at 9 PM GMT (5 PM EST) and take pictures, video, audio or any other documentation of your fap. Excrete liquids on images of Ebola-Chan either printed out or however else you can. Finish ritual with either fire or blood sacrifice.


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