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What Easter eggs look like to someone who isn't a media whore
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Normally an oval chocolate confectionery given to kids around Easter; on the media (such as TV shows, movies, and video gamess), an Easter Egg is a secret (such as a hidden feature or reference hidden there by the creators only to be found by the people pathetic enough to be scavenging them. Most normal people don't even know that these things even exist (as the term itself is very obscure); however, this may also be due to the fact that the only people who know and go around looking for Easter eggs are just as eccentric, lonely, and pathetic as the people who make them.

Easter Eggs on the internet

Websites can also include Easter Eggs (Google being a prime offender). And like all Easter eggs, they are just pointless faggotry designed to be comical but just end up inflicting the immaturity of the people who made them.

Easter Egg Websites

Because internet users tend be really lazy, there are thousands of websites dedicated to list Easter eggs. Pretty much every website with video game cheats falls under this category.

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