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This faggot waits for the child to make the first move in a sexual situation.
You can help by contacting Federal Authorities and alerting Chris Hansen.


Around blacks, never relax!

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Awww, it'll be ok baby I promise. I'll go slow, to the speed of your liking. Whatever you don't want to do. I won't do. But if you enjoy it and want it in all the way, then I shall satisfy my princess


—EDP445 macking it to a 13-year old

Real name Bryant Turman Emerson Moreland
Nationality Basketball American  MiniflagUSA.png
Born December 15, 1990
Current residence Currently on the run from the police
YouTube YouTube Favicon.png eatdatpussy445 (Nope BALEETED ALL VIDEOS)
Kiwi Farms Thread Kiwi Farms Favicon.png 21047

eatdatpussy445 (Powerword: Bryant Turman Emerson Moreland) is a 600 pound tub of lard and a sick fuck who is known for making shit youtube vlogs of his daily exploits such as flooding public toilets, going on tangents about women rejecting him, throwing bitch fits about getting fired from entry level jobs, and going on autistic hissy fits and violent rants on his favorite NFL team, the Philadelphia Eagles.

EDP445's content was always unfunny, EDP445 only became famous and well known as a result of 13 year old boys somehow finding his shitty content which purely consisted of the same constant and repetitive dick and shit jokes funny. Little did he know his rapid rise to popularity and fame would all of a sudden come to an end when one day, a gang of "pedo hunters" decided to impersonate a a 13 year old little girl on Instagram and cat fished EDP for the lulz and got him to arrive at a certain location with EDP thinking he was about to fuck this underaged loli. Little did he know the whole thing was a decoy and he was about to be caught live on the internet trying to hook up with a 13 year old.

For some odd reason, it came as a shock to his retarded fanbase that a fat black guy who named himself "eatdatpussy445" was exposed as being a perverted pedophile.

Humble Beginnings

In 2010, Mr. EDP445 humbly started his "career" like all upstanding black men do, By producing shitty rap tracks that no one listened to. After that failed, he decided to go on violent and autistic rants about Handegg. He also hosted a series called "Don't You Hate That Shit." Where he would constantly bitch about things that annoy him in life, like age of consent laws, salads, parental consent, and other shit no one cares about.

You would think a youtube channel like that would completely fail and blow up in his face as no one wants to watch a fat, balding man child constantly whine and scream about why hes such a failure at life. In fact, 13 year old boys found this content absolutely hillarious and from there on, his videos started blowing up and he was skyrocketing in popularity. This was only the beginning of this man, myth, and legend known as eatdatpussy445.

JewTube Denies Gold Play Button

In 2020, EDP's channel hit over a million subs. Despite this, JewTube denied him a gold play button due to his channel not meeting certain criteria for their made-up award. Unlike PewDiePie, EDP445 was not a white guy calling someone a nigger on livestream and thus did not live up to JewTube's standards. EDP445 did end up getting a silver play button for both channels.

2018 SuperMarioLogan

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: SuperMarioLogan.

In February of 2018, EDP445 was given a trip to the Super Bowl which Logan paid for entirely. In the process, Logan offered EDP445 the chance to work for him as a voice actor. As with all the promises Logan has made, however, he broke it by keeping EDP445 waiting for months on end due to Logan being on "vacation". EDP445 got his account terminated likely due to videos he made about Logan's deceitful faggotry which were striked down. One of his close friends YouTube Favicon.png andyvhb made a response to what happened. It is possible that EDP445's lolcow like behavior and sexual acts caused Logan to turn him down. For more information regarding EDP445, please check out Kiwi Farms Favicon.png his Kiwi Farms thread.

EDP rages over Logan.
EDP explaining more about what happened.
Some friend of EDP talks more about the drama between the two.

2020 and Beyond: a Pedo's Tale

Chris Hansen is always watching

On July 9, 2020, EDP445 released a video, concerning claims of him chatting up and hitting on underaged minors. His retarded fanbase naturally ignored the warning signs and he denied and covered the whole thing by calling it a MAGA conspiracy.

On October 14, Youtuber ColdRaven released episode 8 of his series "SLAUGHTERHOUSE." ColdRaven showed proof EDP445 was messaging minors, showing multiple conversations of him trying to hook up with underage girls. ColdRaven continued to release new messages, and eventually sent an account of his own acting as an underage decoy, which EDP445 fell for. Still, his fanbase, suffering from CTE, said shit.

In November that year EDP445 released a now delted video titled, "My Response to ColdRaven." In the video he is seen shoving his fat face at WingStop when he suddenly pulls his 1911 Mil-Spec .45 Stainless Steel Handgun, and continues to shove his fat face. On November 17, EDP445 stated in a livestream "A group of no-life ass no pussy-getting motherfuckers decided to make a fuckload of fake accounts pretending to be fucking girls, and like a dumbass, I fell for it, and now everyone's on this fucking 'pedo' shit." Despite this confession, his stupid fanbase still acted shocked and appalled when fatass fell for the same scam a third time.

That same day, fellow sex offender Keemstar, invited Coldraven onto the show to give some insight onto the situation. EDP445 was invited too, but he didn't respond. Instead, that same day, EDP released 2 response videos directed towards Coldraven. One video, since deleted, was 10 minutes long, and in this video, he stated "I dont care about the law, if she's 15-17, its okay as long as she's wearing skimpy clothing. Despite this confession, his stupid fanbase still acted shocked and appalled when fatass fell for the same scam a fourth time.

On December 11, EDP445 posted a picture of himself posing with jailbait, claiming that they were dating. Since the NFL did not allow in-person attendance, the picture was presumed to be doctored. Afterwards, he was caught yet again texting a minor. EDP445 released another response to ColdRaven, stating that he already had a girlfriend named Jessica, and that he did not plan on revealing her to his fans. Despite this confession, his stupid fanbase still acted shocked and appalled when fatass fell for the same scam a fifth time.

As of December of 2020, he has been caught texting a total of 8 minors

2021 Looking for Cupcakes

On April 18, 2021, a group of Chris Hansen wannabees by the name of 'Predator Poachers' recorded an interaction between EDP445 and a decoy concerning messages that were exchanged by a plant that posed as a 13 year old and EDP445 that contained sexual content including a "dick pic", a "shit-pic" (yes, he posted a shit he took), and content involving either his ejaculation and/or masturbation sent by EDP445. Pedohunters waited until Hitler's Birthday (April 20th) to release the full video in order to generate maximum profit on their sanctimonious sting operation.

In the video, it includes footage of Chet Goldstein contacting the local authorities on EDP445, it is unknown at this time if EDP445 has been party vanned. EDP445 claimed he was "picking up a cupcake". Many of the people who were associated with EDP have announced that they have cut ties with him, and has since lost a large number of his subscribers on his main channel. Apparently, the sixth time being caught with minors was too much, even for Philly fans.

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