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What Lisa wishes she was but isn't.

Durova ([email protected]), 'powerword' Lisa Broer, is a former administrator on the English Wikipedia. Like her cross-dressing hero, Joan of Arc, Durova donned pants and joined the military. However, many people are unaware of Wikipedia's expanding military branches and often confuse it with the actual military of which she is not a part of.

Durova lost her adminship in disgrace after compiling a "report" on how to spot sockpuppets that a three-year-old would have seen through, and using it to block one of Wikipedia's best editors as an abusive sock. Durova also stands accused of having caused congressional staffer Timothy Hill to lose his job, after making false claims that he was doing something wrong (he wasn't).

This lead to a false-premise House Ethics investigation because of (yet another) knee-jerk accusation. Ah, Lise, Lise, Lise.... Once this was brought to her attention, she with great haste called her three bumboys Crum375 (er, bum-girl), JzG, and MONGO to remove all traces of the stalking allegation from Wikipedia. Well, not quite all traces.

According to Durova, days before losing her adminship because of her bungled "wikisleuthing," "investigations and dispute resolutions inevitably leads to spurious claims of misconduct by the very people whose own actions manifestly did not hold up under scrutiny." You don't say!


I'm a female with blue eyes and long honey blonde hair who's size four, and looks 28 at age 41. Do you really imagine I have trouble getting laid?


—Delusional cunt Durova displaying GOTIS, sauce


Durova was born September 10, 1968 (Archive) which makes her 42 at the time of this writing. She lives in San Diego possibly in Chula Vista and has previously lived in Valencia and Pasadena, but always in California. She lives in California so that she can have no trouble getting laid looking like a 28 year old. Contrary to popular belief Durova does not look 28 or really of any age in the thirties; she looks like a disgusting pig who edits wikipedia and never sees the sun. She is a cross dressing lesbian with 40 years worth of penis envy built up and tends to be a raging bulldyke with no dates on a Friday night, ever. She received a film degree from Columbia proving that anyone can graduate as long as they set their standards low enough, however, she didn't set them correctly so she failed to complete her masters. She enjoys skating which is impossible because dykes can't balance anything and can't stop herself from taking pictures of things that aren't her face. She is also a MUDD enthusiast who plays Zoo World all day and all night.[1]. She is a giant hypocrite with no control over her emotions and can't settle on a complete answer for anything.

She secretly desires wiki immortality and, unfortunately, got it in a Brian Bergstein AP/New York Times article where she was featured as a Talented-and-Fascinating Wikipedia Adminstrator. This shows that the media is blind to the evils of the secret cabal. She is also willing to settle for a reality show date with Kevin Federline because being gay and obnoxious should put you in the company of the world's greatest faggot.

She is "famous" for a number of things, mostly her batshit behavior, but some of her endeavors go beyond her normal twatery. She is known for obsessively editing historical women who cross-dressed and also served in the military like editing Joan of Arc and editing Nadezhda Durova (oh yes, there is a difference between regular cross-dressing and military cross-dressing). Durova created a special category for this in Wikipedia. What has gotten her the most attention here is of course her nazi cabal tactics of banning people for just looking at her the wrong way. Online.

The absurdity doesn't cease there though. She conducts "Wikipedia Investigations" which since she doesn't have checkuser status, means she just makes shit up. In 2007 she was forced to resign for this, when she banned a random editor, paranoically believing they were a sleeper account belonging to Wikipedia Review.

Heroic accomplishments

  • Attacked Muslims!
  • Handled live rattlesnakes!
  • Saved an apartment building from burning down!
  • Survived being struck by lightning!
  • Escaped from East Berlin!
  • Rode a motorcyle![2]

Super navy intelligence powers

  • Fast as a twenty-four-year-old male!
  • More push-ups than a seventeen to nineteen-year-old male!
  • Expert marksmanship in both pistol and rifle![3]

Durova in the media!!!

New book on authority structures in online communities highlights the power structures on Wikipedia. One chapter of the book highlights the Wikipedia "Secret List" press-scandal of year-end 2007 in which Wikipedia Administrator Durova lost administrative privileges for abuse of power. Sections on Debian and Dailykos also included..


Durova got User:Arkhamite banned from Wikipedia for disagreeing with her, by falsely claiming that Arkhamite was a mental patient. Did he behave badly? Sure. Were the horrible defaming things she wrote about him true? NO.

What really happened?

NEWBIE EDITS - He got on her bad side - Arkhamite irritated a few old timers with his newbie edits and deletions.
NOSY QUESTIONS re: Durova and Cross-dressing military girls - He made the mistake of editing Joan of Arc, and asking Durova too many questions, like, "why do you always write about cross-dressing women". To make matters worse, he started questioning her God-given faith in Joan of Arc (like wondering if Joan of Arc was psychotic rather than sainted). The gloves came off. She sniped, he responded.
DUROVA'S POWER TRIP - After a few back-and-forth exchanges, over several months, things had deteriorated. Sick of Durova's constant blocks and threats, Arkhamite provoked Durova by calling her a lesbo on his talk page (and by raising questions as to Durova’s need to write about cross-dressing military women in history
FINAL STRAW - The worst thing that Arkhamite did was to imply that Durova was sexually obsessed with Joan of Arc.
Arkhamite brings the funny after being harassed too many times by the angry dyke.

What did she do?

ALLEGED HE WAS SEXUALLY FIXATED (without really saying what that was). Presumably it concerned asking her about her fascination with cross-dressing women in military history.
CLAIMED HE THREATENED HER... Durova said he had threatened her with deep dungeons and hellfire (or something) which sounds weird, except for that she had threatened him (jokingly, when they were getting along) with WP:DAMNATION.
CLAIMED HE WAS A MENTAL HOSPITAL REFUGEE Durova claimed that Arkhamite had been an "self-admitted mental patient" making reference to a passage on his user page. Quote: Committed to Arkham asylum in October 2000 after defying a police officer
Wait - Isn't that a hospital in a Batman Comic?? Yes. Arkham Asylum is a fictional asylum for the criminally insane from the Batman comic books. (Arkhamite was given to editing about DC Comics; the information on his user page was in jest)

So in other words, Durova was running around saying that Arkhamite was a former inmate in an imaginary asylum from a Batman comic book?. (Explain to me please which person was crazy, again?) And if he really *had* emotional issues (which we aren't implying he had, though the possibility exists that he chose his username because he actually has been diagnosed as insane, and has been involuntarily hospitalized at least twice five six times) isn't this the kind of thing that would send someone over the edge or onto one year of mental health probation? To add insult to injury not one of the unanimous voters on the ban noticed that Durova ‘just made shit up’. OK - just one. Dan Beale had the good sense to tell Durova that about her comments,

Comment: "This person also has a self-confessed inpatient psychiatric history." - How is this relevant to whether an editor should or should not be banned / blocked? The problem is poor behaviour, not the psychiatric history. Dan Beale 09:28, 11 April 2007 (UTC)".

Amen. Behave yourself, Durova.

Greg Kohs

OMFG, Shut Your Faceplate, PLEASE Durova as Joan of Arc Geez, if you had to get sexually obsessed, would you *really* pick this? I can see why she used to send out cow pictures on Materiamagica, where her motto was My Battle Cry is Moo. We agree.
If you want to see Lise/Durova melt down (and subsequently ban you for sexual fixation) then be sure to call Joan of Arc crazy. At this point, Lise will become crazy, and start to see visions of St. Michael.

Greg Kohs was an unsuspecting entrepreneur trying to make a bit of money by helping businesses get on Wikipedia site, for a small fee. Greg starts to get harassed before Jimbo Wales finally notices what he is doing and throws a tantrum. At this point the Wikipedia community bans him but then Wales finally does a courtesy reinstatement. Durova then made false claims that Greg Kohs had lied to New York Times reporter Brian Bergstein, on Wikipedia. When Kohs asked her for evidence of her defamatory comments, Durova accused him of making a legal threat (by using the word 'defamatory'), and had him banned without due process - two days after he'd been reinstated. Durova then continues to follow Greg Kohs to various web pages as an attacker all while making reference to the ban that she carried out using false information. Greg is incongruously nice to Durova, continuing to point out that he has no intention to sue her.

(Oh God, Not again) – “Greg, You've had your chance”

cue the soap opera music

DUROVA: RAISING THE BAR ON WIKIPEDIA'S REPUTATION - As a result of the post article comments on talk board (after which editors laughed their asses off at Durova’s childishness and deleted her last comment as inappropriate), and possibly as a result of this board…[4]

SEW Mocks Durova - Searchengineland commented on the Wiki-Bullying done by Durova and JEHochman on the comment page of her article [5]

Durova wiki-lawyers -Durova returns and begins to quote wiki-rules to uncomprehending real, normal people [6]

Wiki-Mud-Fiiiight!!! - They begin to laugh and suggest she please do it in a mud-wrestling ring.3

Durova's comments deleted from SEW Message Board - Edit to Durova's last post - Last edited by evilgreenmonkey : 07-20-2007 at 06:15 PM. Reason: Your initial post was fine, then you spoilt it by trying to get the last word in.[7]

SEW Moderator Calls Durova Childish - Closing thread. I'm so glad I don't manage Wiki, it's like having squabbling kids high on sugar in the back of a mini-van for 10 hours! (evilgreenmonkey)[8]

BACK ON WIKI: Durova makes a lame offer to Greg - Durova offers to Greg Kohs (through 3rd parties on Wikipedia Review), a chance to “go to Arbcom and discuss their issues”, via a limited-unblock.[9]

BACK ON WIKI: Greg is NOT impressed - I still don't understand why we need an official arbitration for this. You stated in February that I "gave misleading information to journalists". I asked that you publicize the evidence that led you to this conclusion. Citing your concerns about your anonymity, you declined to offer any public disclosure of your evidence; however, you did e-mail supporting documentation to AP reporter Brian Bergstein. He concluded that the evidence had no bearing on his article about MyWikiBiz, and therefore, I'm left wondering why haven't you redacted what you said? [10]

BACK ON WIKI: Durova barks at Greg to "quit arguing on Search Engine Watch, for God's sake" - You've had five months in which you could have e-mailed a request to an arbitration clerk, yet you prefer to air your grievance at various online forums hit-and-run style. -- Durova, at Search Engine Watch [11]

Note: Does this looney-tune now think she's an administrator at SEW, since she posts there? just wondering....

BACK ON WIKI: Greg again tries to be reasonable - you have repeatedly refused to contact me privately, so I took it public. Then you make me out to be the vulnerable one, as you sit like Daffy Duck behind an anonymous character called "Durova". So silly.[12]

Seriously, I don't want to do battle with you. You're a very accomplished editor of Wikipedia. I respect that very much. I just wish you wouldn't have said that I lie to journalists (in so many words); but now that it's out there, I can only wish that you'd redact it, or at least modify it enough to where we could both accept the statement. For example, "In my opinion as Durova, Gregory Kohs didn't disclose everything about his subsequent participation in Wikipedia that he could have disclosed to AP reporter Brian Bergstein. Admittedly, Bergstein has indicated that this information wasn't relevant to the story he wrote, but I feel that it does speak to Mr. Kohs' incomplete portrayal of his experiences on Wikipedia." Could you live with that? I could. I know it's a lot more wordy than "He gave misleading information to journalists"; but I contend that "failing to disclose all possible information" is quite different than "giving misleading information", and I likewise see a difference between "Brian Bergstein" (in the singular) and "journalists" (in the plural).[[13]
If you could agree with the above statement and strike and replace your original comment, we could avoid this whole arbitration time-consumption. You could even re-block this account if you want.[[14]

BACK ON WIKI: Durova re-bans him

Durova, assuming that everyone lives for online chatter (because she does) she assumes “he has no interest” in a kangaroo court procedure with her friends.[15]
Greg, you've had your chance. As I'm sure you know, you're welcome to e-mail the arbitration clerks if you ever change your mind about opening a case request. Until then we'll have to agree to disagree. DurovaCharge! 04:20, 21 July 2007 (UTC)[16]

Let's Back This Up a Bit

  • (1) Durova banned him for no good reason in June, after Jimbo re-welcomed him (after their mutual wikibiz contentions and subsequent agreement) – he got banned for asking her to justify her online allegations that he’d “lied to a reporter”.
  • (2) Arbcom is full of her friends. Greg could have gone to her friends Arbcom before, but he knows that this would be a futile gesture. What’s possible is that her invitation implied that she would stack the cards so he would get unbanned. What’s also true is that going to Arbcom would validate her unconscionable actions. She should just stop being such a pud and admit she was over the top and undo the ban. But she can’t, because she’s who she is.
  • (3) Agreeeing to disagree consists of her unfair ban standing up.
  • (4) Just go to Arbcom and ask them to take it down. Admit you were wrong. Just once


Modus Operandi : Putting the “Lie” in Libel

Wikisleuth Administrator Durova leads throngs of trainee Wikipedia stalkers to impale another of her victims. The kerchief just out of view signifies her allegiance to the forces of infernal darkness.

Durova just makes shit up and gets people banned over it. Lol resigned. But will probably get her tools back.


  • Incorrectly blocked user Burntsauce as an alter-ego of a banned user on two different occasions 1.
  • Durova also continued to argue that Burntsauce was a banned user's alternate account 2
  • Editor Dzonatas claimed that Durova broke the '3 Revert Rule', which is considered a fairly serious offence amongst established editors.3


  • Durova accused this editor of something falsely, and they intimated that this was unacceptable.
  • First she blocked, then she banned their ass good and proper. (Much easier than apologizing).

Avidor Blocking (ATren Case)


A. Durova gets her hands slapped. People are beginning to notice her sociopathological knee-jerk bans (perhaps as a result of this article) and call her on it. i.e. In normal fashion: she bans someone for saying that they said something that someone else said (or something like that). About her. Or maybe not. Or maybe yes. She thinks yes. And she thinks that not only was she not wrong to ban the person, that an unfair ban wasn’t worthy of an apology, but that the person who confronted her needs to apologize.
B. Paranoid Durova bans some guy for re-refering to a 6-months ago insult of ANOTHER guy (assuming he insulted HER)
C. A crowd of wikipedians assuage her
  • explaining that he was re-posting something someone said to someone else half a year ago.
  • “It seemed to Durova that Avidor called Durova a moron, which is a personal attack. DrKiernan 17:08, 20 July 2007 (UTC)”
  • User:Atren, the guy who made the unsavory post half a year ago, asks everyone to please stop bringing up a dumb post he made in his first month of Wikipedia editing – he’s sorry, but geez, he’s sick of apologizing for it – and can Avidor please get over it?
D. Durova is asked to please be more careful in the future.
E. Durova tells them to take their advice and, ........
  • Stop getting involved in everyone else’s teenaged dramas. Your opinions are usually based on half-baked information and bad assumptions. And for once, just once, for the love of God, APOLOGIZE. Earn some real karma points, and try wearing a white hat, by admitting the small possibility you could be wrong.
(Anyone who feels like they are in grade school can raise their hand and she will allow you to go to the bathroom)……….. but for the love of God, RAISE YOUR HAND, or she’ll cane the shit out of your ass. And lie about it to your mother, and the state school board.

Desysopped for randomly banning an established user

She banned User:!! which was an account of some established user. People asked for recall, and her 'spying' was invistigated at arbcom. Forced to hand in her tools- resigned but didn't really have much choice. See also WpCyberstalking.

Durova and the Press: Doing the Two-Faced Polka

Jessica Bowman: Director of SEO for

  • One of Durova's minion's comes and tells off this veteran journalist. Here is where it all gets funny, because he's a SEO business owner himself - clearly debating to raise his own profile (anyone hear conflict-of-interest here?)
  • While at the same time, she [17]comments on the report her minion Jehochman has made to the Administrator Board. (She also tosses in a couple more false accusations at Greg Kohs)

Brian Bergstein, New York Times

  • Apparently, Durova's been sending him unwanted emails, suggesting that this-or-that Wikipedia editor is naughty.
  • Rumor has it he autodeletes these emails.

Little Lise Finally Gets Some Much Needed Attention (

  • Despite having been brow-beaten by Durova, Jessica Bowman gracefully allowed her to write an article on SEO, entitled, "SEO Tips and Tactics From an Insider".
  • (What this means) - After months of sucking up to reporters and editors, one of her annoying, (sociopathically) hypocritical, preachy articles finally gets published
  • The advice is good, um, IF AND ONLY IF you want to spend half your business time sucking up to her, after she PWNS you for admitting COI, as she recommends.
  • CAVEAT: Once she has you on her COI list, one false move and she'll ban your butt and brand your firm with all the negativity housed in her tiny soul.
Durova's Non-Fans Weigh In

COMMENTS? Comments from her Anti-Fan Club. Eighteen responses and only her favorite minion speaks in her favor.

Her 'Other' Writings

1. DUROVA ON MUDD: From Outcast Cow to Successful Executioner

Note: This essay won Durova a third place prize on the materiamagica website. Please note the poetic congruence with her career as an abusive Wikipedia administrator, with "Durova's" life as an executioner...

About twenty years ago Zog the arch-wizard fell head over long grey beard in love with a Swedish milkmaid. She thought he looked silly and told jokes about him. So Zog took revenge as only a wizard can. There was a fine black angus bull at the next farm...a very fine bull. One love potion and a few spells later, Durova the minotaur was born. Durova didn't fit in very well with human or with cow society. Grazing gave her a sore neck. Humans feared her. Her mother's village hired her as executioner. Finally she had a place in the world. Crime dropped to almost nothing. Villages for miles around would pay her to stand in the town square with an axe as a warning to citizens. Durova's life was good. Then tragedy struck. Durova's town elders served her father at a banquet. She went on a rampage of revenge. Cows everywhere mooed. People cried. Durova was an outcast once again. So Durova set out for Alyria, a world filled creatures even stranger than she...Ref: Materiamagica

Note: That will be 200 dollars, psychoanalytic fee


No tax 'bailout' for wealthy landslide victims -
It's very hard to feel sorry for millionaires who choose to live in a known landslide area ("Laguna Landslide," News, June 2). I hope my tax dollars go toward schools and police, not bailouts for the wealthy. While no location is completely safe from natural disaster, let's not rationalize and pretend that all risks are equal. It doesn't take much common sense to look at an eroding seaside hill and see exceptional danger. These are people who had the means to live anywhere they wanted. What would the extra homeowner's insurance have cost them, one less vacation to Maui? A smaller plasma TV? When disaster strikes the helpless I am full of compassion. My heart goes out to the victims of last winter's tsunami. My laughter goes out to (those affected by) the Laguna Beach landslide. But a fool and his money are soon parted.Ref: San Diego Union Tribune

3. THE DARK SIDE: How to Ruin your Business on Wikipedia...With Bans

Cautionary 'Wikisleuthing'
Let's face facts: Wikipedia has become an important force on the Internet. If you've got a business to run or a belief to circulate there's a big temptation to hit that edit button and do your thing. You're on your honor here. Most people have honor, which is why Wikipedia is huge and (usually) pretty darn good, but then there's that thought - what if you could harness this site and make it work for you? You aren't the first person to get that idea. And hello there, I was a Wikipedia administrator.Ref: Userspace wikipage

Suggested Reading

And don't be afraid to self-diagnose...

References : What to not get Durova for Christmas

Wikipedia Rap Sheet (Damage Assessment)

Durova (talkcontribslogsblock userblock logedit count)

Also heavily involved in Wikiproject Classroom.

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