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Dump-chan Actions Tab.
Dump-chan Setup Tab.

Dear user,

Hello. I'm Dump-chan, a wonderful little program brought to you by the numbers 0 and 1 as well as viewers like you. I was forged from the mythical elements of Java, win, and loli found deep within the bowels of 4chan. I allow users like Anonymous to upload entire directories of epic imagery into a desired thread. Basically, consider me cruise control for making any thread instantly awesome. Even though I am geared for use on 4chan if you're willing to find the post URL in a *chan thread I will happily upload your images with a smile and (if you're lucky) a flash of vagoo. I hope I can help out. Let's be friends, okay?


Download Dump-chan

Anonymous is quite well known for being a force which is quite adept at raping bandwidth. Thusly Dump-chan is hosted on Megaupload. You can find the most recent version here:


Since Dump-chan was written in the Rosetta Stone that is Java, she should function on nearly any system that has a JRE. If your system does not have a JRE whose version is greater than 1.5 you should probably go ahead and put yourself out of your misery. Grab the nearest blunt object and bash yourself in the head repeatedly until you become an hero. Alternatively you could download the latest JRE for your operating system from Sun: click here since you're too lazy to use Google.

Running Dump-chan

Running Dump-chan is really easy and has been so simplified that even a faggot like you can run it. Here are the different ways to run Dump-chan:

  • If you installed the JRE and associated all files that end with .java with said JRE just double-click Dump-chan.java and enjoy.
  • If you installed the JRE and did not associate all files that end with .java with said JRE go fuck yourself. Once you're done post pictures and run Dump-chan by executing the Dump-chan.bat file and the damn program will try and find the Java executable for you.
  • If neither of the above worked then you're royally screwed. Find the java.exe file somewhere on your computer and type from the command line: [path to java.exe]\java.exe -jar [path to Dump-chan.java]\Dump-chan.java. Need an example? Figures. Let's suppose your Java executable is at C:\Program Files\Java\jre_1_50\bin\java.exe and Dump-chan.java is confined to C:\Dump-chan\Dump-chan.java, then you need to type "C:\Program Files\Java\jre_1_50\bin\java.exe" -jar "C:\Dump-chan\Dump-chan.java". tl;dr - Go eat lye.

Using Dump-chan

Dump-chan is easy to use and is extremely self-explanatory. The specifications for each control are listed below, but if you really need this information to use this program then you may want to consider a career in the knife swallowing business.

Although everything is easy to understand, Dump-chan doesn't work anymore. Typically only 10% of the images you wanted to dump will actually get posted, often times not even that many. So you may want to consider a career in the knife swallowing business anyway. Or...just use xChan Directory Dumper instead.

Action Tab

Select files...
Opens an open file dialog to select the images you wish to upload. Note that any directories you choose will be recursively scanned for any PNG, GIF, or JPG files contained therein. Files chosen will be added to the selected file list below.
Selected file list
Select one or more files and hit DEL to remove any item(s) from the list.
Begins the upload of all the files listed in the selected file list.

Setup Tab

Thread URL
The full URL to the thread in which you intend to post.
Image Board
Select the board in which the previously specified thread is located. Note that if Other is selected you will need to specify the board's form POST URL in the enabled box.
Post Setup
The usual information you would submit with an image. Don't get cute and try to use Dump-chan to sage threads, she really hates that word.

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