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List of "triggers" for easy trolling
NameDumblr Feminist (she changes names every other day)

Even female MRAs wear a fedora. This is her by the way, not a random dude. Yea...

Dumblr Feminist (aka MissMisanthropy, Egalitarian Eagle, CrimsonRegret, anewwaytobleed, HoffyBunny, NothingIsSetInStone, TrustNo1sLies, bensonownsmyovaries, deathtotealeoni, vonsnortsenburg, tamedinsanity, WaxAngelWings and over 9,000 other usernames that all sound like something a 13 year old girl on LiveJournal would come up with) fake name Monica Olivia Edwards, real name Eve Rebecca Habat, is a hideously ugly Cleveland resident who somehow works as an "exotic dancer" and "professional dominatrix", all of which are just fancy words for prostitute.

Her exploits on the internet go far and wide, starting with constant slapfight on various fandoms, pretending to be a lesbian for attention while writing a LOTR worth of rape fanfics about Hannibal, David Bowie and Hugh Laurie before jerking off to them, and ending with a recent visit to our own EDF2 that ended with threats of calling the police on us.

But her most important accomplishment is spending the last four years running an "anti-feminism" blog on tumblr which she constantly has to shut down out of butthurt because she is being trolled by feminists instead of trolling them. With her hysterical behavior and made up stories about being raped, "Monica" shows that she is exactly the same as the people that she is against and proves, once and for all, that whether you're pro-feminist or anti-feminist, if you use tumblr you're still a fucking retard.

Eve in General

Want a hot gal to spoil?

Eve Habat is a perverted nymphomaniac that spends her time offline torturing the nine pets she has because no one wants to be her friend (seriously, a veterinarian that posts on our forum told her they look malnourished and she blocked him) and working as either a stripper or a dominatrix (fancy name but you still take dicks up your ass for money, Eve) while looking for a sugar-daddy online ArchiveToday-favicon.png(archive). All of this despite the impediments presented by her horse face and skeleton body. It is unclear why the hell anyone would pay to see her naked or have sex with her, and it is even more unclear why she thinks she can become a model.

An actual picture taken from her Photobucket. This is what she faps to.

That one is as unclear as her pale, pimply skin. All-in-all, Eve looks like a fucking meth addict. Part of the problem is that her teeth are rotting away due to what she claims is acid reflux, but is probably the result of bulimia seeing as how she has the body of an albino Ethiopian man. This problem was not solved by her e-begging scam ArchiveToday-favicon.png(archive) that asked for $50,000 in donations and got exactly $0.00.

That is what she does on IRL. What Eve does online is... exactly the same! Dumblr spends half of her time online starting shit on various fandom forums, specifically Hannibal and the Saw series because she's an edgy motherfucker. The rest of her time is filled with more whoring around, including looking for people to have cybersex with ArchiveToday-favicon.png(archive) and writing countless disgusting sex stories. Here is a partial list of things she has tagged her stories with:

[-+]Partial list of things she has tagged her stories with

  • Greg House/James Wilson,
  • Lisa Cuddy/Greg House,
  • Lisa Cuddy/Greg House/James Wilson,
  • Lisa Cuddy/James Wilson,
  • Fox Mulder/Dana Scully,
  • Greg House/Original Female Character,
  • James Wilson/Original Female Character,
  • Dana Scully/Original Female Character,
  • Fox Mulder/Original Female Character,
  • Lisa Cuddy/Original Female Character,
  • Lisa Cuddy,
  • Greg House,
  • James Wilson,
  • Fox Mulder,
  • Dana Scully,
  • Jade Blue Afterglow,
  • hannigram,
  • bedanibal,
  • will graham/hannibal Lecter,
  • Freddy Lounds/ Will Graham,
  • Hannibal Lecter/Freddy Lounds
  • Orgy,
  • Alternate Universe - BDSM,
  • BDSM,
  • Transformation,
  • Watersports,
  • Spanking,
  • Pegging,
  • Dom/sub,
  • Crossover Pairings,
  • Face Slapping,
  • Face-Fucking,
  • Oral Sex,
  • Anal Sex,
  • Anal Play,
  • Mind Control,
  • Sexual Fantasy,
  • Masturbation,
  • Mpreg,
  • Dildos,
  • Sex Toys,
  • Roleplay,
  • Non Consensual,
  • Psychotropic Drugs,
  • General Kink,
  • fetishes,
  • Weirdness,
  • everything,
  • Original Characters,
  • Torture,
  • Psychological Torture,
  • Genital Torture,
  • Genital Piercing,
  • Needles,
  • Butt Plugs,
  • Drugs,
  • Alcohol,
  • Angst,
  • Hurt/Comfort,
  • Sexual Abuse,
  • Physical Abuse,
  • Sex Toys,
  • Watersports,
  • Kink,
  • Dark!HouseMD,
  • Bloodplay,
  • Implied Scat,
  • Vomiting,
  • Insanity,
  • PTSD,
  • Rape/Non-con References,
  • BDSM,
  • Edge Play,
  • Anal Play,
  • Sodomy,
  • Gore,
  • Violence,
  • Graphic Description,
  • Alternate Universe,
  • Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence,
  • Fetish
  • Angst,
  • Hurt/Comfort,
  • Verbal Humiliation,
  • Verbal Abuse,
  • Explicit Language,
  • Violence,
  • Sexual Content,
  • BDSM,
  • Canonical Character Death,
  • Psychotropic Drugs,
  • LSD,
  • DMT,
  • Physical Abuse,
  • Hallucinations,
  • dark!fic,
  • Dark!House,
  • Femslash,
  • Surgery,
  • Religious Imagery & Symbolism,
  • Therapy,
  • Electrotorture,
  • Torture,
  • Abduction,
  • Rehabilitation,
  • Humiliation,
  • Situational Humiliation,
  • Pain,
  • Suffering,
  • Illegal Activities,
  • Non Consensual,
  • BDSM,
  • Alternate Universe - BDSM,
  • Kinky Gen,
  • Dom/sub Play,
  • Semi Non Consensual,
  • Watersports,
  • Male Slash,
  • Costumes,
  • Sex Toys,
  • Masturbation,
  • Dildos,
  • Oral Sex,
  • Anal Sex,
  • Orgy,
  • Threesome - F/M/M,
  • Domination,
  • Submission,
  • Slavery,
  • Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence,
  • Hurt/Comfort,
  • Revenge,
  • Cock & Ball Torture,
  • Spanking,
  • Humiliation,
  • Verbal Humiliation,
  • Verbal Abuse,
  • Angst,
  • Dark!Cuddy,
  • Dark!House,
  • Fetish,
  • Porn Watching,
  • Drugs,
  • Pegging,
  • Teasing,
  • Fear Play,
  • Past Abuse,
  • Toys,
  • Smoking,
  • Rape Fantasy,
  • Alternate Reality,
  • Sexual Fantasy,
  • Consensual Kink,
  • Dominance,
  • Exhibitionism,
  • Explicit Language,
  • Blow Jobs,
  • Mild Language,
  • Alcohol,
  • Intoxication,
  • Angst and Humor,
  • Fingerfucking,
  • Humor,
  • Romance,
  • Strippers & Strip Clubs,
  • Party,
  • Money,
  • Drunkenness,
  • Rape/Non-con Elements,
  • Alternate Universe,
  • CBT,
  • Torture,
  • Riding Crop,
  • Femdom,
  • Alternate Timeline,
  • Kink,
  • Roleplaying,
  • Drama,
  • Edge Play,
  • Dirty Talk,
  • Narcotics,
  • Vicodin,
  • General Kink,
  • Het and Slash,
  • Solo,
  • Cum,
  • Bondage,
  • Sex,
  • Graphic Sex,
  • Oral,
  • Masochism,
  • Sadism,
  • Whipping,
  • Punishment,
  • Orgasm Control,
  • Pain,
  • Sexual Frustration,
  • Recreational Drug Use,
  • Fetishes,
  • Control,
  • Abuse,
  • Emotional Hurt/Comfort,
  • Emotional Manipulation,
  • Emotional Abuse,
  • Language,
  • Anal,
  • Whips,
  • Flogging,
  • Peg - Freeform,
  • Cane,
  • Ropes,
  • Body Modification,
  • Self Harm,
  • Self injury,
  • Work In Progress,
  • Alternate Universe - Dark,
  • Alternate Universe - Gender Changes,
  • Canon Genderbending,
  • Crack Pairing,
  • Original Character(s),
  • Lesbian Character,
  • Pansexual Character,
  • non-con,
  • semi-noncon,
  • Horror,
  • Death,
  • Dark!fic,
  • Creepy,
  • Macabre,
  • Violence,
  • Serial Killer,
  • Woods,
  • Halloween,
  • Terror,
  • Scary,
  • Yandere,
  • Dark!Wilson,
  • Original Character - Freeform,
  • No Sex,
  • Mental Illness,
  • Psychosis,
  • Rape/Non-con References,
  • Non Consensual,
  • Alternate Timelines,
  • Science Fiction,
  • Psychotropic Drugs,
  • Psychological Torture,
  • Physical Abuse,
  • Sexual Abuse,
  • Sexual Content,
  • Sexual Assault,
  • Forced Lesbianism,
  • Femslash,
  • Medical Kink,
  • Bondage and Discipline,
  • S&M,
  • Voyeurism,
  • Sexual Coercion,
  • Blackmail,
  • Canonical Character Death,
  • Implied Scat,
  • Manipulation,
  • Invisibility,
  • Burning,
  • Smoking,
  • Violence,
  • Torture,
  • Fighting,
  • Assault,
  • Abuse,
  • Pain,
  • Sadism,
  • Masochism,
  • Knives,
  • Disguise,
  • Blackmail,
  • Coercion,
  • Dark!Freddie,
  • Blood,
  • Biting,
  • Fear Play,
  • Foreplay,
  • Rough Sex,
  • Not Safe Sane and Consensual,

And lest we forget

  • BDSM.

On Tumblr

This is what happens when she decides to sign on to a forum and spam it with her SJW nonsense.

As tumblr became synonymous with batshit feminist, it also became filled with "anti-feminist" and "anti-SJWs". But do not mistake these people for trolls, they are the most boring, tedious and stupid people you could imagine, sucking the lulz out of something as funny as pissing off feminazis and replacing it with dull self righteousness and humorless brow-beating.

One such anti-feminist is Eve, and while most of them are only slightly better than MRAs, Eve is much, much worse.
Eve has become known on tumblr for her constant whining, one-woman harassment campaigns that begin whenever someone says something to her that she doesn't like and she vows eternal vengeance, and end when she shuts down her blog for the millionth time. Eve has been known to spend days, weeks, months and perhaps even years spamming people with her insane demands and allegedly even harassing people she knows IRL because they disagree with her opinions. Currently her blog has over 220 pages despite the fact she deleted it and made a new blog just two weeks ago. She's also been known to create violent hateblogs dedicated to characters and actresses she doesn't like, which usually involves editing photos to make said character/actress look dead or beaten.

In essence, she's just a feminist. Although believing in the opposite thing that they do, she acts exactly the same as every histrionic tumblr feminist ever.

Doxing and Getting Doxd

She's obsessed with this faggot


—Dumblr, on the talk page of this article

Eve is also the sort of person who doxes people who tell her she's wrong. In one such case she posted some girl's name on tumblr in an attempt to intimidate her. When a blog about not doxing people called her out on it, she began spamming them for months, insisting that a name is not dox to the point the blog pretty much became about her. This is pretty ironic since she tried to blank this article because it contains her name, telling us that this is illegal.

But she also got a taste of her own medicine (which isn't supprising because she's actually stupid enough to post a picture her id online) when she pissed off some equally crazy feminazis with an obsession for the show "Hannibal". Two butchdykes that didn't like one of her pairings have been stalking her and sending her death/rape threats for about 3 years now, and although both sides of this fight are faggots, it's still funny as all hell to watch a couple of retards fight each other.

In response, Dumblr made the mistake of thinking ED would be her personal army.

Retard Vs. ED Forums

The problem with extremists is that they usually become so extreme they end up being exactly like the people they oppose just with an opposite set of values. There seems to be very few actual moderates this day and age so…whatever. I give up on trying to combat them, maybe just find the people who use logic from now on.


—Dumblr Feminist about EDF2, Failing to see the irony

In what must have been her most ill-advised move to date, Dumblr joined the Encyclopedia Dramatica forums.
After making her introductory thread she headed over to our Tumblr subforum to share with us her tribulations in fighting the feminist scum online, expecting to get ass-pats and internet street cred.

The OP

Needless to say, it did not go down like that. After about 5 posts responding to her sob story told her how pathetic it is she has been doing this for 4 years now and is getting trolled by feminists on tumblr, and that honestly no one cares, she BAWWWleted her OP. That would have been the end of that had she not begun frantically looking for the "delete your account" button, which does not exist. This having failed, she posted a thread on ED's reddit...


...and then proceeded to spam the report system, marking posts that offended her (including that of one of the moderators) as "Harassment". For this she was swiftly moved to the user group "Faggots" by said moderator, which automatically sends a warning to her inbox from the mod in question.

Misunderstanding this as an attempt to open a dialog, Dumblr began demanding her account be removed and spamming the inbox of every staff member that came online (the response to which was "Post your tits"), promising them that she will "continue to harass [you]" until her demands are met, mistaking the ED forums for the thin-skinned tumblerettes she is used to, and not realizing that we are perhaps the wrong people to try and harass.

The BAWtism was so comical that even the admins joined in, removing anything she can do to cause trouble without actually banning her and responding to her threats to DMCA us with "kill yourself". Meanwhile, the rest of the users on the forum spammed her tumblr inbox with over 150 messages telling her she looks like a crack whore and should jump off a bridge. They also began looking up her other activities online, discovering exactly who she is, her other accounts, a hilarious attempt at writing a book and the fact that this is not the first community where her attempts to find allies have backfired. The findings lead to a debate on whether she is a tranny or not.


Eventually, realizing that the negotiations have broken down, she left, shut down her blog again for a day and came back with the option to send things anonymously to her inbox removed.

EDF2 Adventure About missing Pics

DumblerFem Talking to the Staff

Use scrollbar to see the full image


The Aftermath
ED's special ninja squad

After seeing this article, Eve started deleting and hiding all her accounts and made this video were she says all our info is outdated (probably because she made it just before we updated with more information) and informed us that she is reporting our mirrors of her videos and calling a lawyer to sue us for harassment and defamation of character. She followed up by saying she isn't scared of us because she has a gun, two Rottweilers and a military trained roommate. Unbeknown to her, we already sent out our team of highly trained, ED retarded ninjas that will shoot her dogs, shoot her roommates, shoot her, shoot up coke and then shoot themselves.

She is currently spamming Cloudflare with idle legal threats (that they ignore and forward to us) and periodically creating a new account and blanking random pages because this article has been locked before getting banned 3 minutes later.


I honestly believe that my phobia stems from not being able to make an appropriate bond as a baby with a mother figure. As I was adopted, given up from the moment of birth I don't know if I was ever held by my actual mother, then I was in a foster home for a number of months before me parents brought me home, then my sister was born only a few months later and I was handed over to another caretaker so my mom could spend more time with my sister. I wasn't even breast fed.

To make matters worse, the few times in my childhood when I did have a stomach virus (I can remember only two times actually but it had to be more like 4) my mother scolded me, didn't comfort me as I was vomiting, and even threatened me with having to go to the hospital and "get shots" to keep me from vomiting if I didn't stop. Yeah tell that to a 6 year old.

I was hospitialized once for severe malnutrition, misdiagnose with anorexia...it was a mess.

I am a very normal weight now and through exposure therapy I can watch vomit scenes in movies and on TV which is good since medical dramas and horror movies are my passion!

I am at a point I never thought I'd be at, where it doesn't RULE my life but it's still a part of it. I have a hiatal hernia (diagnosed at 18) and all the fun that comes with that, and IBS. At one point I did have an ulcer but it cleared up with medication.

Two years ago I went three days with constant nausea, I didn't eat or drink. At that point I didn't drive, so I ended up calling an ambulance to take me to the hospital. I was so dehydrated they gave me two litres of fluid and had a very hard time even finding a vein to get the IV in. I think the worst part of that whole expereince was at once point I actually WANTED to throw up but I couldn't. Like I tried hard enough to pull a muscle in my chest, but nothing happened.

Anyway, now I live with two roommates (non-emets) and I am constantly scared of one of them getting the dreaded bug as I have to share a bathroom....ugh! It's bad cause it's now that time of year too. Luckily I have the option of leaving for a few days to stay with a friend if such a thing happens. Barring that, I'll grab a motel room.

I look at my sisters, who have never been phobics, in fact one of them is recovering from bulemia. The other is known to vomit the moment she gets nauseous just to feel better. I am the only one in the family with the phobia and was constantly ridiculed for being crazy. All the help I got for it has been in my adult life, but I have worked insanely hard to be where I am now.


You thought the Zoe Quinn n00ds were dick destroyers? About missing Pics

Things and People That Eve Looks Like About missing Pics

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She loves vomit

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