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Dulm.blue is a website hosting webapps and an imageboard conceived by an alias Vincememe (or Vince) which disproportionately attracts carbon-copy shitposters and autists, and acts as crucial social networking for an exclusive group of said autists. The website gained momentary popularity from internet surface-scrapers as the site's "Normie test" was popularized and circulated on Reddit, which serves as enough of an outer proxy to hazard a guess as to what the residual audience is.

The Community

Vince's insight into roastie flapping

While the rest of the website has become completely barren after accidentally colliding with a small clique of deadbeats, DULM IRC harbours a revolving cast of characters revealing Vince's social circle and acts as a launching pad for collective antagonism against any social club's typical suspected categories:

  • Termer
  • Daeslender
  • brett
  • kamino94
  • finlaypatrickduffill
  • pastabowle
User "termer" produces a pie chart of people who are promoted in the category of DULM IRC shitposts.


Rizon, as any free speech insight into human nature will do, goes far down into the platform now offered to NAP and MAP auditors, but in such a way that their toxic sludge never cross-contaminates. Vince's personal bent is someone who perceives misguided Classicube windowlickers as reacting to his incredibly controversial views with the intensity of a personal vendetta rather than a typical temperamental reaction, and he'll remind others of the perceived effect he has on people all the time through such efforts as chronicling the imaginary transactions of internet real estate on a dedicated wiki.


Some continental DULMer who has hopefully spared himself in a permanent hiatus from involvement in the website or community after a remark by Vinc about one of Daeslender's recently murdered relatives. A big fan of trailblazing game developer MDickie and probably a pretty cool guy all things considered


Values his time and spends it bootstrapping programming languages absolutely no one will hear about from languages no one has heard of. Termer's clamorous agreement with Vince on the habits of soydevs is hypocritical in practice


In a cesspool of bad vibes, finlaypatrickduffill stands out as a uniquely duplicitous coward unable to exercise free speech for fear of social ostracization having not realized that any chance of socialization for a degenerate of his magnitude was exploded a long time ago. Finlay is a Welsh NEET who squanders the brevity of human life creating shitty drawings and talking to people on the likes of DULM IRC.

A very safe and unchallenging website design. C-

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