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Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
Allan resmarted.

drp1zza (AKA Allan Ernest Caesar III) and brother of SilentRob, is yet another case of unfounded megalomania from the greasy taint that is YouTube's vlogger "community". Allan's a socially retarded 24 year old keyboard warrior and batshit trailer-trash Christfag who has high hopes for YouTube (and his Dad's eternal jobhunt). Allan has left a sizeable shitstain on the tubes with a 1000+ videos centered mostly on issues that bother him, with the odd train-wreck fit of aspie rage thrown in for good measure. The lulz have mostly sprung from Allan's decision to make "vlogs" though, as he tends to speak in a unintelligible, lethargic tone as if he's permanently drunk or chewing his own face while speaking. He lives in a double-wide on a steady diet of government cheese with his dad, and graduated from high school in 2007 at the age of 22. Allan is notable only for being the definition of white trash on YouTube.


For some reason Allan feels the need to show the world his glamorous life in the trailer park, but he originally began his video posting days as merely another YouTube nobody, shitting out professional wrestling fanboyism, and "play-by-play video game commentary videos". Alan eventually succumbed to the vlogging bug, though, and that's when the lulz began to gush. It wasn't long before Allan revealed himself to be a product of that demographic of America that considers a 'night on the town' dinner at McDonald's and drinking daddy's moonshine, and never minds dropping his thoughts on women. He eventually began posting lulzy rage videos and whiny and slurred commentaries about his pathetic life and/or whatever his seratonin deprived brain could manage at any given time. In doing so, he also eventually revealed the obvious: that he was an IRL aspie.

When he's not sucking Sxephil's cock extensively, he can be caught attempting to goad anon in a series of bawwwfests about trolls, whining about why he hates women and minorities, about how the entire world is out to get him, or threatening to " take down" ED. The only real exposure to the YouTube mainstream Allan has ever received, though, has been due to his incessant whining about "haters" and people making fun of his mongoloid-like appearance and speech.

<video type="liveleak" id="4ca_1249985940" width="400" height="340" frame="true" position="center"/>
drp1zza breaks down again.
<video type="liveleak" id="66f_1249987922" width="400" height="340" frame="true" position="center"/>
drp1zza gets his ass beat by some kid lulz
<video type="liveleak" id="9d3_1249987989" width="400" height="340" frame="true" position="center"/>
drp1zza needs your money for pop and cigarettes.
<video type="liveleak" id="bc1_1249990754" width="420" height="360" frame="true" position="center"/>
Typical drp1zza vlog

You know what the reason why you women got civil rights is because we were trying...[unintelligible]...because you fought for them, and that's fine


—drp1zza, wut

Allan is an aspie, and proud of it.

Signs of PDD:

Allan is an aspie IRL, here's a general breakdown of the typical symptoms of full-blown autism:

  • General delay in language/speech ✔
  • Verbosity ✔
  • Motor clumsiness ✔
  • Pedantic ✔
  • Intense preoccupation with a narrow subject

Note: It's important to remember that autism is often genetically inherited from parents, especially fathers.

Allan's Lulzy Ragequit

Alan drops dox on some random chick before closing his account. Unfortunately, suicide did not follow.
"Everything's fine guys, I'm totally not crazy".

Allan was optimistic that he was going to break free of the social, financial and genetic constraints that put him where he is after he decided to try his hand at the local community college. Things often don't work out for Allan though, and after a shitload of crying about how hard it was he later revealed that he was YouTube Favicon.png kicked out because he was matter-of-factly IRL stalking a girl on campus. He became suicidal as a result, and after several videos where he raged about teh wiminz, he posted a video out of the blue dropping dox on an "ex-girlfriend" from years ago that wanted nothing to do with him (most likely some random chick who turned his psycho ass down years ago in highschool). Allan closed up shop shortly thereafter around the end of February, 2008.

Unfortunately, Allan never did the right thing or learn anything from the numerous self-pwns and footbullets. After begging YouTube to re-open his account he returned about a month later to eat up more YouTube bandwidth to shit out moar of his nonsense and bigoted faggotry. Since his return he mostly just spammed the same asinine bullshit as before, with the occasional lulzy stupor-like fucktarded faggotry as always, thankfully. But, all things considered, Allan is one of the more potent examples of the psychotic Youtuber. He is a true lolcow as he has shown the propensity to manifest his ineffectual e-rage via lulzy train-wreck videos, although it's unclear if he'll ever limit break again and let his inner-Jeffrey Dahmer out. But trolling is highly encouraged so as to increase the lulz factor by reminding him of the festering pile of dogshit that his life is.

Reaction to Wikification

just lol

When Allan discovered his ED article he went into an expected fit of aspie rage and made the following video in haste, shortly before closing his account...

Although Allan leaving the tubes (again) was probably a good thing in the long run, since he ate up shitloads of bandwidth with his constant spam and meaningless noise, his hasty exit also greatly decreased the lulz factor. Allan disappeared from the tubes altogether so whether he'll decide to return again and bring us lulz is yet to be seen, although it's probably safe to assume he's still a perma-virgin, not employed, and definitely not of sound mind.


Allan's mcfaggotry is extensive

Allan reopened his account (again). All his old videos have been removed, but judging by history he'll probably start spamming his rage sometime soon.

Allan's account was "suspended" by YouTube not long after, most likely because he called another user a nigger yet again so somebody gave him a taste of his own medicine and flagged his ass. >Whether he resurfaces on another account and continues to spam the tubes with more of his lulzy meltdown videos, faggy flame wars and assburger retardism remains to be seen. lol jk, they always come back.

Allan made his return to YouTube (yet the fuck again but there's a reason) under a new account name YouTube Favicon.png AllanDrPizza (BANNED) due to a troll recent poser account named YouTube Favicon.png drp1zzaacwl (also now banned). lulz expected.

Big surprise he ran away again, but not before threatening to sue ED. FUCKING LOL.

Im being slandared, seriously harrased and my privacy is being invaded by your contributors at the article of drp1zza.

I would be very relieved if you put an end to it, your a woman, and therefor i dont think your an asshole, and yes i made an ass out of myself, but you know what? We ALL have our dark secrets, and yes i did post those videos, its one thing to have people laugh at me for the stupid shit i did... but it is completly different when you are stalking me, invading my privacy, and using this website as your own personal army. Thats a big difference...

Please email me at [email protected] ASAP, if no action is taken by you guys, im sure Media Wiki will, and if they dont. Then yeah... lawsuits... not LULZuits.. lawsuits...


drp1zza, threatening girlvinyl with Media Wiki. Presumably, HTML and PHP were fighting crime elsewhere on the internet.


Since being scared off JewTube and the interwebz; Allan spends his time on Xbox Live doing the same exact shit he did on YouTube: Bitch and moan.

I love how everyone of you fucking assholes are on my friends list yet you NEVER talk to me EVER... none of you give a fuck about how i feel, you dont hook me up with any connections to chicks, etc. so as far as im concern, FUCK OFF :'(



—so sad

No one wants to play games with me anymore.. fine.. ill just delete you all of my list.. no one invites me to play Street Fighter, Gears of War, NHL when i had it, Marvel vs Capcom 2 unless its too whoop my ass, anything.. im just fucking tired of it



—He likes the vidya

Can someone do me a favor and tell TODABEAST and Vicks 23 im sorry that i was fucking having a fucking total breakdown. But if they get offended JUST because i called one of there friends a nigger, then you can tell them that they are really niggers. Besides, Real niggers just fucking run away from everything, they cant confront shit. they always hide in a bunch of lies. Also i dont appericate the fact that No one plays Gears of War 2 with me anymore. i felt like i wasted money buying that DLC shit when no one even fucking invites me.




  • Apparently he has come back to Youtube again, and has been hiding under the alias PLEEZENinja. He's even uploaded videos of him playing Street Fighter against his cat. Check out his videos, still full of the aspie trailer trash fail like the other ones. UPDATE: That account has now been closed, after an argument over Street Fighter on XBOX live.

Im not Dr. Pizza anymore, that was a person i was ashamed of being... if those jackasses want to laugh at my past, let them. but its not gonna affect me anymore.


  • Dr. Pizza changed his xbox live gamertag from Allan Caesar to D0ntTaseM3Br0 . fucking faggot

Feline AIDS

An artists impression of Sammy, before painful death.

A YouTube Favicon.png video dedicated to his cat was posted by Allan in a Mass Effect thread on a Jew.

There were some people on here who got mad at me for getting Mass Effect 2 CE when my cat was sick... which i do deep down feel like an asshole.. but it wouldnt of mattered :'(

My cat had Feline AIDS, yes.. AIDS... even if we would of took him right away.. it wouldnt of mattered.. he died today.. and im very empty.

For anyone that doesnt think that i loved my cat more then video games, your an asshole :'( im not trying to troll. i just want to clear that up.

It costs hundreds of dollars to take care of a cat.. i didnt have all that money... i had my CE on pre-order guys... and we honestly thought he was gonna recover.. we had no idea..

He died today in my arms... i promised him id be with him for the rest of his life, and i was... i was the last thing he saw before he died... his eyes were open looking into me as he died... :'(

Im not here to cause any flaming. i just want to state for the record. that even if i didnt get the game, it wouldnt of made a difference. Yes a video game cant replace my cat. But im just happy i knew my buddy Sammy for those 3 years... :'( id gladly give all my video games away for him to be healthy and alive right now....

So for anyone who thought i was evil. I just want to state ONLY once, that i am sorry if you felt that way, but if you still think that way. then forgive me french, but just... stay away from me. dont say shit to me :'(

Thank you, and i hope everyone is enjoying there Mass Effect 2. as well as being around there loved ones and pets.

God Bless.



It had to be done.

This moral choice added +17 to his Renegade status.

The post was soon deleted and Drp1zza, who watches this article like a fucking hawk, decided to godhand this little piece of history from existence:

Revert, do not talk shit about my cat, i took him to the vet, if you want to keep attacks on me, thats fine, but i ask you to leave my cat out of this... If your a human being, you would understand.



Shenigger noticed our friend trying to change his article, and smelling a freshly bleeding asshole, mobilised ED's elite Internet Detective squad to determine what happened to the cat.



Drug cocktails for poor Sammy...
Sammy the junkie

Our Detectives first noted that drp1zza, a redneck, was probably taking crack, or some other poor person's drug. Thus, is could be assumed that Sammy the Cat was also a user, and may have been infected by a dirty needle.

Furpiles were a favourite
This scene is too much to bear for us
Vampiric cats

Promiscuous Sex

Friends and onlookers have come out to say that Sammy was involved in massive sexual orgies, sometimes lasting days, depending what drugs he was taking at the time. We all know gaysex is an excellent way to spread AIDS, so ED Detectives have not ruled out the possibility of promiscuous cat sex being the cause.


We all know drp1zza is a little funny in the head, and he did love Sammy a little too much. Therefore, it is fair to conjecture that drp1zza, deranged from AIDS, has been fucking Sammy for some time, and thus infecting him too. These are troubled times.


Perhaps Sammy had a fetish for drinking blood, and just maybe he drank one too many vials of "bad blood", resulting in an AIDS infection. Some might like to point fingers at drp1zza forcing Sammy to sit through audiobooks of Twilight with him, but we also cannot rule out the extreme lifestyle that was forced on the cat led to the thin edge of the wedge, getting a lot fatter.

Drp1zza's Reaction

It was too late

Unfortunately, drp1zza's nonchalant reaction to feline AIDS probably caused the violent, excruciating death of his beloved kitty-cat. We at the ED Justice Department denounce his "LOL MASS EFFECT 2" treatment, suggesting such cruel and unusual punishment of a sick cat should not go unpunished. Here, at EncyclopediaDramatica, we take animal cruelty very, VERY seriously and think everyone should go here and dump any dox of his you can find.


Pressing Charges

Let's say this cat saga has, dare we say, rubbed him up the wrong way. Angry at his "life being ruined", he has called Vonranke worse than Hitler, and going to TOW to ask for advice in suing ED.

Your worst then Adolf Hitler.


drp1zza, at least he got 'Adolf Hitler' right.

I seriously want to take them to court for the damages they have done to me. Does anyone know what i can do to do something about this?


drp1zza, on TOW

We wish you luck, and hope you have an ace Attorney at LOL.


Otherwise known as "why you need an Attorney at LOL", drp1zza accepted the courteous invitation to attend a chat on IRC. Not thinking ahead, and full of hubris, drp1zza charged in and was directed to #wiki, where all the cool kids hang out. This little excursion however, cost him a permaban:

<Allan> Von i could get mad at you.. but.. i believe in God. so

<vonranke> Allan: god is a superstition
<Allan> Of course




<Allan> Vonranke i know you like to piss people off. I understand that. But thats pretty deep what you did to me man.



—On trolling

<Allan> Maybe you can control an article about me, maybe that makes you feel powerful and strong, but deep down inside, how would you like it if someone pointed your faults out.. regardless you made them public or not. And then had people look at you badly for it. I don't know, you tell me.



—Bullies are just small people inside...

<Allan> Dude your attacking my family. thats low



—Cats are family

<wit> you really dont have a leg to stand on here passive agressively whining about morals




<vonranke> Allan: do you wish to make a legal threat?

<Allan> Have i made one in here tonight?
<vonranke> have you?
<Allan> Nope
<wit> <Allan> the first ammendment... hm
<Allan> Why would you care?
<wit> good enough for me



—inb4 ban

* vonranke sets ban on *!*
  • vonranke has kicked Allan from #wiki (vonranke)

<Corsair> Go straight to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200


—inafter ban

Fun Facts