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The /b/ On Drawball caused epic amounts of win.

Drawball.com, as the name implies, is a Flash site where you draw freehand inside a giant ball. Drawball consists of two balls, one for more serious, legitimate drawing, and another for vandalism. Even though the two balls don't touch, Drawball is still very gay.

Since the good art was moved onto the new drawball one, drawball one's degenerate offspring, drawball two doesn't protect its art from /b/tards. On the flipside, DB2 is good for drawing swastikas and dicks.
Finland turned Drawball into a fagflag by staying up all night and watching their ink fill. Anon sat back and laughed as the Swedish failforce slowly lost their minds.
Finfags circlejerking again...

Drawball Vandalism Solution

Ok so, your ink rapidly regenerates on drawball now. So i thaught up a way to constantly disrupt the poles vandalism.
Drawball Fat Dick Drawer
Ive made a mouse macro to automatically draw a fat dick on your drawball orb.
Instructions :
1) Download this : http://www.jitbit.com/macrorecorder.aspx
2) Download the dickball macro : http://www.2shared.com/file/9024525/f45ea25/Dickball.html
3) Open the dickball macro in JitBit
4) Open up drawball, and select an area and zoom right in. Select the 4th brush size in on the top row, this way you wont run out of ink (ever)
5) Make sure you're in a space that does not have a dick, and just run the macro. It will draw a massive fat dick right on there.
6) Things you can do to help : Make another / better macro do draw more shit, or just run this alot.
Fight back /b/, don't let the poles win.
Other Things : The 4th pen size isnt very effective, so experiment with sizes until you find a large one that will last a long time until the ink runs out or the largest one you can use that wont drain ink.

The Epic Tale of Drawball

/b/ finds drawball

Last Thursday, Anonymous found the drawball, and began to randomly vandalize crappy drawings of dogs and anime, until it was agreed upon that they would claim drawball as their own, by tagging it with a giant /b/. The combined efforts of Anonymous ensured the /b/, which started off very small, encompassed most of the drawball. Drawings of longcat and tacgnol were also added to the tops of the /b/ for great justice.

The great /b/lackout

The Great /B/lackout occurred on the morning of March 23, 2007, in which tens of /b/tards raided Drawball in retaliation for destroying the large "/b/" drawn in the middle of the ball. Everything and anything that wasn't protected was drawn over with /b/lack ink from the center out. As with most sites /b/ sets its sights on, Drawball eventually collapsed under the heavy influx of traffic caused by angsty teens armed with mice.

At 2:06 PM EST, Drawball crashed due to AIDS and fail. After it was restarted ten minutes later, all /b/tards were granted 100% ink instead of the usual 15%, allowing much moar carnage to take place. Much lulz were had.

/b/lackout's demise.

Later that day, Drawball admins got wind of what was happening and reverted the 100% ink to 0% causing great sadness and bawwwing amongst the /b/rothers. The epic raid against drawball's faggotry that was scheduled to take place on March 26th was also completely overshadowed by Mootykin's return to /b/ and his revolutionary re/b/oot movement that followed. The great /b/lackout experiment was over. But small scale raids still take place to this day.

Finland Owns Drawball

In 2009, when the Drawball was very interesting for /b/, Finland turned it into a huge Finnish flag. This shows that the country is full of win, or possibly that nobody cares about an online flash game any more. When Drawball was hacked, the Finfags cried and moaned for days, everyone else laughed, much lulz was had.

Ebaumsworld Hacks Drawball

On Monday June 8th, 2009, eBaumsworld hacked Drawball; it wasn't /b/, honestly, and replaced it with a Dragonforce song and a flash file of the Awesome face being bended and refracted repeatedly.

Project /b/lue/b/all

Greetings from the /b/attlefront /b/rothers. Today, November 7th 2009 marks the beginning of the end for drawball.

Thanks to much R&D and a little old fashioned reverse engineering (thievery) /b/ is now in possession of a script which will draw, over and over, perfect spirals on drawball 2.

The script is for a program called "autohotkey" http://www.autohotkey.com after downloading and installing it, just click the link below and save the file to your autohotkey directory.


http://www.megaupload.com/?d=CFZ77LLP (mouse at sleep 50, works better on slow wireless connections)

Go to two.drawball.com and double-click the file you just saved. Select blue paint, middle-range gamma and largest brush on the lowest line then put your pointer in the center of the viewing/drawing circle.

Press the Windows-key & Space to start drawing, Windows-key & X to Exit and Windows-key & P to pause/unpause the script.

The plan is called operation /b/lue/b/all and is pretty self explanatory. Make drawball two, blue.

We're already well on our way.

Also if your wireless connection is having a problem with disconnecting while this script is running, download the second version which runs at half speed.

Hope this helps, and we would gladly join up with operation white-out or someone else with a color based masking scheme I just saw white as massive fail as it hasn't done shit in all this time

Also.. drawball is now giving ink percentages in the thousands several times per day.. so this should be EASY.

Case study

Drawball - Galoti's dog 1.jpg Drawball - Galoti's dog 2.jpg Drawball - Galoti's dog 3.jpg
We start with a nice picture of some ugly dog drawn by "Galoti". Looks like some amateur vandals have scribbled over the drawing. Here comes a pro! Not only has the dog been completely vandalized but Galoti has been told in no uncertain terms that he and his dog are unwelcome.

Here's what Galoti had to say on the matter at Drawballfans.com:

The picture of Galoti shows his shocked expression when he saw the vandalism to his dog/boy friend.

Nazi's declare Drawball war on Finland

The flag of Finland had dominated Drawball for long enough and The Third Reich could not take it any longer. On the evening of Monday, Feb 1st they mounted a attack on the Finnish stronghold of Drawball and after many hours colouring away they managed to defeat the Fins with their giant Swastika. The fact that it was not technically the Nazi swastika did not deter them from reveling in their victory, because after all as one SS recruit pointed out "Everyone knows what it stands for and we're only doin it for the lulz".

When the Fin's awoke the next morning they were pissed off at what the Nazi's had been upto throughout the night, they mounted a counter attack which is seen in the picture below. However as night fell on Finland their efforts dwindled. TBC....

EDIT: This just in. Some newfags decided to fuck up all the work previously done by painting yellow shit on it. 800px

EDIT: /b/ decided the swastika had gathered enough win, and has now moved on to drawing the 'awesome face'.

Awesface.jpg Drawballs.jpg

EDIT: /b/ did it again. On June 1st 2010, they did it again, this time more epic, and no finfags fucking it up. 1275495977638.jpgAwesumface2.png

French fags (think they could) own 4chan

On June 5th 2010, unknown, underage B& Frenchfags from a French forum http://www.jeuxvideo.com/forums/0-50-0-1-0-1-0-blabla-15-18-ans.htm called "The 15-18" succeeded in erasing a big Pedobear drawn by 4channers. Instead of the pedobear, we can see a santa smiley like this:

Indeed, they've done that


Then, they started flooding /b/, making dumb topics, attempting to troll and insulting 4chan with pictures.


Finally, the french fags are celebrating on their board since THEY ARE IN A ED ARTICLE OMFG §§§§.



I have a boner



Americanfags don't know our site ?

"French fags isn't very nice, but it's still good to be there"

The little cunts are a bit butthurt to realize that they aren't known worldwide, but are still proud to be mentioned on ED. Most important thing that'll ever happen in their shitty lives.

4Chan Fights Back

4chan retaliated the night after the frenchfaggotry.


It was the most win /b/ had achieved in a long time, despite all the internal trolling that occurred. Unfortunately, after about a day, the frenchfags retaliated once again and drew a shitty French flag over this win. Its simplicity and shitty quality proved how unorganized and retarded the Frenchfags were compared to Anon, which always creates relatively intricate designs requiring a hell of a lot of coordination.


4chan's retort was organized with great speed, but is just begging the frenchfags to vandalize with there smiling santatits logo. But until then, there will be much celebrating from all /b/tards involved.

Anon drawball.jpg

As the night wore on, drawball was assaulted yet again, but this time many 4channers stayed to defend it. They began to take hits from the douche bags at Funny Junk who started drawing yellow ducks everywhere. There were now two enemies that /b/ had to DOS and try to stop from simultaneously fucking up the Anonymous suit. Even so, no damages occurred, and as predicted the frenchfags tried to deface the drawing with santa. Although this plan failed, /b/ saw the flaw in their plan, and decided to begin to draw anon with no head. Only some newfags and trolls continued to draw green.

15-18 French Faggotry continued to try to draw their santa head on top of Anonymous and failed hard by the rigorous defense of the nerdanons.

15-18 forums also some stupid frenchfags from a another forum who hate 15-18 , use a "bug" who take a mod name's, without modo's power... that's "bug" forcing them to close regestration a few minutes, nothing come from 4chan as they were thinking...

File:Anonymous vs 15-18.jpg

6/10/10 4chan has turned there ball into a Slowpoke, and the Frenchies did little to sabotage these works. In this image it seems as if they're trying to cut of the tail or some shit, but it failed, as the 4channers did not give up.


Friday, June 11th 4:20 am (GMT -4:00). The Slowpoke comes together


It would appear that for now the Frenchies surrender as their country always has.

The noelists then proceeded to draw over the slowpoke and create a pokeball. By this time 4chan had lost interest and stopped caring.


The next day, frenchies finally decide to prove their superiority by drawing a big happy smiley, the second symbol of 15-18 stupidity. The world still did not care for this episode of faggotry and ink had been on for over a week now.


This image here shows an example on how frenchfags cannot crop worth shit. Seriously, what kind of fucking idiot fails like that? They failed at doing a simple design, probably because of the short attention span of the 15-18.

And the war ends on 6/13/2010, when 15-18 have drawn an eiffel tower above happy smyley. (Nice spelling, France) 4chan stills claim that they don't care about it, in fact they're raging. (Oh yes, /b/ is upset about beating Frenchfags 3 times and seeing the most poorly drawn image so far. That thing barely resembles the Eiffel Tower, seriously.) Image1bib.png

15 18 EPIC WIN

/b/ responded to this failed Eiffel Tower by drawing a swastika over everything. As the last message to 15-18, /b/ wishes them a nice day and hopes they increase their artistic skill one day, or maybe even reduce their level of faggotry. Sadly the chances of this happening are none.

File:Nazi Complete.jpg

The war is now over. Stop adding shit. Especially you, Frenchfags, you lost.

Draw ball for trolls

Drawball almost died from the Anon delivered cancer, so the mods had a new idea. Make a new ball to split the trolls, but instead this idea caused even more butthurt and drama. Currently the second drawball is only covered in fail and cancer, soon after it's birth it is now a haven for /b/tards consisting of only sketches of NIGGER, swastikas, and Awesome. Though currently it is home to numerous XENU.net logos, it does have one long, longcat and tacgnol as a guide to win.

But the fact any legitimate artist would never draw here makes it entirely pointless troll at all. But since the average drawball troll has the intelligence of a cactus many sleepless\sexless nights are spent drawing giant dicks and swastickas. WAY TO GO, YOU FREEDOM FIGHTERS.

The mods at Drawball also went and plastered it with every over used meme from the last 4 years (pedobear, over 9000, ect) to make it SUPER KAWAII DESU:3!!1

And yes, the balls are touching.

FOK! on drawball

FOK! has painted one huge :') smiley on the drawball. Drawball.jpg

FOK! did it again. A huge Dutch flag! FOK! hasn't acomplished this alone, they got loads of help from GirlScene. (Merel is geil!)We thank GSc for helping us! Drawballgif.gif

Later 15-18 beat 4chan 17707190683842 ownage.jpg

FRENCH 300 M get

On 4/1/2011 , Frenchfags gets the epic 300 M post on /b/.


To proove 4chan that their so called "domination" is complete , frenchfags from 15-18 (frenchfag community) fucks up drawball V2 with their flag all over. /b/tards let them have fun some times and decide to draw all over drawball a 4chan logo, plus , a green frog (yeah , all frogs ain't green) at the bottom .

15-18 decides then to re-draw their so called "flag" with a message : French domination.jpg

Traduction : 4chan is OWNED by 15-18.

Forocoches on drawball

created by Forocoches(SPAIN) not 4chan, stupid french!!!!

Forocoches VS 4chan

Freezer By 4chan


RotoFreezer By forocoches


Gaydude: By forocoches


FC Forocoches


Final: FOROCOCHES WIN!!!! Troller6.png

Poland Vs Forocoches (Spain)




Rageball is a halftone pattern maker that uses the same method that newspapers use to cover large areas while saving ink.

The best brush is the last one on the first row, it will leave some space between the dots (when zoomed out it will be one square).

Use the first brush on the second row for full cover, but this will waste some ink.

Rageball has a few hotkeys:

CTRL + w skips all the already-White spots

CTRL + s skips all the already-Black spots

CTRL + e to stop current drawing (will end on his last line)

CTRL + q to quit rageball


  • Don't use the largest brush, fucktard. The ink used by each brush is NOT proportionate. The smallest brush will allow you to use ten times moar ink, albeit at ten times slower than the usual pace.
  • Drawball 1 is protected, do not try to vandalize it.
  • Tell everyone you can, preferably by linking them to this page.
  • Don't drain your ink below 100%, keep some spare in case a massive faggot draws something stupid.
  • Currently Drawball gives new users 250% over 9000% ink (no, really). This should last about 30 seconds if you dont follow the shit above. way too fucking long, giving about enough ink for 10 Finnish patriots to fill the screen in a few hours, by changing their IP constantly.
  • If you have dynamic ADSL, reset your router and get a new ip to instantly get more ink. This is only needed if you're not using Blueball or FatDick because they both are ink efficient.

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