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Planes are pretty much my life.


Dragongirl66, March 29, 2010

Dragongirl66 is your typical autophile TARTlet furfag. She's had a very sad and rough life, as she is 'constantly bullied' at school for being a freak, and no one understanding her bizarre fetish for living aeroplanes, as well as her tendency to flip her shit if you question anything at all about her. Despite this obvious obsession and the fact that she has no friends except for a fake account she created to talk to herself on, she continues to be an idiot, because apparently drawing plane porn for dedicated plane sex enthusiasts and her various dA friends is certainly the way forward to an enjoyable life. She also thinks that having an article on ED about her makes her famous, not realising the difference between infamy and fame. One person used the fitting example of the 9/11 WTC attacks, which are remembered for much the same reasons - being terrible, and involving planes.

'Allie', as she likes to be known, wallows in her own misery and spreads it thick on her journal making sure everyone knows how sad she is, and that no one has ever suffered through such trauma as she had, like the time she pushed a girl over for teasing her and got a detention, and so her parents wouldn't let her have Super Burger for dinner.

Fun Facts

  • She thinks that plane sex is 'teh hotness' but real sex is 'disgusting and gross'.
  • She supports bisexuals, but dislikes gays.
  • She sounds twelve, but she is apparently 18 DISREGARD THAT she just confessed to being 13!
  • If she is 18, her online boyfriend is 14, therefore she is legally a pedophile. Scratch that, after two solid weeks, she's broken up with another one, but is now going after two different 30 year old plane fetishests on deviantArt. From one extreme to another!
  • She hates it when people steal her characters!! THEY ARE ORIGINAL CHARACTERS, DO NOT STEAL
  • She'll go on huge rants when people troll her because she doesn't understand how bad her art is.
  • She draws pictures of dragplanes (which are dragon planes, not hermaphrodite planes but about the same level of weird) naked.
  • She apparently has never seen a set of tits because the things she draws are saggy abominations.
  • She thinks that gradients are an artistic technique.
  • She likes yuri but hates yaoi. She also hates gay art.
  • She thinks that cheesecake pictures of ladies sprawled on cars are 'gay art'.
  • Looking at her art gives you cancer of the retina.
  • She hates people who thank her for faves, but thanks people for faves.
  • She loves getting attentions but will bawwwww if you're mean. So please only give her nice comments, she deserves nothing more.
  • She will tell you to 'fuck a goat' if you leave a nasty comment. Because fucking planes, in comparison, is obviously awwwwright.
  • She complains about fucking anything, but sucks up fanart like a fat sponge.
  • She got her period when she was 12, and this entitles her to draw horrific porn, because it makes her 'mature'. What she doesn't realise is that girls get their period when they hit a certain weight, therefore she is not mature, only fat. Very very fat.
  • She hates ur opinions11 RESPECT HER FUCKING OPINIONS, GUYZ. c:


Do you guys think I have an aeroplane fetish? Cuz I don't. Just because I draw things like plane bondage does not mean I have a plane fetish.


Dragongirl66, being the incredible artist she is, draws nothing but pictures of her OCs, various living aeroplanes frolicking and being generally bizarre. In addition to this, her obsession with pokemon makes everyone lol in real life. On YouTube, she has the record low for subscribers. She claims to be 18, but it is obvious on her Youtube Videos and from the way she types like an internet newfag that she's 12 at max. Allie is often butthurt at the criticisms she receives on her shit art and "Planeh Pr0nz", because she can't handle the fact that sometimes people have different opinions and really don't want to be blinded by her shit excuse for art. She will tell you she is not butthurt however, even after lashing out like a PMSing bitch, and it is likely she will try and inform you that she is simply 'sensitive'.

Several brave men have trolled the shit out of her account, leading to much lulz as she is an extremely milkable lolcow. She has threatened to "find these 4chan fags and bash them!" and leave her account for good if the trolls keep it up, because if life has taught us anything, violence and running away is THE ONLY WAY TO FIX IT. Instead of realising that people hate her weird fetish and retarded personality, she genuinely believes that the trolls are just being mean for the sake of being mean, because no one on the internet could possibly ever hate people who like to draw planes fucking.

She constantly denies having a plane fetish, despite drawing "Planeh pr0nz" of her and her friends characters, including pictures of a 747 Boeing in bondage saying "Do what you want to me" and her favorites being full of planes smacking their asses and licking their lips like creepy motherfuckers, and her comments on people's deviations being full of delightful phrases such as "Dragons are teh smex!" and "HAWTNESS!!"

She also says it's okay for a kid her age to draw porn, because she got her period when she was 12.

Drama / Lulz

so what if she has hypocrisy? its just her opinions. oh joy her opinions are different from ours! they need to leave her alone.


—Dragongirl66, posing as Lightwyngs.

Allie is a bonafide compulsive liar, pulling shit out of her ass at such a pace that no one is quite sure what she'll bullshit about next. She lies about her age repeatedly, as once she was 18, but miraculously dropped in age to 17 after some people pointed out she was a pedo for dating a 14 year old. She then somehow became 18 again after brilliantly admitting to a troll or two she was only 12, all in the space of a month. Several people became suspicious of her miraculous age changes, and eventually she just started not mentioning it at all, realising people were not retarded and could see right through her lies. However, she still pretends to be in her late teens, despite mentioning that her detention was to write three paragraphs on "What you will do in spring break", and probably having to sit in the naughty corner for 15 minutes and go without TV for the next day.

Furthermore, 13 is the minimum age for kids allowed on deviantArt, and Dragongirl66 should have been underageb&'d by now, but she keeps lying so she can keep her account and draw teh pr0nz. Sexual images aren't allowed on dA either, but she disregards that rule too with a flick of her flabby wrist. She also harasses anyone who gives her useful critiques, as anyone who doesn't regard her as the second coming of Jesus must be a troll and a hater.

EDIT: Apparently one of her friends read this article and told Dragongirl66 off for lying, and so the kid has 'confessed' and lowered her age down to 13 now.

Man I am SO depressed right now.


—Dragongirl66, on having to confess.

Dragongirl66's entire existence on deviantArt seems to be founded on a base of bullshit held together with a massive web of delicious drama inducing lies. She also chucks a shitfit when people point out her hypocrisy, as she has stated so many conflicting things that even her watchers get confused.

Earlier in her accounts existence, someone questioned her belief in God when she confided that she was 'bisexual and proud' and liked drawing porn, two things Jesus is very much against. She quickly backtracked, as per usual, and said that she didn't believe in the Christian God, but just a God in general. One who also, apparently by sheer coincidence, had a son named Jesus. But not the one you know.

She has a fake side account by the name of Lightwyngs, or 'Bali', which she acknowledged to be an account she would move to in case of trolling, but then started pretending that Lightwyngs was her first IRL friend, coincidentally her neighbour, who also happened to draw in the exact same style as Dragongirl66, also have a plane fetish, and somehow only log on when Dragongirll66 does. She however was dumb enough to not remove the journal stating that she had made a side account, but insists that even though she and 'Bali' have the same IP, it's because they're neighbours. Lightwyngs is now a deactivated account, mysteriously this happened a day after the comments to the left popped up.

Some of her other hypocrisies include her stating that she hates gays but supports bisexuals, as well as hating porn and sex but 'loving plane sex because it is cute and funny. Later, after over 9000 people asked why the fuck she hated gays, she apparently finally realised her mistake and backtracked by stating that it was a typo - she meant to say she hates gay art! Which of course is not nearly as offensive, and all those fag artists can just fuck off.

She also hates wolves, but draws them, hates sparkledogs, but draws them, and hates teh nasty trolls, but in actual fact is probably one herself. She disses rap like a mad cunt despite it being one of her favorite sorts of music, and loves planes, but frequently denies any attraction to planes, desipite numerous disturbing comments on "art" of living aeroplanes and other various weird things that Pixar should never have made a movie about, and the fact she draws Plane Porn herself. Reading below, you can see much of the lulz that were induced from her complete faggotry and lies.

SHE'S LEAVI-Oh never mind she's staying OH WAIT NO SHE'S LEAVING AGAIN

To encyclopediadramatica: Remove this article immediately, or I am reporting you guys for harassment. Remove my artwork, NOW.


Someone had better ring Whine One One and get a Waaaambulance, because Dragongirl66 means srs bsns

As per usual, our good friend Dragongirl66 threw a hissy fit when she discovered that lots of people dislike her - and even better, that she had an ED page! This shocking discovery was quickly backed with threats to ring the police, get ED banned for harrassment, leave the internets forever, spam all the trolls, and much other lulzy shit. However, within half an hour, she had backtracked ONCE AGAIN, and decided she would continue drawing planehs to grace the internet with. Like the smart one she is, she also posted a link to this very article in her journal, but then in half an hour deleted the link when realising that all her lies would be revealed to her internets friends. This is probably the third time she's pulled an "I'M LEAVING FOREVER" stunt, the last being when 70 odd people voted on her journal poll that she should stop drawing and gtfo. This poll can be seen to your left in all its lulzy glory, and her journals from the day of much lulz are still all up. Be sure, on visiting her account, to post nicely in whatever poll she has up at the moment.

Dragongirl66 has twice decided that she's leaving again and NEVER DRAWING ART EVER. EVER AGAIN. One of her friends attempted to delete this page and all its whimsy, leaving the beautiful and heartfelt comment of "This page was made by a bashing bunch of assholes, therefore all comments made toward the subject have been erased." Of course the article was reverted back within minutes, but it was nice to see them try. Dragongirl66 also made an ED account to try and contact the admins, you should go leave her a message or two. She is still determined to get rid of this article, and for some reason assumes that the person who wrote this article invented the whole website, as she obviously does not know how to internet.

After all this lulzy drama, she has finally embraced having an ED article, because she thinks it's made her Internet Famous.

In other news, lulz, because she got suspended from dA. No one knows why yet, though i'm sure she'll vandalise the article to tell us why, because she reads it every day. But she's not butthurt. Nope. Not at all.

Things no Mortal should Ever Lay eyes on

Having been exiled from devianTART due to teh planeh pr0nz and much lulz drama,she later went to FA to join the rest of the furfags seeking much-needed approval from otherkin such as herself in all their fapping yiff glory.Also,Dragongirl66 isn't attracted to planes at all,she just likes drawing them in sweaty asshumping ballthumping situations,given her sock puppet account is named planenutzz.

Sadly,Dragongirl66 is no longer gracing teh internetz with her beautiful planeh pr0nz, but fortunately we've still managed to save most of it.The internet is forever, Allie.

Oh wait I'm sorry, she did what no one expected and backtracked after like, half a day. Good to see someone confident with their decisions. Oh wait I'm sorry she changed her mind again. Not drawing plane sex anymore. Apparently she reads her article every day and changes what she's doing according to it. HI DRAGONGIRL66, DOES DADDY'S COCK FEEL NICE AND TIGHT IN YOUR ASSHOLE? Sadly because she is such a dumb shit she doesn't realise that it's not her porn that most of the trolls are attacking for, it's her retarded way of thinking, and her lies.

She's made a new account now, link's below. Ironically, for someone who doesn't like gay art, one of the first things she faved was a picture of two male planes buttfucking. Oh wait I forgot who this article was about, the queen of hypocrisy.

Ways to Easily Troll Dragongirl66

  • Ask why she keeps pretending that Lightwyngs is her - this is great for getting ragefuelled reactions out of her.
  • Point out all her hypocrisy, especially about her sexuality.
  • Call her fat.
  • Tell her How To Train Your Dragon was shit.
  • Tell her God hates plane sex.
  • Tell her her art is pretty good for an 8 year old.
  • Call her a boy.
  • Ask why she likes yuri when she is a straight female, but hates yaoi, which has two men in it, and men are what straight women like.
  • Ask her why she is so butthurt over everything.
  • Point out that the 'don't look if you don't like' way of thinking is hard when you're posting something on a public website that encourages critiscism of art.
  • Point out that she's a raging faggot because she admits she only draws wolves for pageviews, but she hates them.
  • Draw parody fanart for her that involves her male planes having gay sex.
  • Ask her why she has a 'bisexual and proud' stamp but is straight (she'll tell you it's because she supports them).
  • Challange her to actually reply in an intelligent manner to you without using the phrases "butthurt, go fuck a goat, your Mom, if you don't like it then don't look, planeh," or any plz account icons.
  • MAN THE HARPOONS!!!!111!1!
  • Call her a lesbian, what she obviously is
  • ????
  • Profit!

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