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Dragonfiend is a "female" Wikipedophile who has made a name for "herself" by single-handedly leading a purge of all webcomic content on Wikipedia, except for Fetus-X because the guy who draws it is the only one who will stick it in her. This has earned her no small amount of notability, prompting one of the heads of Keenspace, Kisai, to refer to her as:

A smartass bitch deserving of a spanking


—Kisai, paraphrased, [1]

Dragonfiend hates all other Wiki editors and insists that she alone is the blessed prophet of Wiki founder Jimbo Wales. [2] She also believes herself to have superior knowledge about webcomics (despite not having one herself or even reading many of them) and despite having been called an idiot by pretty much every webcomic creator on the Internet. [3] [4] [5]

At one point, she grew so obnoxious that even the powers that be of Wiki — known for their tolerance towards sycophantic bureaucratic fuckers — bitch slapped her six ways from Sunday and told her to "STFU." [6]


ComixTalk has an editor and publisher that makes frequent unsourced mischaracterizations and often gets basic facts completely wrong. He has frequently misrepresented me to his readers, and provides a forum for people to join in and attack me. So, no, I don't think my time is best spent trying to make him into a better journalist; I'd rather try to make a useful, free encyclopedia. On a site like Wikipedia with standards for sourcing and civility.


Dragonfiend on why she hides on Wikipedia, [7]

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