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He will bring sexy back.
The average Dragonbreeder picture. Here, you can see a furfag enjoying being crushed to death by a giant Espeon ass.

Dragonbreeder is a generic inflation artist, and generic meaning really fucking awful. He's 21 years-old, same as Kirbyslover, and is just as pathetic. He's friends with Fatferaligatr and they have buttsecks every night while masturbating to pictures of fat dragons doing the same thing.

However, you have to be careful with him, since he is a dragon and he can srsly fuck you up.

One of his other characters is a fatass Swampert mary sue. Deleted.


Dragonfucker is a lazy bastard.
It's exactly what it looks like it is.

Dragonfucker uses MSPaint, and abuses the circle and curve tool. Most of his "art" has to do with furries, dragons, Pokemon, or Digimon becoming very fat (aka, a clusterfuck of circle tool abuse and failure). Also, Comic Sans.
Scientists estimate his art and overall failure measures about the same as Fatferaligatr's.

Dragonbreeder is another piece of proof that you can get a ton of favorites and pageviews just for drawing nothing but fat shit.


Experts and researchers believe that Dragonbreeder was created as the result of some idiot mixing the vomit of Courtney Love with the pubic hair of the members of My Chemical Romance and the body of a 500-pound man who died of a heart attack. Thus, failure itself was born.


First off, Dragonbreeder fails at anatomy, and ft people anatomy. How fucking hard is that? He also fails at Youtube. He also fails at the news (deleted), reporting shit everyone knows about. He also has a 'HUGE BUTT' and 'HUGE MOOBS' fetish, which explains his sexuality and why he can't even get laid.

Shit like this (deleted) also explains why he can't get laid. Would you seriously fuck someone who draws crap like this? (also deleted).

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