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He's one sexy motherfukcer, no?
He's a lynx, ya know
Bitches don't know he's a lynx

drago-dracini (real name: Ryan von Rosenberg) is a fucktard otherkin from deviantart who exists as a user only to whine and bitch about his ex-girlfriend, LittleCloud. He has no artistic talent whatsoever, and only uploads shitty pictures and photos of his hairy, fatass self.

Ry-Anne is a bible-thumper that boasts of his Christianity, but spends all of his time cybering with whores online, cheating on his current girlfriend (he's had at least 100). He also likes Xbox live games, and fapping to Bleach/Naruto porn all day and night, because no one loves him. He has no job and no life.

He also submitted a shitty flash deviation that required no talent whatsoever to make. It consisted of a single screenshot of Vivi from KH2 and a sound clip of his retarded ranting about Vivi's stick as sexual innuendo. Genius. Oh, but guess what? It made front page on SheezyArt. Apparently, it's true that you don't have to have any talent to be popular in that shit-hole run by 13 year old boys.

He's also a total Halo fantard, but he loses every time he logs onto Xbox Live because his controller is clogged with semen and fast food grease.

Epic Dumbfuckery

FYIADrago's lord and savior
Long lost twin?
Website is WHAT now?

Drago-Dracini enjoyed giving his two cents about how LittleCloud disapproved of the epic faggotry of this made-of-fail "fanclub" for one EXTREMELY talented FanArt_Central artist, located here.

In fact, he oh-so cleverly pointed out that LittleCloud had made a fanclub for herself. Seeing that no one has been able to sight this said fan club, we can assume that Drago is either lying as usual, or is simply referring to this stamp that she made to support one of her multiple personas, as a counter to Drago's own totally not butthurt anti-LittleCloud stamp (oops disregard that -- he BALEETED it! But you can find it here).

If all of this is true, then sadly, I'm afraid to inform that Drago is too fucktarded to understand the difference between a website and a stamp.

His Girlfriend

Gaaralover85 aka Sugarcat

His latest girlfriend (he whores and cheats around a LOT), gaaralover85(She done abandoned it), is a stupid cunt who thinks that her glorious furfag artistic "talent" is worthy of being in books as illustrations. She likes to start fights on other user's pages, because she needs someone to whine to after being blocked from other people's pages who won't put up with her trolling shit. As written by LittleCloud

Deviantart-favicon.png gaaralover85 on DevianTART(Abandoned, like I mentioned before), real name Heather Louise Parrott from Leicester, England, is a typical furfag TARTlet whose interests include Bleach porno, hermaphroditic ailuranthropes (cat furries with both cock and vag, that is), her "mate" Drago-dracini, and of course, Gaara-the-fucking-emo. Her fursona is some black and pink panther hybrid horror that she calls "Sugarcatkitty", and claims that it can turn into other things because it's a "polymorph" (SRSLY its in teh furcode u guise!!1). In other words, she's a shapeshifting-furfag.

Heather often experiences fits of rage over LittleCloud for allegedly creating the original 'Gaaralover85' article. She insists that she wants nothing to do with Drago's ex, which is supported by her totally-NOT-stalking LittleCloud frequently and then writing butthurt hate journals. (WHOOPS, NVRMND. BALEETED due to butthurt).

Caution: Never call her "Sugar" unless you're her trusted friend or she'll get butthurt and go furry on your ass.

Well, I'll Be Damned

Ironically, although Gaara whines about how terrible it was of LittleCloud to start an article about her, in this comment (Hidden. Come back and bear witness during Read-Only mode) Gaara confesses that long before her own article was created, she and Drago had planned to make one for LittleCloud, but decided "not to give her the publicity".

This is also the same comment in which Heather brags about her freedom from ED because someone (probably herself) gave it the shit tag, therefore, it was unknowingly baleeted.


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His Parents

Drago's mother is a fat, ugly, batshit insane dyke from Tennessee. She is unemployed and enjoys bitching at her dimwitted husband. Her story pretty much ends there.

Drago's father, less-insane but still quite retarded, makes a (very) humble living by selling books about inspirational poetry. When it dawned on him that his son's girlfriend's (Gaaralover85) artwork failed slightly less than his own, he hired her had a threesome with her and Faggo in exchange for her "OMG SO PROFESSIONAL" talents in hopes that sales would go up. He also appears to have a strange fetish involving llamas.

Still Has a Boner for LittleCloud

TOTALLY ignores LittleCloud 4EVAR you gaiz

See also: LittleCloud#The_Return_of_Drago-Dracini. Not long after Drago wrote a journal giving up on LittleCloud, ignoring her forever, there is obvious proof shown here that he is far from giving up on his ex girlfriend, given that he constantly reads her journals and whines to other TARTLETS about her in a butthurt, attention-whore, totally NOT ass-kissing manner.

Who knows why he does this? Perhaps he just can't stop wondering why he dumped her for someone even more fugly, retarded, and untalented than LittleCloud herself.

How dare you say he hasn't moved on?

Totally not Butthurt?

Thanks LittleCloud for become an internet celebrity. EL OH EL.

In this journal, Drago-Dracini has officially stated that his ED article does not bother him, and, in fact, is funny. It could be that he either is clearly in denial, or that he just does not get trolled very much because he is so fucked up/retarded that his reactions are far too unlulzy enough for anyone to give a shit.


(It's funny because it's true!) Did you know that Drago-Dragqueenie...

  • Went a month-and-a-fucking-half without showering right before he dumped LittleCloud?
  • Neglects his outdoor dog, (un)Lucky?
  • Probably had his gallbladder removed due to nonstop amounts of Mcdonalds?
  • Sucks cock at church camp?

From Fans


Use 4 great justice only.

  • Drago-Dragqueenie
  • Faggo-Dracini
  • FuckYouImADragon-Dracini
  • GAY-O-Dracini
  • Druggo-Dracini


Found using the Wayback Machine to go 2 years into the past.

Still no nees on Alex, not only that, but I probably lost go-tannie... as my great friend and sister... Someone stop the pain...please... I'm starting to think Kelsi was right... "All you do is cause pain, now burn." ...


—Drago-dracini, on wanting to be an hero


Gahhhh!!!!! Noooo!!!! Please let me stay here!! nooo!!! *is taken away in yellow bus* -_- bye... church retreat... byebye...


—Drago-dracini, , hiding the fact that he has fun sucking cock at church camp

I feel like shit... all I want is Yume... Setsuna is fine. She lied to me I guess you could say. And because of how bad she scared me and my stupidity, I have a cross shaped scar on the back of my friggin hand, anyone wanna see?


Emo Jeebus gotz stigmataz!

I like to be fingered back there. Does that make me gay?





Some of his known ex-girlfriends that he cheated on one after another.

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