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Projected appearance of the average Doutaini member.

Doutaini is a haven for some of the most disgusting filth to ever inhabit the interweb. Every member of this wolf roleplaying website is 100% guaranteed to be a furry, basement-dwelling, wapanese teen girl wolfaboo just bursting with repressed urges. They, as you can deduce, enact these fantasies upon the graphic-overloaded shitpile that is Doutaini. These upstanding young adults produce more drama than a Deviantart furry collective, which makes for some smooth, easy trolling.

So majestic!

Doutaini: The Legend

As mentioned earlier, Doutaini is a roleplay site. A roleplay site based around sup3r pow3rful elemental wolves. There were originally six 'elements': wind, water, lightening, air, earth, and ice. However, the number of packs expanded because the admins needed more 'alpha' positions for their friends to occupy in order to make them feel special. Characters become more powerful based on points that they suck one another's flaccid dicks for.

Drama, Drama, Drama

As expected from an all-female haven for antisocial closet zoophiles, Doutaini contains piles upon piles of drama. Its pathetic, possibly obese userbase manages to snap out of level 100 fantasy-land long enough to band together like gaggles of malformed toads and form cliques. Unlike the cliques of real life, however, every member of each Doutaini clique (along with every member of Doutaini) is an utter loser. These groups of misfits fight over a wide array of topics, such as whose character is the 'smexiest' and which element is the most powerful. Even small arguments tend to escalate into massive flame wars that result in admin-changes, bans, and threatened quittings. Whenever a flame war begins, the most common insult is 'immature', which is like the pot calling the kettle black. Most of the drama takes place upon the livechat, where the most dedicated members of Doutaini gather to suck each other's proverbial dicks and brag about the sex they've never had. Of course, self-proclaimed 'Doutainians' are too busy typing out meticulous wolf sex scenes to notice that everything that's so important to them on that shithole of a site means absolutely nothing in reality.

Elemental Wolf?

Character Requirements

As bad as Doutaini is, the requirements for joining are quite strict. In order for your character to be noticed at all, it must:

  • Be a 'badass' player with a hot temper and a penchant for fighting (if male)
  • Be a 'sultry' seductress who trusts nobody (if female)
  • Have a ridiculously over-photoshopped profile picture and a billion postscripts
  • Be typed out in a style that annoyingly disregards many grammatical and punctuational conventions (all for the sake of being 'experimental')
  • Come from a 'prominent family'
  • Be smexy (this is the most important part!!!)

Remember that these people are writing about WOLVES.

Notable Members

Although every member of Doutaini is a fugly harpy, some members are bigger harpies than the rest.

  • Olly- although Olly hasn't been a member of Doutaini for as long as many of the other notable members, her ferocious dick-sucking has allowed her to rise up as Doutaini's main admin regardless of the fact that her mary-suism cannot be matched by even the prepubescent roleplayers on Neopets. Her writing is unremarkable, while her characters are remarkable only in the fact that they are incredibly annoying. Luckily for the good people at Doutaini, admin turnover is so high that she'll probably quit in a few months after one of the members' routine revolts.
  • Kam/Tam/Whatever-am- while the years pass by, the '-am' members of this softcore beastiality site seem to remain 13-years-old. They are incredibly annoying, forming alliances with the flavor of the month on livechat and adding to the drama flame without ever starting something.
  • Sabrina- Sabrina is a teen girl filled with an unprecedented ego (which is remarkable on a forum filled with massive egos). She loves to fill the General Discussion with pictures of her ugly mug, creates characters who are as pompous as her, and has rage-quit the site many a time. Her re-joinings are forewarnings of admin changes, as she unfailingly creates huge shitstorms upon her arrival.
  • Jo-Jo- while Jo-Jo is one of the most dedicated members of Doutaini, she seldom gets recognition because her writing isn't as 'artistic' as everybody else's. She probably remains on Doutaini because she has nowhere else to go.


Trolling Doutaini is initially very easy, but an influx of trolls could lead a site closing thanks to their application process. Because of this, the best way to troll this incredibly troll-worthy institution is to take it slow. While infiltrating a site that is basically beastiality at work may sound painful, the end reward may be well-worth it. Here are some tips for massively trolling Doutaini:

  • Join with a character whose last name is Valentine, Naibu, Domine, Eins, or Alberaq and tell everybody that your character has no relation to any of the other characters on Doutaini
  • Integrate yourself into the site and suck the current admin's cock until the next admin change. Get a position and delete fucking everything
  • Create an extremely detailed profile and roleplay with netspeak
  • Join with legitimate-sounding characters and make them try to have sex with everybody they meet
  • Suggest that roleplaying wolves automatically makes you a furry or zoophile
  • Join with a legitimate-sounding character and introduce yourself cheerily on the front page as a zoophile or wolf fetishist
  • Spam the Doutaini Facebook page

Reaction to the Article

Olly wants to ban this article.

Upon discovering this article, the really cool members of Doutaini threw a fit on the boards, calling the creator of the article immature and moaning that ED editors have too much time on their hands. They seemingly missed the fact that Encyclopedia Dramatica exists to document drama, and they are bursting to the seams with it. In typical Doutaini fashion, some of them 'became sick' upon reading the article and fantasized about what they'd do to the editor if they know who he/she was. Predictably, they decided that blanking the article or replacing it with pro-Doutaini content was a great idea and would totally work. Luckily for everybody else, the morons were too stupid and/or lazy to read ED's editing rules and realize that article vandalism doesn't work. Here are some mind-numbingly stupid quotes from their editing attempts.


love, Doutaini p.s. suck our large furry wolf dick. we love it.


Tinklebelle reveals that she does not understand what trolling means while admitting that Doutaini members are indeed furries and possibly dickgirls.

Doutaini is a haven for some of the most amazing people to ever inhabit the interweb. Every member of this wolf roleplaying website is 100% guaranteed to be an awesome, cool person just bursting with inspiration. These cool people produce better writing than a bestselling author. The site's owners are especially wonderful people.


— The 'bestselling author' in reference is Stephanie Meyer, and even that's a huge stretch.



StarFruit gets creative with her vandalism.

Doutaini is a haven for some of the most amazing people to ever inhabit the interweb. End of.


—Somebody is obviously delusional.

These examples of Doutaini-generated faggotry are proof that the place is in need of a harder trolling. Should you choose to trollrape Doutaini however, bring protection as these hog gobblers are filthy.

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