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Don't feed the trolls right? Dumbasses

DougsTech is a Wikipedia troll who opposes every administrator hopeful due to the fact that there are "too many administrators currently". Being the Jews that they are, the Wikipedos have succeeded in their attempts to silence this source of opposition, generating much lulz in the process and proving that Wikipedia admins are indeed all homosexual Zionist scum.

The trolling

It all began one day, after having done enough bullshit edits, when he opposed one Wikipedo with his reasoning. Since then, he has opposed every single candidate with that logic. He has since justified his opinions based on the fact that there are too many bad admins. This threatened the power of the Wikipedo admins, so they have tried endlessly to remove him.

Even though DougsTech's actions seem deceptively simple, one has to appreciate what an ingenious act of trolling this is. It makes the Wikipedo admins butthurt, but enough people agree or are fooled by him and DougsTech is an established editor so they can't just ban him as a troll.

In a good faith attempt to improve the gene pool of the Wikipedo admins, Doug nominated a heterosexual Non-Zionist for adminship. However, this did not go through for some reason, as some things are not meant to change.

The Rapeage

Because Doug is a pioneer in uncovering the Jew of the Wikipedo admins, they have tried every means possible to silence him to keep their power safe, such as by this failed ban attempt. However, fortunately for him, enough people held on to their money that the admins did not succeed. Doug's success at trolling can be seen in the fact that one admin even tried to block him leading to calls for that admin's resignation, and he has caused one Wikipedo to lash out at him.

Also, don't forget the Sceptre faggotry that is obligatory for a situation like this. Sceptre took to vandalizing his userpage in another attempt to harass him.

The End????

Recently, after that faggot Ryulong was desysopped, he made a trolling edit to the aformentioned faggot's talk page as well as his own, causing much lulz. They kindly told Doug what he could do, specifically, Eat shit and die. Doug sought justice against this faggot but he was thwarted. What would have been an epic act of trolling for him turned instead into an excuse for the Wikipedos to ban him. Doug was indefinitely blocked in probably the surest sign of Wikipedo faggotry ever. Will Doug be able to hold on to his pockets, or will the Wikipedos finally reveal their Jew? See wikipedia:Wikipedia:Administrators'_noticeboard/Incidents/DougsTech

I am currently blocked from editing. I opposed some admins, so they came at me with a ton of deletions and blocks. Don't ever make an admin mad, they will use their tools against policy to silence or get rid of you, just because they don't like you. Overall, I was successful in my goals. The 2 goals I set were - remove bad administrators, keep bad users from becoming administrators. At least 1 bad administrator was removed, and countless others kept from being promoted.


—DougsTech- continues to troll admins on his own talk page after being blocked by Sandstein

Well after much deliberation it seems the Wikipedos have succeeded in banning this "user". The Wikipedos are no doubt celebrating. However, there will always be someone there to take his place.

How you can help

  1. Register an account
  2. Make a bunch of vandal reversions
  3. Go to WP:RFA
  4. Oppose Too many administrators currently. see here ~~~~
  5. If you ever get questioned about your voting; just post this image

Be sure not to forget step 2, as this will get you banned. See This dude, a user that the Wikipedos found an excuse to ban when he agreed with Doug.

A better way to help

Following the instructions above will get you banned because copying DougsTech exactly makes it obvious what you're doing. The left-wing freedom-of-speech nuts at Wikipedia will defend, to the death, your right to be a dick on the internet if you do this right, so don't screw it up.

  1. Register an account
  2. Make a bunch of vandal reversions
  3. Go to WP:RFA
  4. Oppose insert your flawed logic here*. ~~~~
  5. If you ever get questioned about your voting claim that you are an editor like everyone else and are entitled to your opinions.

* Knowing what to oppose with is a problem. In the past "Too many administrators currently" has worked and so has "I view self-noms as prima facie evidence of power hunger". Come up with something original, but still completely bullshit and oppose every RFA for it. Something like "Wikipedia should not have administrators, everyone should be equal" would go down perfectly and all the usual naive losers (such as LessHeard vanU, iridescent, A Nobody and Frank) will stand up to support you. And if you really want to do it right, disrupt some other process like Articles for Deletion so you cause damage without attracting high profile attention.

Reactions to this article

Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed a good laugh!



I don't know how effective encyclopedia dramatica is at recruiting people, but they are now trying to find people to follow in Doug's footsteps. They are asking people to make a few vandalism reversions, go to RFA, then to use the template of Doug's. I'm pretty sure Doug has nothing to do with this though. Some of their editors are calling Doug "a hero to us all."


Landon1980 (talk) 04:33, 10 May 2009 (UTC)

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