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Done with ED

From Encyclopedia Dramatica
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Done with ED is part of a series on final solutions.

[crackersGas the...]


Why would anyone want to leave Encyclopedia Dramatica? Sometimes those who leave may have recently come to a "shocking" realization that every edit they make is frightfully unfunny. Others find themselves trapped by those nasty rules that ED has in order to maintain lulz. Some are even forcefully booted out. Some people left ED during 2011 when Girlvinyl was ruining it, but they can come back now. No matter how embarrassed they may feel for leaving ED for a far less superior website, we will forgive their treason and take them back with open arms.

"Don't hold us down, man! We just wanna be creative!".

An Example

Chatzilla is perfect for GTFO

Sanitario666: I got discouraged from that ED place when I saw they were just another place with a lot of gay rules.
Jhoh Cable: Exactly. :(
Jhoh Cable: Hey.
Jhoh Cable: Fuck them faggots.
Jhoh Cable: You can't come at me with rules this and rules that, I can't be tied down. 8)
Sanitario666: They secretly yearn to be LJ mods.
Jhoh Cable: They probably are. :(
Sanitario666: Worse than wanting to mod an LJ community is ACTUALLY BEING a mod.
Jhoh Cable: Yeah.
Jhoh Cable: They're probably from SA too.
Jhoh Cable: That or journals.
Jhoh Cable: So they're all from places where they simply don't know what it's like to not be moderated.
Jhoh Cable: Clearly their entire site should be run by people like us from clapstro, where there is no moderation.
Jhoh Cable: But I guess we should not judge people just for being from different cultures (the middle east).
Jhoh Cable: We shouldn't............. but we're going to anyway. 8)
Sanitario666: It's also not what I expected (hoped?!) it would be. Every article is just a bunch of nonsense.
Jhoh Cable: And repeated injokes. :(
Sanitario666: "Jhoh Cable was born in 1834 and he loves cookies baked in newborn baby tears."
Sanitario666: LOL
Sanitario666: Or LULZ, which is funniers, supposedly.
Jhoh Cable: Plus there are no actual anecdotes of precious DRAMA.
Jhoh Cable: So it's like, where's the actual part with the journal drama?
Jhoh Cable: It's just a bunch of shit people made up.
Jhoh Cable: Garth Brooks - Friends In Low Places.mp3
Jhoh Cable: Here is our theme song for deciding to be done with ED.

I wish I knew how to quit you, a former ED user finds Christ

I have to clean my life a lot sooner than I expected. Don't ever ask me to draw vore. I refuse it. I may delete what I have done, and I so far have gone 25 hours without it. I feel a little closer to God. I've also decided to give up Mugen, and encyclopediadramatica. I may have to give up furries. Now the rest of the way back to His side is a long hard journey, but I will traverse this narrow road. Friends will forsake me, new enemies will arise, old ones will resurface. But, this is what must happen. The longer I go with no vore, the longer I can fight off my temptations and gay desires. Who's to say I don't hit a snag and fall back downhill? Doesn't matter, I still have Jesus, and He will always be there to pick me back up and send me on the right path again.

John, I will always love you, and even though I'm fighting to go back to God's side, I will always have a deep love for you. I'll stop lusting after you, but my love will remain, and will do anything to help you in life. Even if it hurts me. I'd gleefully jump in front of a bus to save you.

People who are done with ED

Unidentified EDiot

Some took it to the next level

People who ED is done with

See main article at: Disgraced Encyclopedia Dramaticians

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