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Mating With Dolphins


A perfect explanation on why dolphin sex is fun.

Q1) How do I tell a male dolphin from a female one?

A1) Probably the most common question asked. There are 2 ways of determining the sex of a dolphin. The most obvious way is to take a peek under their skirt. On the dolphin's belly, directly opposite the dorsal fin, will be the umbilicus, or the navel of the dolphin. Looking further down towards the tail, you start to see the differences. Male dolphins have two separate slits for the harbl (the urogenital opening) and the anus. These are separated by a bridge of skin. The male's urogenital opening is generally located further up the belly, towards the navel. Females, on the other fin, have one continuous larger slit, the anus located at the end of it. On either side of the genital slit, you will find two smaller slits; these are the mammary slits, where the nipples of the dolphin are kept for feeding the calves. The slit is also located closer to the tail stock of the dolphin. The other way to determine the sex of a dolphin, if you can't reach their belly, is to look at their mellon, or head. The males tend to have a fatter, rounder mellon, while the females are more sleek and streamlined.


Peter Griffin fucks dolphins too.

Q2) How do I know if a dolphin wants to have sex?

A2) There are various ways a dolphin has of showing that she or he is interested in sex. Males are probably the easiest to detect. They will swim around, sporting an erection (anywhere between 10 to 14 inches long for a nigger), and will have no bones about swimming up to you and placing their harbl within reach of your hand so you can jerk them off or possibly give them a roman shower. Females can be a little harder. The most obvious way a female dolphin has of displaying her sexual interest is the pink-belly effect. Their genitals become very pink and swollen, making the genitals very prominent. They may be restless, or they may be acting as normal. If you are out of the water, they may swim up to you and roll belly up, exposing themselves to you, coupled with pelvic thrusts. If you are in the water, they may press their genitals up against yours, nibble your fingers, nuzzle your harbl, or do pelvic thrusts against you. Each dolphins way of expressing sexual readiness varies, so the longer you know the dolphin, the better you will detect when they are sexually active.


djbb giving a dolphin a hj (That's an orca, but he is still giving him a pretty good hj..(Orcas are dolphins, it's science))
Hank Hill is a noted dolphin lover

Q3) What do I do if a dolphin wants to mate with me?

A3) Accept, if possible! I will go through the steps involved with males and females... The Male: When a male dolphin is interested in you, about the only thing you can do, if you are male, is to masturbate him. WARNING! In the considerations of faggotry, you should ALWAYS let a male dolphin attempt buttsecks with you.

A male dolphin's member is roughly S-shaped, tapered at the end. If you are in the water with them, it is best to support the dolphin on his side, just under the water, with one hand, and handle him with the other. Male dolphins, I find, tend to prefer the base of the penis to be gently massaged and squeezed, as well as gently rubbed along it's length. It feels very much like the rest of the dolphin (ie. smooth and rubbery to the touch, but firmer). It doesn't take long for the male to ejaculate, around 40 seconds to a minute just like djbb, and this is usually accompanied by either shuddering just prior to ejaculating, and thrusting and tail-arching during ejaculation. The force of ejaculation can be powerful at times, so it is best to open your mouth wide. You can attempt to lick and suck on the end of it while masturbating as well.

The Female: Well, the females are again a little trickier. There are two courses of action with a female fin- masturbation, or mating.

Obviously, being human, it is awkward, but not impossible to fuck in open water. It is easier to have the dolphin in a shallow area. This is usually comfortable enough for both the dolphin and you. Gently, you should roll the dolphin on her side, so she is lying belly-towards you. You can prop yourself up on an elbow, and lie belly to belly against her. You may want to use the other arm to gently hold her close, and place the tip of your member against her genital slit. She will, if interested,arch her body up against you, taking you inside her body. There is usually a fair bit of wriggling and shifting, usually to get comfortable, both outside and inside. Once comfortable, though, females initiate a series of muscular vaginal contractions that rub the entire length of your member. They may also thrust rhythmically against you, so enjoy the experiencewhile you can, since you will rarely last longer that a minute or two. Just prior to her climaxing, she will up the speed of her contractions and thrusts. It is interesting to note that the times I have mated with Sheneequa, she timed her orgasm to mine. Whether she did this consciously or not, I do not know, but it is a great feeling to have two bodies shuddering against each other at the one time.


Q4) What diseases can I get from dolphins? Can I give them any?

A4) AIDs lol


Q6) Where can I find a dolphin to mate with?

A6) here

Celebrities and Dolphins


From below, the two men could clearly see her nipples stiffening with each passing moment as the dolphins got bolder with her. The one at her pussy began nibbling at her stiff clit, causing Anna to bend her knees in the water. He seemed to be trying to tear away the last piece of vestige that still clothed her.

The only thing keeping her afloat was her two dolphin friends still supporting her.

"OOOOOH! MY! GOD!" She yelled out in the empty water park. "What are you doing... doing to me fishies?"

Then Bill and Rick's view was obscured when two more dolphins swam up to the floating beauty and began nibbling their short teeth on her stiff nipples.

"OH GOD, NO!" She yelled out again. "Stop doing that, you naughty things. I... I cannot swim with you doing that to me."


Anna Kournikova at Marine Land

Go to and a link to this fabulous site will be found.

Totse dolphin stories


Source: Dolphin 169004

I'm lying naked on a beach on some deserted island. The sun is beating down on me, warming my breasts and stomach. My ass is cradled in the warm sand. Sweat runs down my thighs and into my crotch teasing me, making me think of sex, sex in the abstract.

Right now, I don't want the bother of finding a man, dealing with his emotions, I just want those wonderful sensations, the weight on top of me, a warm tongue slurping up my cunt juices, hands on my breast, a warm cock sliding in and out of me. I need a good simple fuck. Oooh, my fingers must have gotten me too excited because I can feel myself coming again, my ass bucking up and down on the beach, the depths of my cunt pulsing with pleasure!

There's a noise out over the water. It's a dolphin chattering away flipping its nose at me. Dolphins are such sensitive, sensual creatures. They pick up on emotions easily because of their intelligence. Their bodies are warm and just the right width to put your legs around as they swim bumping along. How embarrassing! The animal has probably caught onto my state and knows how much I lust!

Well, there's no harm in playing around with it. Who's to know? No fear of pregnancy, it sure would be good to feel the sperm shooting up inside of me, filling me to overflowing without having to worry about getting knocked up. Oooh, I bet they've got long, beautiful, uncircumcized cocks which they skillfully use on female dolphins, thrashing and cumming in the warm water! Why not give it a try?

I get in the water, it's just below body temperature. The salt bouys me up. I yell at the dolphin, "hey get over here sexy" and he sees me waving. I'm treading water as he swims over, bumps my knees apart with his nose. He playfully bumps up and down as he swims through my legs. My puss slaps against his strong, sleek body. Unnhnh, he's got me hot.

The dolphin swims backwards with powerful strokes that lift his body out of the water. Is that his cute dick peeping its red head out? I sure hope he gets a hard on. I'm going to need it if he keeps on like this. He swims along behind me, bopping me in the ass with his head. I slide over his body, my feet getting caught by his front fins as he swims along. The warm water shoots over my legs and under my cunt as we zip along.

He surfaces and whaddya know, his blow hole is right under my clit! It tickles as he breathes water and air out and then sucks air in. He dips down, takes in some water and shoots it at my clit again. I rub my pussy along his smooth back, I'm sooo horny, his breath on my clit, it's, oh it's making me cummmm! I'm out of control! I'm spasming up and down as he's teasing me!

He ducks under the water and starts lapping my pussy with his big strong tongue, poking at me with his long nose. Oh, he's got me in a state of perpetual cum! My cunt is so wet and swollen, I could take him no problem. He swims backwards away and, as he gets halfway out of the water, his big 8" dick pops, pink above the surface of the water. "Ohhh, I must have it, give it to me!", I yell at him.

He swims upside down under me popping up so he's facing me. The animal is panting and has that big dolphin smiley grin. He must know what's coming next too. I can feel his big cock resting between my ass cheeks and along my cunt. I slide along his smooth cock, my arms around his strong body as he keeps upright with powerful underwater slaps of his tail. I reach down and feel the bulb tip of it, guide it up into me, to fill me up.

He slides strong into me and the feeling of his cock bucking around inside me brings me to the brink of a cum. I hold off as long as I can, sliding up and down his beautiful dick. His eyes bug out, a gutteral chattering sound comes from his throat, a high pitched squeal, then I feel his cock throbbing. He shoots gallons of cum into me and the feeling pushes me over the brink, into a thrilling pulsing cum!

The dolphin and I disentangled as his cock shrunk and slipped out of me. He nuzzled his nose into my breasts, rubbed against me for a while (I probably would have sunk from exhaustion if he hadn't held me up), then he swam away. He left me warm and satisfied with his wonderful dolphin cum dribbling out of my cunt. I'll take a dolphin any time I can get one!


Dolphin Sex

Source: Erotic01

Eight years ago I had an experience that I doubt few people have ever had, and for a long time (actually up to about a year ago) I had never spoken of it to anyone else, thinking that they would consider me perverted. During that time I have lived with the realty that I will most likely never have another opportunity like I had at that time, and believe me it has been very hard.

I have since had sex with other animals, including dogs, ponies and most recently horses, but they will never rival my experience with the Dolphins. Here is what TRULY happened. I can offer no proof other then my own word. And for my own protection I will not divulge locations, names, etc.

Eight years ago I lived in a city that had an aquarium that kept performing Dolphins. By pure chance the aquarium was an assignment I had when I was a security guard for a national security company. Since I was new, and had little seniority with the company I would always get the cruddy shift that no one else wanted...and the aquarium was one of those shifts since it was always a midnight to eight shift.

It really was a pretty cushy place to work since I didn't have to punch clock. (Ever carry one of those security clocks around. They must weigh fifteen pounds!) I just had to kind of wander around and keep an eye on things.

It would get pretty boring at night, and after a while I took to playing with the Dolphins. I would come in during the weekends to watch the shows and eventually I picked up some of the hand signals that the trainers used. With a bit of practise I could get the Dolphins to perform just about any behavior that the trainers had them perform. Dolphins really are quite intelligent. After a while I found myself talking to them and I swear that if they had vocal cords they would have talked back to me! Their body movements and gestures where extremely animated and very communicative.

After several months I got to the point where the nights I spent with the Dolphins became my own private world. They all knew me and came to know my schedule and habits intimately. It was at the point that I decide it was time for a swim.

Now, you have to appreciate the circumstances. I was alone all night with these creatures, I was somewhat of a loner, and had no personal life to speak of, and I had developed a deep bound with at least two of the Dolphins. It was easy to keep the shift since no one else liked the hours.

Finally, one night I brought my swim suit. Around 2:00 a.m. I changed, and after being sure that the place was locked up tight, I eased myself into the pool. At first they simply vied for my attention as they always did, but after a bit, things got pretty rough. I wasn't sure why some of them were getting so excited, when I noticed that one of the males had a hard on!

Now that really fascinated me. They never acted like this around me before, and I was not sure what to do. Except I did get out of the pool until they calmed down a bit. While sitting on the edge of the pool, one of the Dolphins swam in front of me on his side. I stroked his belly with my hand and instantly his dick was thrusting in the air. Boy did I find an erogenous zone!

Before I go on, I should give you a little more background. First, to my surprise, Dolphins do not feel slimy. Their skin feels more like a wet inner tube, and is very soft and sensitive to the touch. They are fiercely independent creatures and if they don't want to do something, then no amount of prodding will make them change their minds. If you ever go to an aquarium, watch them long enough and you will notice that they spend almost 80% of their time thinking and doing sex. You think humans are obsessed sexually? Believe me the Dolphins have it all over us. Although being in a tank 24 hours a day probably has a lot to do with that kind of behavior.

The night that I first went for a swim was an experience to say the least. The frenzy that I started kind of unnerved me to the point were I got out, got dressed, and avoided the pool for the rest of the night. Needless to say, the next day I didn't get much sleep. I could not stop thinking about the wild possibility of actually having sex with them. One part of me kept saying what a crazy idea that was, while another part of me created the most wonderful fantasies. My emotions were on a rollercoaster. I don't think anyone will ever appreciate the way that I felt. The bond that I had formed with a couple of the Dolphins was powerful. It was almost as if they had seduced me by pure empathy.

In any case, I decided that the next night I would take the plunge. I could hardly wait for my shift to begin. It seemed like everyone lingered around forever. And then waiting until it was late enough to safely go into the pool was almost unbearable.

Finally things quieted down and I got undressed...this time no swim suit. I sat on the edge of the pool, and like the night before the Dolphins gathered around to play a bit. This time I was careful not to get them too excited right away, waiting for most of them to swim off on their own so that just the two that I was closest to were with me.

I should explain how the pool was laid out. As a part of the show the trainers would have a couple of the Dolphins beach themselves in a very shallow part of the water. This part was just deep enough for the Dolphins to swim in...about a foot deep. It was my strategy to get the two Dolphins into the shallower water.

After the Dolphins left, I lowered myself into the water and very carefully started to stroke them. I eased my way toward the shallow water, and as I had hoped, they followed. Once I was able to sit on the bottom of the pool I coaxed them along side of me, and I carefully started to rub their bellies. I started with him first. Just as the night before I got an immediate response from him. He rolled on his side and as I had hoped he had a huge hard on. Now my heart was pounding so hard I was sure it could be heard from 30 feet away.

I carefully eased my hands down his belly toward his cock. I was very careful. A full grown Dolphin can weigh in from 350 to 600 pounds. And while they can be quite gentle, I was not sure how he would react when I started to rub his dick. Despite my confidence in his gentleness, I was relieved when he simply went limp when I started to stroke his cock. in fact he went so limp that at first I thought he may have died! But after a moment he opened his mouth about as wide as he could, his tongue doing a sort of aerobic dance.

I slipped my hand up and down his shaft, carefully squeezing it every so often. It felt much like the surface of his skin, that is very firm but still soft. It was sort of knife shaped, that is wider then thick, and you could feel it move in your hands. It was about eleven inches long, about two inches wide and one and one half inch thick. The tip thinned to nearly a point and crooked down a little. Overall it was shaped nearly like his own body...very sleek and streamlined. When not in use the cock is retracted completely into the Dolphin's body through a long slit just below his belly.

The slit in the male and female Dolphin are almost identical, making sex determination tricky. The best way to tell apart the sexes is by looking at the forehead. The male Dolphin's forehead, or melon, is actually a little bigger then the female's. Of course if the male has a hard on then it is pretty easy to tell males from females! When the cock is erected the slit parts in such a way that it is oval shaped.

It is said that the Dolphins cock can be used like a finger and has a great deal of dexterity. That may be true, but on this occasion he did not demonstrate that ability to me. Perhaps he was to wrapped up in the experience. I found that the Dolphin seemed to like having the base of his cock rubbed the best.

I slipped my hand up and down his shaft carefully squeezing it ever so often. This went on for about five minutes and then he started to if he was very cold. His mouth remained open wide and every so often I would rub his tongue. (All dolphins love this...I have no idea why.) His eyes remained tightly closed. All the while he was totally silent.

Assuming that he was about to climax I started to rub his dick a little harder and faster. His tail started to sweep back and forth really hard when suddenly he raised his tail high out of the water and with the first sound that he had made all evening he shot his load. There was not as much as I thought there would be...perhaps about two tablespoons. It was quickly washed away in the water but it appeared to be kind of clear and about the same consistency as human cum. What really surprised me most was the pressure of his ejaculation. It come out incredibly hard and fast, his penis contracting suddenly with the ejaculation.

He then relaxed and went totally limp. I kept on stroking his penis but after a few minutes he withdrew it back inside of him. It was only at this point that I noticed that I had a real boner myself. Hard as steel and throbbing. Don't think I've had one like that before or since.

I must say that after eight years, the mere act of writing down what happened has rekindled some powerful emotions. While my encounters with other creatures have been strictly on a sexual level, my encounter with the Dolphins was a much deeper emotional experience. It has been said the Dolphins are highly intelligent creatures. That they are. More then anyone really knows.

After resting for a few moments the Dolphin left for the deeper water. I started looking for the female, hoping that she would allow me to satisfy my throbbing dick. Apparently she had got bored with the whole affair and was off playing with the others.

I slapped the top of the water to try and entice her back, and after a bit of coaxing I finally got her to come over. My legs were dangling over the edge of the shallow part into the deeper water. When she got close enough she unexpectedly grabbed my foot with her mouth and pulled hard.

I don't think she meant to hurt me, but over eighty short conical teeth can leave quite a bite mark and my foot ached for a few days after. When I re-surfaced, I found myself about six feet from the edge of the pool and started to swim for it. She had other plans though. She quickly swam between me and waters edge and started to push me toward the middle of the pool. Her actions alarmed me somewhat and I was getting just a little bit scared.

It was at this point that I began to respect the strength of these creatures ... something that I had badly underestimated. If she wanted me to stay in deep water, there was damn little I could do about it. I decided to cooperate and I swam a little ways out and started to tread water. In the meantime she started to circle around me, each time her circle getting a little smaller until her beak was almost touching her tail...with me in the middle.

I tried to stay calm, not knowing what to expect next, when she started to scan me with the most intense sound. As you are probably aware, Dolphins use sonar to 'see' with. Their eyesight, while not poor, is not their primary sense. Using sounds that range in frequency from as low as 300 Hz to as high as 150 kHz and higher, it is believed that Dolphins are actually able to 'see' what an individual is feeling. For example, if you are in a state of anxiety (as I was!) then your churning stomach would easily give away your state to a Dolphin's probing sonar. Their sonar has been compared to the sound scans used by doctors on pregnant women, except that the resolution is a thousand times better. Being scanned by a Dolphin is in itself a unique experience. The sound penetrates and resonates your body in the most peculiar way. While the Dolphin is scanning, you can actually hear the lower frequency sound waves increase and decrease in frequency.

When she started to scan me I noticed that the other Dolphins where swimming around the two of us, and if any of them got too close, she would chase them away. This went on for about twenty minutes. She would scan and probe my entire body. She seemed to especially enjoy nibbling at my ankles.

About this time I was starting to get pretty tired, and thought I better try to ease my way toward the shallow water. She made no effort to stop me, but she did continue to swim around and around until I finally felt the ledge of the shallow part of the pool.

I pulled myself into the shallow water and rested a bit. The Dolphin in the meantime had wriggled her way into the shallow water and laid very still on her stomach. I began to pet her and rub my hands up and down her sides. She just laid there and did nothing. I decided that now was the time, and I grabbed her pectoral fin and rolled her on her side. She cooperated completely.

From my earlier observations I had never noticed the folds of the female dolphins slit to be all that distinctive. But when I rolled her on her side her slit was definitely enlarged and had turned a deep pink color. I could only assume that she was waiting for me to mate with her. Now I was really in uncharted waters.

Whenever I watched the Dolphins have sex the actual act of penetration was always very brief, lasting no more then ten seconds. The pair would be very excited, the water boiling around the mating couple. For the Dolphins to mate it is necessary for the female to roll over on her back and expose herself to the male. The male would then jump over the female and attempt to hit the mark with his erected cock. Foreplay would consist of very fast swimming, both animals crashing into each other, and a lot of biting.

And yet, what was happening now was exactly the opposite. Here she was, totally relaxed, quite, and obviously very cooperative. I decided not to waste the invitation and started to initiate some foreplay.

I slid my hand along the edge of her slit and kind of eased my fingers into her vagina. The folds of the slit where very soft and squishy. The muscles of her vagina tightened on my fingers and would not let me probe any deeper than the palm of my hand. Not knowing too much about female Dolphin anatomy, I thought that maybe the male's penis kind of laid along the length of the slit. I rubbed her for a while and she continued to simply lay quietly, occasionally taking a breath.

While I was treading water my hard on had kind of withered away. Nervousness over the position I was in probably had a lot to do with that. But after some time with her in the shallow water, my penis started to firm up again.

I eased myself along side of her belly and slowly started to guide my dick into her. She felt my body draw close to hers and for the first time since we started foreplay, she moved around a bit. Rolling a little farther on her side and arching her back. She obviously wanted me to enter her.

Taking a deep breath, I slipped inside of her. To my surprise, my cock went all the way in! She relaxed her vagina and allowed me to move into a more comfortable position. My next concern was the fear that she would roll over on top of me. But fortunately she didn't. Instead she simply wriggled herself around so that we were both comfortable.

Within a few seconds my dick had become rock hard again, and she repeatedly tightened and relaxed her vagina. In twenty seconds I was ready to climax. I held back as long as I could, but the kneading action of her vaginal muscles was just too much. I came hard, and was so wrapped up in my own climax that I did not even notice if she was reaching orgasm, although I would like to believe that she did.

When I was finished I held on to her tightly, wrapping my legs around her tail. My cock was starting to fail me and despite my best efforts I could not sustain the erection. She just remained still, occasionally sweeping her tail back and forth. The kneading action of her vagina continued but a slower pace. I kept splashing water on her side to be sure that her skin did not dry out.

I don't remember how long we embraced, but it must have been for at least twenty minutes or so. Looking back, I am not sure what I enjoyed more, the actual sex act or the time I spent holding her.

It was getting close to 4:00 am and since the trainers would sometimes come in as early as 4:30 I decided I'd better get changed. It was hard to leave.

Over the next few days I felt about as good as I ever had in my life. My emotional state was exuberant. I was already making plans for more encounters with the Dolphins when I started back to work the next week. But it was not to be. The next week the aquarium staff started to come in at night to do maintenance and I was never alone long enough to go swimming again.

And then a few weeks later I was reassigned to another building. From the highest high in my life I went into a pretty deep depression. I still don't think I am over it...even after eight years.

Since that time I have spent a lot of time researching and studying about Dolphins. it has been an enlightening time. Now whenever I see a captive Dolphin, my heart breaks. While in the wild their life span is thirty to forty years, in captivity it is typically only five. Where in the wild their dorsal fin stands erect, in captivity it begins to flop over on its side. Where in the wild they can attain speeds in excess of thirty miles per hour, in captivity they are restricted to swimming around and around in circles.

Being three dimensional creatures, accustomed to boundless freedom, it must be a horrific experience for them to live in a tank that is typically no more then fifty feet across. I can no longer bear to even go to an aquarium anymore. I now see them differently then most people. If you observe them long enough you may understand what I mean. Hopefully in the future things will change so that the only Dolphins you see, are those that swim free in the ocean.

So there you have it. Perhaps my memory of the incident is clouded by too much emotion, but as far as I am concerned it is what really happened, and no one will ever take away the memory.


Malcolm Quotes

She began raking her teeth lightly against my arms and legs which was indescribably erotic. Some might find it frightening, I found it erotic.

The dolphin initiated the whole sexual thing. As I mentioned, she was in isolation—she'd be using me to satisfy her sexual needs.


What is repulsive about a relationship where both partners feel and express love for each other? I know what I'm talking about here because after we made love, the dolphin put her snout on my shoulder, embraced me with her flippers and we stared into each others' eyes for about a minute.


While mating, the female holds the male with her flippers tucked in behind his. She pushes, supplies thrust and controls depth of the male's penetration and timing of the act with her rhythmic thrusts. [...] Definitely one of the most liberated females in the animal kingdom!


She rolled in my arms, bringing her head up and pushing us farther out, so my feet came off the bottom. A second later, I felt her genital slit pressing the waffled soles of my sneakers. But her efforts seemed half-hearted compared to her usual flagrance, as if she found the audience inhibiting.

Cut that out! I thought.

Ruby was gentle and circumspect, but she wouldn't stop. She stared blankly, pretending she couldn't receive me, trying to convince me that human-dolphin telepathy was a stupid fantasy I'd dreamed up while getting stoned one night.

If I had been an observer instead of a participant, trying to stop a horny dolphin from rubbing off on my shoes while my girlfriend watched, I would have burst out laughing. On the shore was Elaine, who professed to like me but wasn't about to let me so much as cop a feel, while out here was Ruby, who would happily screw my brains out but happened to be the wrong species.


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