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The dogcow as she appears today

Those who are not in the know argue about whether the coolest and most wonderous thing Apple ever created was the Macintosh, Mac OS X, or U2. They are all wrong. The greatest Apple invention ever was the dogcow, and she was discovered in April 1989 by Mark Harlan.

Hidden in every Macintosh, prior to the introduction of Mac OS X was the dogcow. All dogcows are females. Male dogcows are known as "bulldogs". The particular dogcow that lives in Macintoshes is known as "Clarus". If you click on her, she will do a flip and either say "Moof!" or "fooM!" It has been a favourite hobby of h4X0rs to go dogcow hunting. In fact, many buy Classic Macs for this very purpose.

Microsoft, in all its Apple jealousy, tried hiding the dogcow in their OS too. This is why "dogcow" and "Moof!" are trademarked by Apple -- to preserve Clarus' virginity.

Other Dogcows

  • Moofo, the psychotic dogcow
  • Lackley, the obnoxious talisman dogcow
  • DogCattle, a mini-icon (16x16) version used in the DiskCopy application as a spinning cursor.


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