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Djfox is a particularly whiny member of DeviantART who is not only an immature, whiny drama whore and a furry fucker, but is also a professional goth.

DJ and art theft

Ripping backgrounds! It's awwriiighht!

Djfox- first appeared on DeviantART under the screen name Djfox, with no - at the end, posting all sorts of badly drawn furry art. As if her shitty furry art wasn't bad enough, DJ had a bad habit of pulling random photographs off of Google image search and sticking her drawings on top of these. To add insult to injury to the photographers whose art she stole, DJ then proceeded to stick her "stamp" (which is nothing more than a badly edited sprite of Tails from Sonic the Hedgehog) on all these images and plaster "Character & image (c) Amy Sollers. Any copying, editing, redistributing or selling is NOT allowed." After a while, this theft was, of course, noticed and DeviantART removed the stolen images. DJ reacted as every thief does... she started drama. Djfox immediately posted a journal claiming that someone had stolen her characters and was posting them elsewhere, saying this was why her drawings were removed. Of course, anyone with half a brain could figure out the real reason for the removals. DJ never admitted to why the images were really removed, and promptly removed all her submissions, her journal and left DA 4EVAH!!!

cuz photos on Google aren't copyrighted gais. :D

Even though DJ claimed she "left" DeviantART because it was a 'hassle' and not because of TEH ADMINZ who removed her stuff, DJ clearly left her account as she realized she had been caught... and not just for theft. DJ had been using 50+ accounts to +fav her own artwork into the "Daily Top Favorites", comment on her own work and spam/flame other deviants she doesn't like, or who just didn't do a good enough job kissing her ass. These accounts would have nothing in their favorites section except for DJ's furry shit, would have no activity except for attacking people who had been mean to poor little DJ, or to comment about how mind-blowing-fucking-orgasmic DJ's aforementioned furry shit is. These accounts would all, without fail, use DJ's retarded typing style (it`s instead of it's for example) when flaming or ass-kissing. These were almost all created on October 21st of 2003... does it seem strange to anyone else that a whole batch of brainless DJ ass-lickers all magically sprang up on the same day in October?


BOW DOWN to furries, bad composition, and a Tails sprite recolor!

Yes, DJ left DeviantART, but as with most drama whores, leaving 4EVAH did not last very long. For DJ it lasted two months and 11 days. Then DJ reappeared on a new account in hopes of avoiding getting spanked by the DevianTART staff on a VERY crafty new screen name: Djfox-. Obviously tacking that little dash onto the end was a clever enough disguise to hide her past crimes from the staff because she even had the balls to announce who she was and give an explanation of why she left her old account. It's a very good reason. Really. Honestly. Yeah. But DJ quickly realized that without using her mule accounts to +fav the shit out of her shit, she was not going to get the attention she so badly needed form teh internetz, and so she made sure to post a reminder on her original account to remind her old watchers to come back and kiss her ass again. Her shameless self-whoring on Djfox gained her a whopping 40,000 page views and multiple "Daily Top Favorites" in only 6 months of having opened her account, how hard could it be to get those stats again without licking her own furry balls and inflating her own statistics?

Obviously very hard, as after having her new Djfox- account open for over two and a half years, she has just barely broken 33,000 page views. You know it's bad when even random passers by notice! DJ ended it all once again on February 6, 2006, but sure enough was back to her normal posts 5 days later with another journal which mentioned nothing about the previous drama.

DJ's Melodrama

DJ has a habit of posting vague journals to try and draw more attention to herself in the same grand tradition of Snapesnogger. However, seeing as her butthurt rantings have already been 86ed, she's gone back to drawing pictures of seven-dicked female tigers. Disregard pl0x.

DJ's Stat-whoring

DJ is an obsessive stat-whore, who used to keep a running tally in her journal on Djfox of how many watches she had, how many people she watched, the number of comments she'd given, the number she'd received, the number of notes she'd sent, etc. Sadly this incredible display of ego masturbation was lost when she wiped her journals on that account (If anyone has a screen shot of any of these entries, please add it to this page!). DJ continued this tradition into her new Djfox- account, but once she realized her statistics sucked ass without her using mule accounts to inflate her own statistics, she stopped keeping track of all of this, with one exception. She still numbers all of her journal entries (as seen above). She also felt an odd compulsion to post up her gallery statistics in this journal and felt it was very important to stress that these stats would be changing soon, as her popularity was BOUND to return any moment!

DJ being Helpful

DJ's Delusions of Grandeur

As you've no doubt seen by now, DJ is such a stable, upright and outstanding member of the DeviantART community, why--she should be made a gallery director, right?! In order to assure that she'd be a shoo-in for the position of Macabre & Horror gallery director, Dj composed a news article to highlight 'the unknown artists' from that gallery, as well as to educate people who might think that it's all about blood & guts. This is important business, people! Due to the overwhelming popularity of her article, (a whole THREE people commented!) she planned to write a second article. This one was never published, however. Why? Because miss gallery director in training was finally caught in one of her self-whoring games and banned for a week. Ouch, that must have hurt the ego. The nice little " FUCK. YOU. DEVIANTART." at the end was a very nice touch.

DJ and Neoikeia

DJ STILL does not steal AND does NOT have an unhealthy obsession with neoikeia!

As we all saw above in DJ's commenting/critique guide, when someone gives you an ass-licking comment, you SHOULD go to their page and thank them for it or comment on one of their images. When someone DJ likes does not follow the rules she wrote, DJ devolves into a strange obsessive, envious, loathing behavior, as was illustrated with Neoikeia.

DJ immediately latched on to Keia because they were both furry artists. OH! They had to be best friends, right?! And since both Keia and DJ are both such GREAT artists, they had even more reason to be friends! Despite how perfect this made-in-heaven friendship was destined to be, Keia for some reason, decided she did not want the great honor of being DJ's friend.

This resulted in DJ using her alternate accounts to flame Keia when Keia did not shower DJ with praise, love, gift art and general I-am-not-worthy virtual oral sex in response to DJ's INCREDIBLE fanart. After all, who wouldn't give their left nut for gift art such as this?!


When DJ realized that her shit fanart was not going to be +faved and worshiped by Keia, DJ did what she does best- Returned to not one, but TWO of her mule accounts and flamed Keia, then decided she needed to show the world what a HORRIBLE UNGRATEFUL PERSON Keia is.

DJ has started compulsively trying to mooch off of Keia's popularity, stooping so low as to put Keia's name, her character's name (Kona) and the character's species name into the keywords of every single one of her submissions to make her shitty art appear whenever searching for Keia's artwork. But DJ's obsession didn't stop there!

Remember DJ's Info/Help on Character Theft? Putting the watch on the other wrist makes it not character theft. In the same way, apparently flipping the image makes it original art and NOT ART THEFT, too! Compare: Keia's original with DJ's ripoff! TOTALLY NOT COPIED AT ALL!

DJ didn't stop with just shitty redraws, though! She directly traced one of Keia's older drawings. Maybe she just thought everyone had forgotten about it, since it was over two years old? Oh wait--it's the mirroring the images makes it not art theft rule again! Too bad the DeviantART administration didn't agree with her and the image was removed.

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