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Excerpts from a recent MSN conversation with DivineAngel

Cap'nChef has argued with DivineAngel on DeviantART and her own forum numerous times, and was eventually banned. He had a conversation on MSN with her where he took her side, knowing that she's too stupid to remember that he's one of the numerous people she has banned for "LULZ activity"!


Divine Angel says: Ya well jokes on them I have the abilty to miniplate people. let me tell you a little secret (this is how i make karma worse for them)

Divine Angel says: by the time they realize what I have doen it will allredy be too late

Cap'n Chef says: uh oh, what are you going to do to them?

Divine Angel says: simple i use their own councious aginst them. Let them devolge in the sin they adore so much and watch them crumble.

Cap'n Chef says: that'll make them feel really bad, seriously. its kinda mean, but I guess thats what they deserve, right?

Divine Angel says: I dont think minors who should never be allowed to see mature art should be allowed to say what mature is

Divine Angel says: mature should be the textbook definition

Divine Angel says: art is art

Divine Angel says: and DA has forgotten what Art is

Divine Angel says: so they need a little frendly reminder

Cap'n Chef says: I totally agree! I mean, what are the creators of Deviant Art all minors? do they really need to have silly rules about sexual content? I mean they came up with those rules like 7 years ago, they'd all be little kids. its so stupid!

Divine Angel says: I can understand no explicit but my Bad Riku?

Cap'n Chef says: I saw that picture! there wasn't anything bad about it! I didn't even know who they were supposed to be so how can people say that they are underage characters? I wasn't even sure what I was looking at or who they were, so how do they know those characters aren't over 18?!? they are so dumb

Divine Angel says: actualy i cleaned up the line art a bit I finaly got it looking proper and the way i intended

Cap'n Chef says: but still, how do they know how old those characters were? just because the official age makes them minors doesn't mean they were in your picture. who cares what age the original creators made the characters. I didn't see them putting any new artwork on deviantart, but you did, so yours is obviously more important!

Divine Angel says: actualy throught the series they grow thrugh adolecence

Divine Angel says: in the one yet to be reliced sora is supose to be 18

Cap'n Chef says: but people are just trying to degrade your work by giving opinions and arguing with you using logic! it doesn't even make sense! they are so stupid. who cares if the game isn't even out yet and the official age is underage, that has nothing to do with it because it was obvious that it had nothing to do with the original series and had to be an alternate universe since the original characters were disney characters too and we all know disney doesn't allow sexual content, so it HAD to be an alternate universe. they should stop being so dumb

Divine Angel says: to spyte their offical porn sight


A little later in the conversation, she spoke about her plan to start her own art site to destroy DeviantART. Oh noes!


Divine Angel says: but i suppose charging money would allow us to be good out of the gate

Cap'n Chef says: yeah exactly!

Divine Angel says: and we dont want to crush da in an instant we want them to suffer

Cap'n Chef says: and no one will mind paying $10 to sign up, they'll just know that there must be something good on the site

Cap'n Chef says: kinda like batman, we'd be the joker and we'd make batman(DA) suffer with some ingenious, long convoluted plan. just so long as robin doesn't show up and save him. hate it when that happens!


Predictably, she never caught on that she was not in fact having a friendly conversation, but being milked for lulz like the lol-cow she is.

More Quotes from MSN

Divine Angel speaks with another Pagan who thinks she's completely full of shit

Divine Angel says (1:05 AM): bremudia ancient by nature thou its very old

Oops Wazzn't meh! says (1:05 AM): As in the Bermuda Triangle?

Divine Angel says (1:06 AM): yes

Divine Angel says (1:06 AM): im also very fimillar with that ledgend

Divine Angel says (1:06 AM): Im led to belive its a ward that wast made to keep things out...

Oops Wazzn't meh! says (1:07 AM): But the triangle drew things in. Many ship graveyards lie there..

Divine Angel says (1:08 AM): It was not the tryangle, I know that for certin, alls i can say is man kind should not tempt the domain hidden in the tryangles depths it may be his undoing.

a little while later...!

Divine Angel says (1:12 AM): the sperits wisper this to me

Divine Angel says (1:12 AM): te angels even whisper

Divine Angel says (1:13 AM): the*

Divine Angel says (1:13 AM): but they are harder to hear

Divine Angel says (1:14 AM): im prety ancient in mindset all i know i learned from the sperits and memorys im not supose to have reminice of a forbiden curse is what they tell me and i see why its forbiden

later still

Divine Angel says (1:31 AM): Diviner of the Divine Aracnum Order of the Celestual rose, pagan by soem Spirtualist by trade.

Oops Wazzn't meh! says (1:32 AM): Divine magick? Hahaha! Hunny you've been reading too many D&D books or a poser of both... You are what they call the D&D witch. All your facts come from fiction.

Oops Wazzn't meh! says (1:32 AM): Mine comes from Gypsies.

Divine Angel says (1:32 AM): your a fool to not reconiz that not everythign can be found in your preshious books

Divine Angel says (1:33 AM): I know what lies on the other side of the tryngle because I made the ward that seals it

Divine Angel says (1:34 AM): im not a witch

Oops Wazzn't meh! says (1:34 AM): Oh really?

Divine Angel says (1:34 AM): and in not no fake crusader eather so dont bring them up to tell you the truth i think thows tim men should have fallen off a cliff ages ago

Oops Wazzn't meh! says (1:35 AM): Who said anything about men?

Divine Angel says (1:35 AM): you dont get it my dear

Divine Angel says (1:35 AM): im the real one

Divine Angel says (1:35 AM): so keep your foolish beliefs to yourself

Oops Wazzn't meh! says (1:35 AM): Really? Did you alert the news?

Divine Angel says (1:36 AM): Dont tempe this diviner and bounty hunter to the gods

Divine Angel says (1:37 AM): I have been at this for over a thousand years I KNOW WHAT IM DOING

so apparently, Divine Angel is some sort of 1,000 year old Pagan god...oh noes! and it gets weirder

Divine Angel says (1:42 AM): stop now! I can feel you! dont go futher such knolidge was not meant for mortal minds

Divine Angel says (1:45 AM): taaaa su en lo

Oops Wazzn't meh! says (1:45 AM): Hunny.. Magick doesn't go through computers..

Divine Angel says (1:45 AM): and you call yourself wiccan

Divine Angel says (1:46 AM): your pathetic so i see i must break you before you get to the forbiden stuff

Oops Wazzn't meh! says (1:46 AM): Nope.. I never said I was wiccan..

Oops Wazzn't meh! says (1:46 AM): Like I said... I'm A Gypsy Wytch.

Divine Angel says (1:48 AM): The knolidge fo my first life is forbidden

Oops Wazzn't meh! says (1:48 AM): So is beastiality in the states..

Oops Wazzn't meh! says (1:49 AM): I think D&Ders called you a furry? Sorry if my intuition is wrong..

Divine Angel says (1:49 AM): i hate animorphic

Divine Angel says (1:49 AM): well the porn anyway witch is what they were getting at

Oops Wazzn't meh! says (1:50 AM): Hahaha! Well indulge yourself into the real world. You will never succeed in a false religion.. If that..

Divine Angel says (1:50 AM): all religen is fake i thought you of all peopel would know that


oh noes! the gods...take cover! her gods are vengeful and full of spyte and tryngles! Gijake chats as two people, trying to get the information on her new site. URL leads to epic win. Tuesday, July 24, 2007 14:35:14 [14:35] Brian Peppers: How is the magickal ceremony going?

[14:36] Divine Angel: the eve of faulnder is next month.

[14:36] Brian Peppers: Do you want some help with some money for the attorney for the ED thing?

[14:36] Brian Peppers: do you have paypal or something

[14:36] Divine Angel: dont worry i was tryign to use the medioker ones to get hte hangg of the prints system

[14:37] Brian Peppers: You sure?

[14:37] Brian Peppers: I just one a ton of money on a scratch ticken

[14:37] Divine Angel: yes im sure you saw my sora riku one witht eh crazy pinmenship right

[14:37] Brian Peppers: ticket*

[14:37] Brian Peppers: Not yet

[14:37] Brian Peppers: Ill look now

[14:38] Divine Angel: well when you do remember that thats my goos stuff and I have alot more plained I have just been bussy with soem freak sitation that was supost to be taken care of vback in 2002

[14:38] Divine Angel: back*

[14:38] Brian Peppers: Ok

[14:39] Divine Angel: my dads calling his loyer to see what went wrong where

[14:39] Brian Peppers: Me and my friends really feel for you, we were trolled too. If you need any help with an attorny, just ask

[14:40] Divine Angel: actualt I have been having truble designing my art page.... i am begingin to think i need more people actualy active in the design

[14:41] Brian Peppers: I'm not very good at web design, but I can send some money to help you get a professional designer, or someone from criegs list

[14:42] Divine Angel: Dont worry about it.

[14:43] Divine Angel: I know a few tricks

[14:43] Brian Peppers: One of my friends does html and webdesign, he is the lead designer for meebo and some other web 2.0 sites

[14:43] Brian Peppers: he can get many cool features

[14:43] Brian Peppers: make it interative and such

[14:44] Divine Angel: perfect is he on msn?

[14:44] Brian Peppers: No

[14:44] Brian Peppers: Aim

[14:44] Divine Angel: I dont use Aim much anymore

[14:44] Brian Peppers: he is online right now

[14:44] Divine Angel: not sure if i even stil have my username

[14:44] Brian Peppers: ok

[14:44] Divine Angel: hold up let me redownload aim

[14:45] Brian Peppers: ill try and get him on msn

[14:45] Brian Peppers: ok

[14:45] Divine Angel: sounds great ill see if Jude is one hes promiced to help me but i cant html well i just good at design and stuff

[14:47] Divine Angel: ok jude isnt on

[14:47] Brian Peppers: Ok

[14:47] Brian Peppers: well

[14:47] Brian Peppers: if you get on aim, his screenname is southie1292

[14:49] Divine Angel: Mine was PheonIzura

[14:49] Brian Peppers: ok

[14:50] Divine Angel: ill see if i can still log in

[14:50] Brian Peppers: Ok

[14:50] Divine Angel: If not ill just make a new one

[14:51] Brian Peppers: alright

[14:51] Brian Peppers: ok

[14:51] Brian Peppers: he is on msn

[14:51] Brian Peppers: [email protected]

[14:55] Brian Peppers: Whats the url for the new site?

[14:55] Divine Angel: http://www.emeraldenvy.com

[14:56] Brian Peppers: You talking to him yet?

[14:56] Divine Angel: Im whaiting for my admin account to be activated

[14:57] Brian Peppers: Ok

[14:57] Divine Angel: not really but i i get the html onto a thuimb with all nessary immages and whatnot I can simply just download them into my dad's computer and he can upload them into my server

[14:57] Brian Peppers: Ok

later [15:00] Divine Angel: has joined the chat

[15:00] [email protected]: has joined the chat

[15:01] [email protected]: I have some freetime and some money saved, dso I suppose I could do it for free

[15:01] Divine Angel: wow i still have my AIM

[15:02] Divine Angel: sweet I just need help with custom addons since i really dont want to pay go dady for some of the features I want on teh page [15:02] [email protected]: well I can host most cgi and perl stuff on my servers and access them remotel

[15:03] Divine Angel: my dad is allredy hosting it

[15:03] Divine Angel: and its free so

[15:03] Divine Angel: we should be ok till we can get it to sustain itsself

[15:04] [email protected]: Ok

[15:05] [email protected]: So what exactly is sthis site about?

[15:05] Divine Angel: what we really needs to be done is gathering a team of people... I have a few immages but they aren few and far most of emeralds in their pure forum before being cut

[15:06] Divine Angel: its an art sight but since DA is all chasig off soem really good artists I want to give them a place to roam without fear of people like ED or getting immages removed without warings

[15:06] [email protected]: Ok, but what is the site? fanfiction, role playing...?

[15:07] Divine Angel: my forum is role play the sight is for alr of all types including fandom what I have donw allredy is basicly a skelleton but its not much i fear

[15:08] [email protected]: So will it be like dA with userpages and such?

[15:09] Divine Angel: yes but unlike da its more about protecting hte art than the people tryign to undermine the page

[15:09] [email protected]: Ok

[15:09] Divine Angel: we allredy know we are gonna reduce the immage size to prevent purgery as in no downloads of the actual immage size

[15:10] [email protected]: Ok

[15:10] [email protected]: I can do that

[15:11] Divine Angel: yes my dad pointed out a very god point if we ever do do prints allowing people acess to teh full immage woudl hurt that

[15:11] [email protected]: Printing is more complicated though

[15:12] [email protected]: You need to buy printers

[15:12] [email protected]: and paper

[15:13] Divine Angel: or reliy ona contract with a printing coperation, my grandfather knows someone in bay city that pwns their own printing company like the oned they use in schools and whatnot

[15:13] Divine Angel: owns*

[15:13] [email protected]: Ok

[15:13] [email protected]: that will work

[15:13] Divine Angel: but that would come after we get a secure hosting

[15:14] [email protected]: Go daddy isn't secure?

[15:14] Divine Angel: but my dad knows how to make it so he does this kinda thing for a living

[15:14] [email protected]: Ok

[15:14] Divine Angel: hes a programer

[15:15] Divine Angel: so closing other loopholes isnt gonna be a problem

[15:15] [email protected]: Well

[15:16] [email protected]: I have some designs and some scripts, so if you give me the info to edit the page, i can get to work on that

[15:16] Divine Angel: al i would need is the design

[15:16] Divine Angel: just a base is what im having trubles with

[15:16] Brian Peppers: I need to go

[15:16] Brian Peppers: Ill be back later

[15:16] [email protected]: Ok man

[15:16] [email protected]: See you later

[15:17] Meebo Message: Network interruption detected. This chat room session has ended.

Logs with her roommate

Someone, after being blocked from posting in DivineAngel's DA page, and not being able to answer to the witty comment, decides to contact her on MSN. And he gets her "roommate" instead.


BLAH says: what are "tows manners"? =D

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: excuse me, did you or did you not want to join the mailing list?

BLAH says: Pssh, not my fault you decide to block me before I can give you a clever answer.

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: what? Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: hunny, I dont know what you are talking about!

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: The person that originaly made this e-mail for the mailinglist changed her address

BLAH says: so, I am not talking to DivineAngel? Is that what you're saying?

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: Divine went into slucusion for some benine reason, she has been in such for over a yeaar a speritual clensing

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: year*

BLAH says: And no offence, but you type as horribly as she does. So, it's a bit hard to believe.

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: My home may be from america but that dosent mean i speak american

LOL, "american" is a language now? Further on.

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: you another one of them "grammer nazis" that constantly perster people with no regard that they may b from a diffrent contry

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: be*

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: sorry keyboard got soda spilled all over it so its acting weard

BLAH says: actually hon. I'm not even american or english. There.

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: than you should know not every one can speak english so well

BLAH says: No. I just would find it embarrasing if I was american, and I found out 12 year old kids from Singapura writting better english than me.

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: english is not easy to do its one of the most difficult tounges

BLAH says: No. Portuguese, French, Chinese, Korean and Japanese are. English is one of the easiest.

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: not true, ask your english teacher she will tell you noy eather you join mailing list (and are expectied to contribute to the newsletter) or you here to herasss someone who no longer is able to be contacted unless hte information is givin to you in person

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: now*

BLAH says: harrass? Me? Oh, I feel insulted~ I wanted to talk to DivineAngel. Also, if she is in some "speritual clensing", how come she continues to answer comments in DeviantArt?

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: Must be she abandion account... possibly after chat idea got taken by a dramallama, uh correct me if i get this insult wrong, Dick Weed

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: i go fix account

There, the reason why her roommate is currently in DA. Continuing.

BLAH says: "Fix account"? Enlight me, please.

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: she trust someone to help prevent people form hacking accounts I one of them I no instrest in DA since I have my own webpage to host my art on

BLAH says: That's new, because she keeps using that account. Also, you have your own webpage?

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: no she has new account she left da started joining other art pages like fanart central

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: that recent one

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: she been wondering about strange messages

BLAH says: What strange messages? Also, what's your mother language, if you don't mind me asking?

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: Aribic

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: there she normaly has computers memorize other logins so she can aviod trying to memorize diffrent languidges

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: logins sorry I change it to her normal one thou it is only more likely she will not return

BLAH says: she won't return because she never went away. She's still around, and speaking to people in giberish aka fictional languages.

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: out of courisoty what did you say to her?

BLAH says: I said something in a real language. Just not english.

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: what did you say she may only have acess to one translator but she has friends that speak diffrent languidges

BLAH says: like al bhed?

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: it is an AlBhed translated straight from its sorce, it is prized creation of square enix.

Yes, because fictional languages are superior than anything else right? Later...

BLAH says: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elder_Futhark their runes are based in the Elder Futhark runes.

BLAH says: in other words, it's just a fictional language for a videogame, it's just fantasy, doesn't make sense speaking it, instead of a much more real, ancient, and challenging language.

BLAH says: and who is Haalu?

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: Haalu is pencel artist, and she probably speak it because she no want ed to understand. I admit some of their articles are humerious but I no loke slandering anything it be more funny without slander

BLAH says: so you speak that language, so the people from ED don't understand it?

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: i tell you divine not here

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: you not listen well and im tired of writeing in tone easer to write in english with spellign errors

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: and you do have horrible maners

BLAH says: No. Having horrible manners is to, for example, call you an idiot. But I'm not doing that. Not directly, kaffir.

BLAH says: And there's no point in speaking in Al Bhed because there are thousands of translators in the internet.

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: prehaps she speak in aribic than or spanish? she not good pr exact on most words but she close enough

BLAH says: Oi, kaffir, she's arabic? That I didn't know.

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: ohand... Si, me abla Español

As I was told, "kaffir" means "nigger" in arabic. She didn't react to this. Later, BLAH manages to make her talk a bit too much.

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: she speak little she know diffrent colors to an extent

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: soem numbers names and places and myths

BLAH says: So. Where's DivineAngel? Meditating under a cold waterfall?

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: she in back praticeing katas is that how that spelled?

BLAH says: katanas?

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: no

BLAH says: kattars?

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: now weapon hand to hand fighting

BLAH says: so, she's near?

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: she pissed and well im kicking out the instigator

BLAH says: What's an "instigator"?

BLAH says: Also, she's pissed? Why? I thought she was away for spiritual stuff.

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: Idiot Instigatior (person who been dragging shit on) has left his dirty laundry everywhere again

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: and bailed on rent again we warn him if he di it again we kick his ass out

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: we cant afford to have him live with us if he will not supposr him self mucher

BLAH says: Who is him? DivineAngel's brother?

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: no some bitch roommate her brother in army

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: he at least has job

BLAH says: so you all live in the same house?

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: apartment

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: we move out leave him to his own filth

BLAH says: is he any good in bed?

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: eww and no he a slob

BLAH says: what's a slob?

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: Vlad threatened him once was funny to see

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: messy person

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: very unclean

BLAH says: How many are in the house?

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: me, hisoka, Vincent (Vlad), Divine, and soem louser Rikky who was supose to be a lifeline but with Vlad's promotion we can kik the basterd out.

BLAH says: how, you're all college students or something?

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: yes

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: ivine tryingot finish culinaary school so she spending ost of ehr time in classes or praticeing what alows her to keep her anger in check

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: divine*

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: she rarely draws and like me she wants to be a coic artist speed is everythign to us

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: the faster we can make a comic the more money we can get

And then, the dreadful question.

BLAH says: did she manage to sell any prints?

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: quality is important too she tryingot work on bringing her speeed up to teh point of her quality

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: no prints artest sells on DA it got overrun by ed

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: they undermined the site and distroyed most of what was once there

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: it no longer what it claims

BLAH says: a pity. So how can she expose her art? Does she have her website ready?

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: no she too bussy with more important things

BLAH says: like the spiritual stuff?

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: like homework cluenary school and job hunting

BLAH says: why isn't she in a art school instead? Where do you live after all?

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: Txas and art may help her allot but she excels at the dieing art of Needlepoint

BLAH says: oh, what is that art about?

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: mostly a hobby a way to express herself withoutbeing ridiculd yet every time she tryes to earn a extra buck or two well...

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: this time they went too far

BLAH says: that sounds nice. Does she sell her works then?

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: thats what the site is gonna be for

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: its gonna offer the opertunity for people to open a store

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: allow them to showcase soem fandom and third party given they are actualy using the prints it might run off paypail

BLAH says: oh, like deviantart?

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: no not like diviantart

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: the diffrence she offer discouragement not banishment by discourageing certin things like the use of fanart, or third party (screenshots and customizations made from clipart)

Ion (e'on) Fortuna says: she can redce them without hurting hte artist

The rest of the conversation is irrelevant. However, BLAH managed to get this DA page, possibly hers: http://ladyhisoka.deviantart.com