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A diva is any talented person either on IRC or IRL. A prime example of a diva is DivineAngel, the lol-cow from the centipede-filled vagina. Snapesnogger is another example.

How To Deal With A Diva

A typical diva.

The only proper way to handle a diva, is to leave nice comments. Upon receiving said nice comment, the diva will squeal in joy, only to discover that their artwork was just flamed, much to the lulz of the awesome Flame Warrior. The diva will then send their army of retarded fans to attack the Flame Warrior. Sometimes, if the Flame Warrior is really lucky, the diva will hex them.

Ways To Piss The Bitches Off

A faggot diva.

There are several ways to piss off a diva.

Similarities To Lol-cows

Divas share an extreme resemblance to lol-cows. The reason being is that divas also carry the lulz gene, which makes them targets for lulz trolls. Some divas, however, get milked so frequently that they often become An Heroes. This is unfortunate, seeing as they are the prime source of lulz.

List Of Divas

Here is a list of divas.