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Down from the heavens they went.
Zaiger (right) & Girlvinyl (left): They fell to the dark side.

You do not quit ED. ED quits you.



Just as angels fell down from heaven, dramacrats and sysops have failed the lulz and had their positions...terminated. Once trusted with the most important duties on the Wiki, their innate faggotry, fail, and unwarranted self-importance would always surface leading to bannation, or worse: exile to Wikipedia.

Hall of Shame

All of the below were also disgraced ED sysops except as noted:


  • Aediot - Fat fucking jew who put ED back up for "nostalgic reasons" ended up trying to sell it to a darknet whore for Jew Gold and tried to put Jannies in a criminal conspiracy.
  • Conrad Rockenhaus - A half-decent leader of ED who lasted only a few months before being arrested (and likely murdered) by the feds.
  • Girlvinyl - Shut down our beloved Encyclopedia Dramatica for Jew money. Also a fatass who won't play any game that requires the Wii-Fit.
  • Zaiger - similar, but his plan consisted of scrapping ED to produce a clone so he could steal all the ad revenue and invest it in personal projects.


Lifetime Non-Achievement award

  • Onideus Mad Faggot - Autistic, delusional and unfunny. Constantly getting banned and returning on ridiculously obvious socks, as he lacks the ability to hide his personality. Accidentally exposed that for 5 years he been regularly paying Zaiger protection money and to be allowed to edit the wiki.

Never Sysops

  • Anglo_Pyramidologist - A self-professed "victim" who doesn't appreciated the lulz and who confessed to only using ED as a revenge tool.
  • Another n00b - Blocked from Uncyclopedia and every other online community, Another_n00b tried out ED where, at best, he was marked off as another whiny cunt. Everything was "OMG LULZ POST MOAR GOATSE" till someone rightfully put him in his place, and ED witnessed the most rage-filled tl;dr leaving message ever.
  • BDSee/Starkiller88 - Vandalizing all the templates with his Wikipedia crap.
  • Blargh - ED's very own Cartman, was banned for being from Bakersfield, California.
  • Beefrave - Got banned for getting trolled by an attention whore in training and giving EDiots death threats on his talk show (presented in 360º Autism Sound), not to mention just flat-out being a faggot
  • Core - Never officially b&, Core left the building with Januszeal to form what became partyvan IRC. Core was actually supposed to be a Sysop but somehow pissed Weev off and was told that unless he submitted 20 pix of real girls with "loldongs" written on their tits he would be denied the banhammer. Being from Ireland, the pickings were slim and not to Weev's liking so Core kept getting rejected and told to get moar. Core then founded Chansluts to deliver said titpics and deliver they did. However since he'd cast his lot with Januszeal, he ended up leaving without ever having wielded the almighty banhammer
  • DatAss70 - Being an expert on dick sizes, being a pro Russian, constantly ignoring warnings on not to touch a certain article and removing content from it, and uploading too many pictures of white dicks and plastering it onto another article.
  • Grawp / JarlaxleArtemis - Jeremy got run off ED by dissident Wikipedos, ditched by EDiots for being unfunny old meme and was finally found to have been vandalizing ED for at least 100 years. Ended up facefagging ED sysops in his final moments of glory here.
  • Habermann - Had a vast amount of USI claiming to be the true voice of Encyclopedia Dramatica, tried to promote his own site many times, being Lmte’s tool and buttbuddy and ranted about how weeaboos and furfags were covertly taking over ED. Whether he was an asshole or martyred himself fighting a desperate attempt to stem the weeaboo invasion is for you to decide. Supposedly, he was going to rub it in Cash's face but never got the chance.
  • Kashiwaba Tomoe - using editor privileges for self promotion, finding cute little ways of making every fucking article about himself or his imageboard Bokuchan, which is permanently barred from having an article because of his unprecedented amount of shit contributions. He is also contaminated with high amounts of USI.
  • Matty - Pretended to be superior to everyone else, was a total sycophant to every sysop ever, faked being drunk on the IRC channel, and tried too hard to become a sysop. Also shitted up a fuck tonne of talk pages with bored rantings. Also, on a weekly, or sometimes daily, basis, attempted to have cybersex with several members of ED irc, including yiri, which got old pretty fast.
  • Miltopia - Deported to his homeland of Wikipedia, where he was executed for treason by Jimbo Wales.
  • Leonard267 - Paid $200 to Zaiger (which Zaiger promptly wasted on hardcore drugs) for admin powers on Encyclopedia Dramatica's Discord server. However, only two months into his power-trip, multiple disgruntled server users and moderators ousted him from his shekeled-rank for, of all things -- hurting their fee-fees and picking favorites with annoying and unfunny users.
  • PirateSmackK - Did something that was kind of sort of almost funny on TOW once and it went straight to his head. Constantly autofellated on ED and eventually went mad when no one cared about him. Provides real sysops with hundreds of proxies to ban.
  • RedMachineD - Threatened to machinegun Lulzcon (Seriously). YouTube Favicon.png This is him doing DDR
  • Samsara - Not laughing at loldongs.
  • TheDOSFag - A massive retard, obsessed with Transformers, who sperged out on ED after an admin deleted his userpage. Soon afterwards, an article on him was created, after he threatened to quit ED if that very thing took place. And just like clockwork, he vanished. Turned up months later on a different website, under the pseudonym "BrokenRecords", and ranted about just "how 'evil' ED is".
  • TroLOLOLMFAO - Being unfunny.
  • Zen444 - Being unfunny.

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