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Dirty Disney Confessions

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Uncle Walt Approved
Childhood dreams

Tumblricon.png DirtyDisneyConfessions is an example of why we can't have nice things in the world. Created and run by a white 30-something male basement dweller posing as a 20-something nigra and a 25 year old half spanish half israeli named ELVIRA, this blog gives any and every sick fuck, furry, and toon fapper the opportunity to confess his darkest sexual Disney fantasies. Something about the term "dirty Disney confession" is so disturbing, that it surely brings out the subconscious desire in us all, which explains why the blog supposedly has 21,000+ followers.

Like All Corrupt Things, It's Run By an Attention-Seeking Nigger and a nasty jew

Submitted by Pedobear himself
This pretty much sums up the whole site

Not only can a furry pedophile submit his sick confessions about his love for Lion King to an anonymous stranger and then get rewarded with a custom made image macro, but the asshole who runs the blog will answer personal questions too. Obviously, we want to know what the fuck is going through anyone's head who would sit at a computer all day fapping to Disney porn. Right? Anyway, you can ask whatever fucking thing you like and a token nigger bitch named Aviva will answer. Yes, that's right. Not only is this person a sick fuck, but she poses as a sick-fuck nigra with fat arms and a monkey face along with the morbidly pierced jew girl with an attitude like kanye west. they usually responds with text but sometimes they appear in pix and even videos, which can't be unseen unfortunately. Scientists say that this is a brilliant scheme by a white pedophile to fool naive Internetz pervs into believing the blog's actually run by a black chick, earning it hood points. However, the flaw in this scheme is that a common idiot will realize black chicks don't own computers, and are way too busy eating fried chicken and getting their hair done to devote so much time to anything, much less Disney porn, so basically shes a hooker that's being well-paid to script the author themselves. Welcome to the Internet, please enjoy your stay...

Anon Wants to Know

has anyone ever thrusted so hard and sharp into you that it made you squirt like in porn?

nope thats never happened



as a furry i'm completely ok with drawn porn of that sort but i mean please don't shove your cock down a snake's throat

#judgingyou for the fact that youre OK with drawn versions of that shit



It makes my dick hard how bitchy you are. Sometimes, when you are mean to anons, I rub one out imagining you on your knees in front of me sucking me off and in between bobs you're yelling at me and calling me stupid. Fuck, I want you so bad. I want my cock in your mouth.

Ok wow. WOW. send nudes please. :D <3 Thats so hott tho. Real Talk


— "Aviva"

oh forget it i didnt know you were black




i masturbated so hard to your blog im bleeding

be careful brosky



i wish chicken little was chicken big if you know what i mean

no i dont…



if you werent so fucking rude, maybe something might wanna stick a dick in you so you would stop being so pissy

youre right. thanks anon, way to freshen up my day! <3



How I, Your Unholy Lord, would fuck you… How I’d fuck you would depend on my mood. If I, Your Lord Satan, were in the proper mood… You would receive the most passionate fucking that could ever exist. I would pin you to the bed, and rip your clothes from your body. I would then lay my body on top of you, kissing and nibbling and licking all over your body, with my fingers already deep inside you stroking your g-spot. Then when you’re quivering and shaking all over, I would force you onto your knees with your perfect ass towards me. I would then shove my cock into you and thrust deep into you, filling you completely with my Unholy cock. Then I’d continue thrusting into you, slamming my hips against you in a downward motion, causing my cock to slam against your g-spot over. And over. And over. And over. And… over. With all of my Unholy strength. Would I stop when you cum? No. Would I stop when your arms and legs are close to giving out? No. I would keep going until you passed out from the pure pleasure of my Unholy Cock being inside your unworthy pussy. And then. Then I would fill you with my Demonic Seed. You would raise my children well. >:D Now if I was NOT in that mood… I would do pretty much the same… Just more forcefully. Maybe cause some bruising. And a little bleeding. And I’d slap your ass and your tits as I fuck your pussy till its numb. …but maybe not too badly. Because I wouldn’t want to damage my Unholy Queen. >;)

(she doesn't respond, just reposts)



I think all your haters should have their voice stolen by Ursula and tentacle fucked in their voiceless mouths.

id pay to see that shit.




There's a million on the site.

Dirty Disney Confessions About missing Pics

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