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Diego Grez

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Cat eyes.JPG


Diego Grez expressing his hatred for African-American peoples

There are many ways to tell when a man has simply failed at life, one being that the majority of his time is spent working towards a Wikipedia adminship he will never receive. Welcome to the world of link= Grez Diego Grez, a foreign editor from a poverty-stricken nation (whose name is not important enough to remember) who would rather support King Jimbo's tyranny than feed the starving children of his village.

Best of Diego Grez

Diego Grez appearing in one of Jimbo's wet dreams

Please think well, I'm really trying to change. I just want to comeback, to go by the right way here. Please give me the last chance, I'll accept any condition.


—Diego Grez, begging


Please trust me, this time I will really not get you down. Please. I pray to you. I swear to you.


—Diego Grez, begging




—Diego Grez, crying


Sometimes the admins doesn't think on the good intentions may I or another user have, that's unfair, because it makes them a specie of nazi.


—Diego Grez, calling the admins nazis


I admit I liked Hannah Montana at the time, but I don't know why that spamming thing.


—Diego Grez, showing his age


I was 11 and after some time, I decided to back for good, doing good things and trying to fulfill my past.


—Diego Grez, talking about God knows what


Hi! I'm Mister Wiki, and i'm are friend of Diego Grez, but i'm not Diego Grez, he use my account and the signature in commons and upload many pictures about he, i'm not Diego Grez


—Diego Grez, pretending not to be a sockpuppet


I'm NOT Diego Grez, also i can collaborate for deduce what DIEGO GREZ is an vandale. He is making vandalism right now


—Diego Grez, pretending not to be a sockpuppet


Please stop it, Some users says I'm a vandal and I am Diego Grez, and I uploaded videos related to Diego Grez to YouTube. That's not really. verify. Jespinos only making this for blocking me. Please stop, i'm not Diego Grez


—Diego Grez, trying to defend a sockpuppet that was later proven to be him anyway


It is like to be convicted!


—Diego Grez, comparing being blocked on Wikipedia to being convicted in a court of law


Why you put "...most of the inhabitants are teachers..." in the article Villa Los Navegantes. Answer me in my talk page. Thanks.


—Diego Grez, attempting to communicate a human being


OK, I agree with the block. I was a stupid.


—Diego Grez, Admitting it


Why indef? Why not a year? The infinity is too much time.


—Diego Grez, bargaining after his third or fourth "second chance"


Anybody can get wrong sometimes. This is really annoying to request unblocks each 12 hours


—Diego Grez, not seeing the problem here


I know it was a idiotic thing to call them nazis, but the block it's not necessary to prevent me to damage the community. Oh my god, what more can I do. I just want to be back to fulfill the things I left incomplete. Well, this is the last time I will request unblock. I will not going to disturb you anymore if you are going to decline the unblock request.


—Diego Grez, immediately before making another unblock request


It was really an idiotic thing to say that you, a jewish admin, were nazi. I know it is very offensive. My great-grandfather itself was killed in Germany because he was jewish, in the World War II.


—Diego Grez, admitting his Jewish heritage


I really need to comeback, it is the best thing I've ever found on the net, and a space to show everybody my knowledge.


—Diego Grez, begging (again)


Why Dj raiden would be Diego Grez, nobody knows the name of the DJ (i dont know) but always confund me with Diego Grez, im not guilty, also, in the YouTube profile, nowhere says Im Diego Grez, this cannot be a coincidence. The stupid also knows my password, How can i change that, he uploaded images like Image:Perro-cariñoso.jpg and others with copyright [1]. I dont know why everybody think what i am diego grez. Please stop. All my evidence is there.


—Diego Grez, only digging himself deeper into his hole


Ok, if you really want to block me, ok, but im not guilty of these things.


—Diego Grez, pretending not to care


Why you dont say something about this, you are making omiss case of this. Answer this.


—Diego Grez, failing to comprehend the fact that not everybody spends as much time on Wikipedia as he does

Life as a sockpuppeteer

Diego uploaded a yearbook photo of his high school cheer-leading team for use on Wikipedia

In the past life Diego was a mere raged-filled sockpuppeteer, who was rightfully blocked and removed from the project. Sadly, because indefinite bans don't mean anything if you beg for it, Diego was allowed back, but only to edit his userspace. His crippling Napoleon Complex allowed him to spend months editing his own userpage before finally being allowed back onto the wiki, as a child attempting to swiftly end a time-out would. With the little man free to express his inner-Hitler (void of any actual power however) Wikipedia quickly took a turn for the worst, trolling itself for the thousandth time thus far.

Dear Wikipedians, my block was my very own fault. I'll tell you my history from my point of view. I started editing here, I don't remember why, adding false information about me on Diego Grez. I admit I liked Hannah Montana at the time, but I don't know why that spamming thing. I was 11 and after some time, I decided to back for good, doing good things and trying to fulfill my past. I left the wiki for a year and some, until I've got my own Internet connection on my home. I thought that my case was forgotten and even I tried to appeal my unblock on (Regarding the comment of someone at ANI, I was blocked previously on these wikis and I wanted to request here and so on). I've emailed an steward that gave me an opportunity (an unblock request at the village pump over there). It lasted in the third week of December because no admin unblocked me. The things went fine until my rollback was removed because of misuse, something I admit. I tried to expand the most I would Pichilemu, because I wanted it to get (at least to) GA, as it is one of my most-known topics before the History of Chile and Modern Talking. Piss-on-elmo and calling the admins nazis was the thing that caused this block, and I thought it was going to be shorter, and it was my fault. Since that, I tried to do the things better, on Wikinews (where I am accredited reporter) and on Simple Wiki, in addition to the Spanish Wikinews, the Latin Wikipedia, English Wiktionary and the Chamoru Wikipedia, a wiki that is almost forgotten. Additionally, I saw that my other account, Bodoque57, was not blocked on Commons, and I requested block on IRC. On Wikinews, my contributions about the recent Chile earthquake have been very appreciated and the community has been very, hmm, good. As it is not Wikinews, Wikinoticias, Wiktionary or Vicipaedia, I come here to ask you, Wikipedians, to unblock me, I want to show you that I have matured through all this time and I don't want to get in troubles anymore. The earthquake thing has helped me to mature more than I thought and you'll forget this very, very soon. I won't let you down, I promise as a good boy

Grasp of the English language

American Diego Grez
DG seems to speak English somewhat as a second language and I glean many hints he's picked up lots of online teen idiom on the Internet.


Diego Grez has had a long, hard struggle with the English language, primarily learning it through lolcat pictures, this is apparent through his excessive use of emoticons, especially ":p". Despite this, Diego had managed to suck up to the right people on IRC long enough that his presence was tolerated on the only WMF wiki that really matters, the English language Wikipedia. That all changed on December 1, 2015 when he was banned for life, after ten years of making a complete ass of himself.

Struggles with poverty

A walk down Main Street for our friend, Diego Grez after the earthquake.

Diego has sadly been birthed into a less-than-fortunate part of the world. It is speculated much of his time is spent on library computers so that he may edit his precious Wikipedia, that is of course, when not collecting soda bottles to earn a little extra cash for the crack-residue he needs just to make it through the day without allowing depression and anxiety to overwhelm him. Below is a video filmed by Grez himself of the poor conditions he and his family face on a daily basis. (LOL DELETED)

He has gone further to confirm his status of living in a ghetto here (LOL DELETED).


Delete both absolute and total junk.


In a similar manner to NawlinWiki, Diego's original purpose was to create a vanity page, so that his routine self-Googling would yield pleasing results. He claimed to be an extra in several Disney movies, which could by no means be proven. He has attempted to recreate the page a multitude of times on both the English and Spanish Wikipedias to no avail. He also believes he is a musician.

Diego Grez, Superstar

The God of all celebrities himself, appearing with Mama Grez

Diego operates a YouTube channel (LOL DELETED) on which he uploads his home movies that have been poorly edited in Windows Movie Maker. "Diego Grez Productions" is an extremely apt word for a channel containing a number of Beatles songs reuploaded, as well as footage of a Rick Astley concert, meant without the slightest hint of irony.

War with the GNAA

Would like some admin to look at this. It's a GNAA guy, who has recently tagged some of "non notable" articles for deletion; seems like all of them have been declined; but please some admin keep an eye on those articles, well, I fear for most of them, as well for my other internet profiles (facebook, etc) as it has been pointed out that they would go hack some of my accounts. All of this happened after I attempted to do a review of User:Murdox/GNAA's references, and opposed the GNAA's article recreation, but what LiteralKa and company have been doing is totally unacceptable, saying that "the articles were widely uneeded, and [he] felt that it would be BOLD to do something." "I didn't delete them, I put them up for speedy deletion." I'll fuck off the wiki for some days, for my own safety Diego Grez (talk) 23:57, 19 February 2011 (UTC)


Diego Grez absolutely hates the Gay Nigger Association of America, and believes their properly sourced and policy-compliant edits to be far more disruptive than the blatant false information he once inserted. For the most part, Diego is the reason the GNAA successfully trolled Wikipedia during The Cavalry incident, largely due to the array of threats (many of death) which Diego sent to open GNAA members on Twitter (his personal account is Twitter-favicon.png atoutlemonde94 TAKEN OVER AND SUSPENDED). He has created a "review" of the GNAA page, in which he openly shows his racial intolerance. Diego has also mysteriously quit Wikipedia after every encounter with a gay man of African decent, only to come back when the cheap cocaine-leftovers wear away.


With a little luck (disguised as an earthquake in Chile), and through extreme sucking up to the few sysops at Wikinews, Diego managed to win the Intarnet by getting sysop at Wikinews.

But after seeing this page pop-up, Diego, rather than acting rationally, chose to remove everything associated with himself, including everything on WikiNews on which he had admin powers (including his piéce de resistànce on the Chilean earthquake) and scrubbed the logs. He claimed the reasoning was personal and to privately ask him over the matter.

This of course did not fly, and a unanimous vote chose to remove his admin powers. He then claimed the account was hacked to try to revive his position, but forgot about how he said it was hacked after he removed pages without explanation and thus he was just left banned and powerless, right where he started. Checkuser results proved Diego was lying, as usual and Diego hasn't edited since.

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