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Your typical Diaperfur, riding dirrtay.
The secret's out.
Typical diaperfur pedo scat hentai featuring mooses.

A furry with a diaper fetish or infantilism. This includes both those who wear diapers and those who change them. Although many diaperfurs are also babyfurs, this ain't necessarily so; some diaperfurs maintain an adult fursona despite their fascination with all things diaper. Please ram large steak knives into their asses.

Criticism from fellow furries

Coping with the concept of diaperfurs led to controversy in the furry fandom. Some self-identified diaperfurs and parties identified as diaperfurs by the stench have been wearing diapers in public, neglecting proper hygiene, and pushing others into babyfur roleplay, even sexual (aka RAEP). While most diaperfurs and indeed furries enjoy such behavior, they claim that only a minority of diaperfurs are responsible. This is called "normalization".

Other furries may feign dislike of babyfurs for a variety of reasons, including but not restricted to:

  • shock at the concept of diaper lovers (and the stench they create).
  • realization that babyfurdom is a form of pedophilia.
  • previous negative experiences with self-identified babyfurs or having been outed by others as babyfurs.

Furries need to face facts, the babyfurs are the core of their poor little fandom.


A collection of Viacom JewTube videos formerly showed grown adults pissing and shitting in their diapers: all were furries with legs hairy enough to say "Hey, I'm old enough to be able to use a fucking toilet".

Unfortunately but unsurprisingly, the videos were taken down as inappropriate content and those who uploaded them were punished.


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